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Taco Bell is a chain of fast food restaurants which primarily serve Tex-Mex foods. It is a subsidiary of the largest fast food restaurant company in the world, Yum! Brands, Inc., and is currently the top Mexican fast food restaurant chain in the US, with over 5,800 locations throughout the country. Aside from the US, Taco Bell also has a significant number of locations in numerous countries worldwide. Some of the items that are featured on their menu include tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and nachos.

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morgan thrasher October 07 2012
Hello, I went to a Taco Bell in Anderson Indiana, I was eating inside with my husband and his brother. We were eating, almost done, we had a lady who said rudely, our lobby is closed. My husband also won a taco by putting a coin in. He says to the same lady, that he had won a taco she doesnt acknowldge the fact that he was there. She goes on doing something else. Finally, she looks at another person and says he won a taco, once again rudely. I dont like complaining, but I certainly dont like someone being rude, when i spend my money there. Most of all our order was wrong, and when we said something they wouldnt give us the right order. Thank you, Morgan Thrasher

Deborah Mooney October 08 2012
I love Taco Bell.....my problem is that I live in Pocahontas,AR....In order to get my TB fix I have to go 45 miles one way to the nearest TB in Jonesboro,AR...........why can't you bring TB back to Pocahontas??

Peggy Breadon 11/04/2012 Phoneix, AZ November 05 2012
During my stay there at this particualar location, there were just two other ladies, plus myself in the restauant at the time..
First of all, it was absoluely freezing in there...the lady across from me whent up and asked someone to please turn the fan down as both of them were so vary cold...and it took a while for someone (I think it was the mgr.) to get up and turn the fan on low and then it was eventually okay but I had already moved across to the other side as I was shivering.
Next, that same man who had turned down the fan started sweeping the floor and he went over to a table not far from me and I saw him wipe some crumbs with is bare hand into the open dust pan which he had held up next to the edge of the table. NOTE: he wiped the crumbs with his bare hand and never did come back to wipe that table in the usual manner no cloth or rag was on hand......
Next...the music was soooo loud it was "bouncing off the walls" and a young man, who I later found out was named "Kevin" "started yelling real loud again to the loud music. (IT WAS a REAL LOUD "RAP TYPE MUSIC)and that same lady on the other side of the place asked the the young man who was screeming to pleases turn the loud music down.. and he looked at me and I put my hands over my ears to let him know I thought it was too loud and then the music was turned down a bit...(I do realize that if there are alot of people in the place it must have to be loud but the place was empty so the both of us let him know (in one way or another) that it too loud..and so he (Kevin) did come back out to othe front of the counter and "screemed" again....very loud..like he was sing as loud as he could..... It was like a piercing rap star singer ....
Next.. when I was going to leave,that same young man, was right up next to the counter and I don't know whether he had spilled something on himself or not but he hollered "Oh goodness, my water just broke"!, "I'm having my baby"...and he opened his shirt and let someting like paper wrapper or something fall out of his waist band as he then went over the a small black plastic crate on the floor behind the counter and kneeled down next to it and spilled an imaginary "something" over the crate...(I think it was just more wads of paper, not water)and that same young man came up to the other side of the counter (but across from me and said.."I just had a baby!" I'm a father!! I looked at him very disqusted and he said to me "Did you ever have a baby??? It's hard to have a baby!". I then asked another employee (and it think was an acting mgr). what that young man's name was....I think that he was the same man who turned up the fan and later was wiping off the table with is hands,etc.) After the "spectical" the younger man was making of himself, I asked what was the name of that young man who had remarked about "the breaking water" was and I was told that his name was "Kevin" I do want to add that as I was leaving, I heard the "manager" say to the young man to "settle down"....
It was then that I made sure I had the receipt to let your company know that I really was shocked to see someone act like that....When I saw the remark to "Tell The Bell" I knew there was a way to let you all know what went on there today..The young that I am going to mention, in my opinion seemed very "high strung" and when I think back about how he had been acting I felt he was "high" or something...AS I think about it now, I remembered that when he gave my me order, I asked for a couple of packages of taco sauce, he was what I call "overly dramatic" and I thought it was kind of "weird" at the time because of the manner in which he was speaking but it didn't bother me at the time but as I I think back on this now, It was what I can call "The Taco Bell from Hell! was the whole pathetic situation.......
I am just so glad that I had never had this foolishness happen to be at other Bells...........
Previously, I had my lunch at another Taco Bell location on Tatum and Bell Rd. in Phoenix.and it was immaculate and the new "Cantina Bell" salad which I had tried for the first time and it was very delicious and the salad plate was nicely filled of the salad and because I was closer to where I was going today, I stopped in at this other location on Bell Road, near to Cave Creen Road, in Phoenix. This same kind of "Cantina Bell Salad" was a great disapointment to me...The plate of salad was half the size of the previous salad that I had enjoyed. The salad was but tasty but was so very skimpy.
I will go to another Taco Bell but not this last one.
Myself and my family have ejoyed Taco Bell for many years and I thought you might hear what happened today.
I felt very embarrased and quite humiliated with the remarks by that young man, "Kevin"
This email with my remarkes took me a long time to write and went back and read it several times to make sure I was presenting the facts in a true, detailed manner. I hope someone does something to check on that place.
I attempted to fill out the form to take a survey but when I went to the "remarks for me to fill in, I found out it could only take 500 words so here I am wanting someone to know about this situation.
Peggy Breadon, Phoenix, AZ

