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Outback Steakhouse Corporate Office Address: 2202 N West Shore Blvd 5th, Tampa
FL, 33607
Phone: (813) 282-1225

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Outback Steakhouse is a chain of Australian-themed casual dining restaurants that is owned and operated by the company Bloomin\' Brands, Inc. Founded in 1998, Outback serves steaks and burgers, as well as soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta, chicken, ribs, and seafood dishes. Today, the chain has more than 950 restaurants worldwide.

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Gail Howard October 07 2012
Here are two votes for claiming Outback cheesecake is much better tasting than that which the Cheesecake Factory sells.

Please don't ever change the recipe.


Gail Howard and Terry Decker

Jan Galligan November 01 2012
I have been eating at Outback for years, both in California and now in North Carolina. Went to Nags head Outback for my birthday dinner last night. I was so very disappointed. Ordered 1 lb Prime Rib, rare and received it medium. After delivering the whole table with food, I was told that they were out of Rare. By the time another meal was delivered...the entire table had finished their dinners. Needless to say, this experience pretty much ruined my Birthday. I feel this could have been avoided had they asked about having rare Prime Rib to begin with.
I was so very disappointed, that I may have made my last visit to The Outback, along with the rest of my extended family. I bypassed local restaurants to get a good steak or prime rib. That was definately the wrong decision.

Just thought you should know.


Jsnet Galligan,

Kathi Hill December 31 2012
I had an awful experience there at the Peabody Massachusetts location. My boyfriend took me there for a nice early dinner. We had to wait an hour in the parking lot because they did not open until 4 pm. No problem. We really wanted the rack of lamb. We went in and sat at the bar. The bar tender ignored us and served everyone else. We got our drinks. We could not get her attention to order food. Finally she asked if we wanted menus. We said no because we knew what we wanted. We asked for two shrimp appetizers and two racks of lamb. She asked if we wanted one appetizer to share or one each. We said one each. She gave us silverware and empty plates with black grease on them. She brought us two burnt plates of shrimp with dirty lettuce a while later. We ate them. Service and cleanliness is apparently down. Whatever. Then she brought one plate of burnt lamb. Not two. We asked for medium rare. The manager came over and my boyfriend said our special occasion was ruined and asked for the dish to go. She grabbed our money and gave it to the bartender. I told him not to tip. She did not appologise or offer a discount. My boyfriend told her to keep the food and she ran off with it. I am so disappointed with the way we were treated. I could see if the place was busy, but it was early and we were one of the first customers in the door. I am disgusted with the way we were treated and we will tell everyone about our bad experience. I will never go there again and I will be sure to tell everyone about how we were treated.

Donald s Herndon January 03 2013
Well let me start off by saying the service was great but, the rest
was poor , I went to the Outback that is located at 7420 Bell Creek
Road in Mechanicsville Va 23111 and was so fustrated when I let .
For a $70.25 for two people not counting tip I was fustrated when I
left ,the date this was on was December 31 ,2012 at 4:30 PM . First
thing was I ordered a couple of drinks and and I thing the bar tinder
wasnt sure how a to make a Jack and coke , The B onion was so over cooked but , my wife made the commet they are busy so let just make do, then when I got my claim chowder it was ice box cold but, her salad was fine , then came dinner .I was handed the plate I thier was the steak but, no backed potato , the waiter said they ran out and my question is why I was not told when I ordered and how do you run out of potato before 5 o'clock .I know things happen and I am not one to raise cane but, the more I think about I fell like I should be given a gift card for my fustration .........
1.Bad drink

Gary Bennett January 04 2013
You had a good idea to give away bloomin onions if South Carolina won the outback bowl, but you screwed the pooch on this one. You should have had people gp on line and print out a coupon to be used within 30 days. The response was so overwhelmig in Sumter, South Carolina that there was a 2 hour wait at 5:45 PM and people were leaving like the football game just ended. I think people must have been going there thinking they could get an onion without buying a meal. Hopefully you learned from your mistake because you have lost a lot of customers because of this.

Michael Fries January 20 2013
To whom it may concern,
I live in Boca Raton, Fl.I frequent the West Boca location ( 19595 State Rd 7 Suite A Boca raton, Fl.33498) The last 4 or 5 times I have eaten there with my wife it's been terrible.There are times where it appears not busy and the wait for food was way too long. The wait staff seems to always get some of the order wrong. I usually dont complain, pay the ck. , leave a tip and promise myself not to go back.However, I am my Mother's total care giver, she's 92, and loves Outback. The location I mentioned is right on the way to her skilled nursing facility and I dont like too but stop there for curbside pick up because of the convenience. I did last night, even though it took me 15 minutes of wait time to place a order ( on phone ), I finally did. I explained my order and politely asked to please get the order correct with the extras I wanted. When I picked it up I go ditecrly to my mothers facility and dont have the luxury to go back.Of course when I got the food it was wrong, had to wait to correct it.Even as I drove away I called the resturant and asked to speak to the manager, after about 12 minutes on hold I hung up.Something should be done, Outback has a good reputation and I WAS a consistent customer at other locations.In todays competitive market,one bad apple "could" spoil the bunch.
Thank You.

