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Lincare Holdings Corporate Office Address: 19387 Us 19 North, Clearwater
FL, 33764
Fax: 727-532-9692
Phone: 727-530-7700

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ph 541 593 2423 murphy October 26 2012
your billing dept. is either disarayed or dishonest.We have had more than 5 instances ov overbilling or incorrect billing.We were told that our concentrator would be ours after certain period of time.when the time in YEARS was up OH you were mistaken,keep wife keeps detailed records unlike some seniors and has caught your billing dept. 5 times or more for mistakes===always in your favior.We have overpaid you big bucks because we were stuck and had to have the equipment.I'm active in the senior community and I will talk.Have someone call me and convince me I'm wrong. TY

K. Cole December 03 2012
Your billing department ignores correspondence included in the payments envelope. It also ignores correspondence from Medicare. I have sent numerous letters, including letters from Medicare that I have received stating we were not responsible for the charges for a concentrator that I had been using. I have copies of letters that Medicare has sent to Lincare, telling you that you are not to bill me for these charges. It has been almost 6 months and you still bill me and made calls to me to try and collect the money. Medicare has already sent me a check for the money I had already paid you because you failed to respond to their letter within the time they gave you to correct this matter.

Mark S March 21 2013
I have had my debit card billed twice in the last month for a machine I payed cash for a year and a half ago. This debit card was used for a one time purchase and they never had permission to use it for anything but that. When I called to inquire the first time I was asked for a number they could reach me at because they were too busy to look into it for a few days I was told. Do Not do business with these people if possible. Shady stuff going on.

debra nichols February 17 2014
I have been calling my lincare office in Oklahoma city for 2 hours now. it is either busy or the recording comes on then hangs up on me. I need oxygen. I need someone to tell them to call me at 405-603-4995
The number I have been trying to call is 405-947-0088
I am getting v ery upset!