Johna Rhodes December 08 2012
I am a regular Taco Bell visitor. I went to the drive through on 12/7/12 at about 7:00. I ordered the mexican pizza combo. The cashier stated mt total was 8.33. That seemed high and questioned the total. She kept repeating my order which was correct. I gave her my debit card. It was swiped. I asked for a reciept and was told there was no tape in the register. I insisted that I needed a receipt. she put some in the register and rewiped my card for the actual total which was 7 dollars and 58 . ents. Therefore I was overcharged. I checked the bank when I got home and saw the two transactions, drove back, had to wait for a manager then he wanted to make me wait to check the register since there was no register tape for the first swipe. He did refund my money as well as the actual purchase amount since the food had gotten cold and my appetite was gone. The manager "Tim" was great. However, the people working the drive through tried to pull a fast one by telling me they were out of register tape in the first place. Had I been able to see the original swipe and looked at the order, this could have been avoided. I am still a loyal Taco Bell eater! 314-915-9062

Niko Bohren December 10 2012
Taco Bell, why can't you ever get my order right? I am permenantly banning your restaurant from my life!

Cubsfan_1@hotmail.com December 11 2012
Just left your New Lenox, IL location. As I sat enjoying my lunch I noticed that each customer walked through the door, which chimed to notify the employees that someone walked in, up to a lonesome cash register. As the customer waited quietly, the employees on the line prepping food for the drive through ignored the customer. These employees would look at the waiting customer, still not verbally acknowledging him or her, and yell to someone in the back who came walking around the corner after another minute or so. The cashier never acknowledges that the custom has been waiting for at least 2 minutes, nor apologizing. What a terrible first impression. FAILURE 1) no cashier up front to greet customer 2) cashier doesn't hear or ignores door chime 3) other employees do not greet the customer and assure them someone will be right with them 4) cashier doesn't acknowledge or apologize (or care?) that the customer has been waiting.

Jes the Best January 04 2013
I work at taco bell and would like to see if I can try to submit a item for the menu and not sure how.

JOYCE POWELL January 10 2013

terri ray ( dachsundfamily@hotmail.com ) January 10 2013
We live in a small town of Shamokin, PA. We have all the other fast food resturants in our area like mcdonalds, burgerking, wendys, dunkin donuts, pizza hut etc but we do not have a TACO BELL!!! If I had the money I would open up my own franchise. Is there any possibility that someone in your corporate offices could look into building a TACO BELL for us? There is great potential for a TACO BELL business in our area. Thank- you if you get to review our area.

Cynthia Bolen January 11 2013
If you are going to cut employees hours to avoid giving benefits for heathcare, We all should boycott Taco Bell. I bet you bigwigs that make these decisions have it.

JoAnn Gronbach January 12 2013
I will be boycotting Taco Bell until they decide to treat their employees as human beings, not just chattel to make more profit. It is important that all employees have health insurance. It is absolute idiocy that they are cutting hours in order to make more money. Hopefully people will join me in never again eating at Taco Bell until they restore the hours that they have cut from their hardworking, low-paid employees.