Tony Wesley February 18 2013
I just want to express that had the most dredful experience at your Vantage point Drive.Location
Although they where polite our service was outrageous. Our plates had to go back to the kitchen four times, the food came on the wrong plates one of our guest was well finished with his while another and myself had not started eating. Just for the Manager to Tell that we that we where being rude. And she refused to give me the corporate number. I believe her name is Brittney, I will never bring my family to eat here or come here again.

Anna Braun March 08 2013
My family and I visited your Franklin Road location in Roanoke Virginia on March 2,2013.The food and serves was great,BUT when I checked my bank statement on line the amount of my receipt was wrong. The bill was for $26.70 and a gave the server a Gift certificate for $25.00 and I left the server and $4.30 tip making the bill $6.00. But my bank statement reflected a balance of $16.00. When I called the store Patrick, the front end manager, tried to say that I did not sign my credit card receipt, which I know I did and besides, What does that have to do with my credit card being charged $10.00 more then the actual bill? Patrick say he would get back with me ,but I have not heard from he yet.Awaiting for someones reply on this situation.

Ginger Rogers-Bass March 14 2013
Last night I had dinner at Outback in Fredericksburg, VA. Although the service was very good, my food was not. When it reached me, everything was cold. What a surprise. I had steak and a lobster tail with a baked potato. All of it was cold. I didn't return the meal due to possible tampering so I relegated to contact corporate. Not a satisfying dinner. My email address: snapisnow50@yahoo.com

Theresa Weiner March 30 2013
Where do I begin? First, funniest and most pathetic is when I tried to place my online order ...today is March 29 2013... I was told I can pick it up at 11:36am on march 30th?!? I changed the date to today March 29th and was then told that Outback is closed today!! Ok...called to an OPEN restaurant. Lol. Placed my order , got home and opened my "take away " dishes to find disgusting brown lettuce for my Caesar Salad, undercooked spareribs and RAW LAMB....not undercooked...RAW...what upsets me the most is how much money they charge...I should just go to McDonald s next time!!

Michele Hawthorne May 11 2013
My son wanted to go to outback in San Angelo for dinner the night before his college graduation. We both ordered the steak and lobster. When they brought the meal to the table I instantly smelled ammonia. It was the lobster, I told the waitress and she told the manager I said it was under cooked. When he brought the steaks back to the table I explained to him that it was spoiled not undercooked and that he should not be serving lobster to anyone else that evening. All he did was take the lobster off the bill, needless to say I will never go to Outback again.

Bob Campbell May 21 2013
I, along with my family, recently patronized your restaurant in Sevierville, Tennessee. We noticed you have a sign posted that no guns are allowed.
I asked our waitress what provisions there were to protect my family if the need arose. She had no answer.
As you do not want gun owners in your restaurant I will certainly adhere to your desires, and will never again enter your places of business.
I am also notifying other family members and all my friends to no longer come into your place of business as you cannot provide protection and you do not like gun owners.
I am also emailing my friends across the country as well as placing your business on Face book to ensure gun owners know not to come to your restaurant.

betty January 04 2014
i;m very upset my friend and i were at outback steakhouse today it was not very busy it took a while for the waitress to bring the bread to the table and when she did come with the bread no plate it took a long time for our food this is not the first time this has happen i wounder whats up with the service ther i spoke to the manager she never ask how thing was going at our table her name was amber mason this is in grand rapids michigan locate at 28th se. i was not to please with the service...very poor service.... tatumbetty1971@att.net

Robbie Wallace January 19 2014
This is pretty bad I have been waiting for 45 mins and nothing is moving and it is cold outside people on the front porch and management is not doing a darn thing about it this place needs to be built bigger or something got to be done about this u are losing customers can yaw help with this problem this location is Jackson,ms location and my email address is rwallac316@aol.com

james Keller October 13 2014
My visit to Outback in New Bern N C did not go well because of the floor sup . name of Dave. I went there with my two daughters to meet one husband and the other boy friend . My son in law and his friend already had an table ( we use call ahead program ) and when we sit down to join them, Dave said that we cut in front of other people , but the ones we was joining was already seated at the table. Did not enjoy the meal at all, then Dave took his hated out on our server and cut her shift, even thro she was the head server that night .Dave was an very rude floor sup. that night and other people have complain about him in the past

brendasmith9881@yahoo.com March 10 2015
I bought outback gift cards from kroger that had 3 twenty dollar gift cards plus a 10.00 bonus gift card.the next day we went to outback for dinner.used one 20.00 gift card an tried to used the bonus ten.But outback would not honor said was exspired the day before.called an emailed several times no response. what is going on.?Do you not care about your customers?

coleenie July 03 2015
We go to outback all the time in our area. The customer service is the best. When we travel we always visit an outback. We were in Vegas and the Outback across from The Mirage. It was the worst customer service we have ever had he was a terrible waiter. He never brought us a drink the meal delivery took forever. Never came back to check on us. Needless to say it was not good customer service. Now we visited the outback in Nags Head NC. We had a waitress that would rather talk to regulars than wait on tourists. She brought out the bread we had to ask for our salads and another refill on drinks. It took forever for our meals and then she never asked how steaks were. She never cleared plates just kept walking by us like we were not there. I have to say we never had that kind of service EVER at our local outback. We are not ones to complain but this has been very bad experience for lovers of outback. I just want you to be informed of some of the bad employees you have working for you. It is sad because if it is this bad all over we will stop going. I hope you address these complaints I hate making them but thought you should know.