Daniel Brown January 31 2013
This is true. I have friends that went from 40 hours to under 28 because of this company's greed. I will not be giving them my business until they resolve this. Disgusting behavior.

M.A. Trenk February 02 2013
SHAME ON YOU!!! For caving in to special interest group trying to pull POLICITAL CORRECTNESS!!! And it worked --- YOU CAVED.

Kevin February 04 2013
I just saw your commercial that played during the super bowl. I as an american am extremely offended that you played it in spanish. This is america damn it. I certainly will not be visiting your stores any time soon. I hope you loose a ton of money because of this.

N/a February 05 2013
A store in Austin tx off of Oltorf manger was very rude. I was ordering and she comes up and tells an employe to go do something else in the middle of my order. It was very unprofessional. I been to other ones around austin all are great but this one just seamed to be unpleasaning.

KATHY D.B. February 07 2013



Nicole February 15 2013
My boyfriend proposed to me yesterday using a mild sauce packet. "Will you marry me?" "Why say no when you can say yes?" "I'm up for it if you are" I'm do happy and excited. Thanks for making those little packets. :-)

desiree raygoza February 16 2013
I went to taco bell on feb 15 2013 i was eating with my kids my soda spilt all over our food so i go up to tha manager to let her know so they. Can clean it up or put wet. Floor signs up her response were they were to busy so i asked if she can replace my food she told me no i then heard here talking in spanish saying im a white bitch little did she know i spoke spanish so i let jer have it i asked for corporate number and her name she refused to give it to me

justin m. February 18 2013
I was totally offended buy the spanish speaking commercial used in the super bowl this year!

I will NEVER eat at Taco Bell ever again! That was the worst super bowl commercial EVER! Why would you do such a stupid commercial! This is AMERICA (U.S.A.) there is one language spoken in this country and that is english! It was a waist of money and a huge insult to every english speaking american in this country. Can't you see it you waisted millions for what! I will not see this country become a bilingual peach of shit. I hope you take this into great thought at how insuliting it was to see my native language replaced by spanish. WOW you really think you reached out to anyone who found that offensive like myself.

Errol Richins February 20 2013
The last 3 trips to your Taco Bell Store 023386 @ 917 N. Dobson Rd. Mesa, Arizona 85201 phone 480-964-1990 has been some what of a nightmare. My last order @ 2:41pm, order # 160952, a total of $28.52 was incomplete. The 3rd time in as many weeks where I or my wife had to come back and get the side orders that were left out. This last time it was only one side order, the time before it was 3 side orders and other were not completed as requested, like leave out the tomatoes etc.
I know that at times when things are really busy mistakes will happen, but yesterday it was quite slow when my order was waited upon. How is it that with the order right in front of them they can't get it right. I purposely asked if the order was complete and Ry Lee who took the order said it was, and it wasn't.
My family and I frequent Taco Bell every week, it is one of our favorite take out spots. But when I have to drive back to the store thru a bunch of construction because your people can't get it right it is making Taco Bell a less favorite store for our business. We probably average
35 bucks a week and your places of business but 3 weeks in a row with problems is a bit much.
Your need to do something about this mess.

Suzan Guccione February 24 2013
During the holidays I purchased a taco bell gift card in the amt of 15 dollars for my son. He went to use it and there was no balance on it......it was 0..........it seems that when i purchased it the cashier activated it and then immediately deactivated it.

So, my son was never able to use the card or get the 15 dollars worth of meals i gave as a present.

I would very much appreciate it if u could rectify this matter and send me a certificate he could use at the restaurant.

thank u for your attention too this matter.

todd delaney March 01 2013
In december 2012. I purchased xxlarge steak nochos toco bell ranchcucamonga ca a claw from hair clip was in my food and broke off a crowm your insurace denied my claim today I will call a lawer news. What ever it takes 435 772 5913 todd delaney

robert juno March 02 2013
Yet again I went to tacos bell in covington,la on hwy 190 and got shorted food I ordered I live like 20 minutes away so its not like I can run back this is the 4th time in 3 weeks my.kid lives the place so I keep trying to give them a nother chance but I give up now. Good luck to those that.keep trying

Chris March 08 2013
Listen I've been buying from Taco Bell for years and years and everytime I BEG PLEASE in ANY drive through to get more than A COUPLE sauces !! Yet EVERYTIME I barely get any sauce ,, WTF ??? I will freaking pay extra for sauce if you are that stingy .. I'm so tired of getting home to find three mild sauce with 3 burritos .. I can't tell you how exhausting it is to go to Taco Bell anymore .. I can't find email to corporate office so I'm gonna vent right here .. I'm very in pleased regardless of how much I like the food .. You don't believe me ?? Take your rich asses down and see for yourself corporate ! Drive through order a few and see if your happy with it .. After a few times of pleading for hot sauce maybe you'll understand why I don't feel comfortable eating there no more unless I go inside so I can grab five or six

AJ March 08 2013
The Taco Bell on 106th st Carmel,IN is the worst fast food place I've ever encountered. EVERY time i go to any taco bell not only is the food a disaster, the people are usually young dumb and ignorant! Who really is in charge is hiring people?? And when i have to take my order back, which is like always here lately, they take forever to make and very rude about it, because i dont want food that taste worse than dog food! I will never eat at any Tacobell in my life, and if it is ever in one of my conversations, i will forever have something horrible to say! This food chain should close soon

kathy r March 10 2013
U really need to have someone check the store in buda, tx on old san antonio rd, as everytime I go in there the store is filthy and I even had to tell the people working there that they had my order as no on could figure it out. On top of that the food was horrible, needless to say I wont go back there!

Kinny c March 12 2013
Hello corporate office
I am your customer for past 25 + years
I left a explore leadership class today
My home work for this week was : are you an active ally of change:
I bought my dinner tonight at your taco bell # 960674 in paradise California.
They always give great service!!
Ii have a question from corporate and would like to see change from taco bell and other resturants. My question is
"why are you ripping of vegetarians"
I ordered a mexican Pizza minus meat
Put beans instead,to make a vegetarian Pizza
She punched like she suppose to on register and my sales slip added more money for beans but did not minus the amount for the meat I did not get. This practice has been going on thru industry for too long. If you are going to charge extra for adding things( meat) then you must reduce the price of the meat from my order. Please present this to your Legal department and get back to me. I would like to bring this fair practice in the Resturant industry ASAP. The title of Article in Media should read:
Why are you ripping off vegetarians?
Thank you for your cooperation.
My class asked me to become an active member for change.
So please become an active member for change for fair practice for vegetarians.
Thank you for your immediate cooperation in this matter.

stacey March 13 2013
Twice, I have given the cashier a $20 bill & have been given change for $10.00 at the same drive through location (Yuma, AZ 10754 S. Commercial Centre Loop). I frequent this establishment, daily. Ater the first occurrence several months ago, I bought gift cards to use. Now that Iam paying with cash again, it has happened again. Both times, I came from the ATM & only had two $20 bills in my wallet. The first time I left my name & phone number & was told they would call me after checking the register after closing. No one ever called. The second time, they said they could check the register in 5 minutes & to call back. I called back & they said no extra $ was found in the drawer. (did they look in the cashier's pocket?) The manager said she would call her boss & to call back in 5 minutes. When I called back, another person said he was the manager (first manager I spoke with was a female.. it was a matter of 10 minutes.. & he wanted my name & number). They said they would call back & have not. I know for a fact I gave the cashier a $20 bill.. as that is all I had & I looked at it before giving it to her. I work hard for my money & do not appreciate being taken advantage of. I would not be writing this if there was even a question in my mind. But I know how much money I had on my person. I have worked for a manger who served time for embezzlement, so I know how people can cover people at work. I advise you keep an eye on this location.. as I cannot be the only customer who is experiencing this.

M. Krieg March 14 2013
Youngsville, Lousisiana is, for the 6th year in a row, the fatest growing small town in America. We are currently building 4 new subdivisions, widening 2 major highways and in the past 6 months, we have had 3 new gas stations open up within a mile of the city limits. We are also breaking ground for a new Sports and Recreation Center so the young folks will have something constructive to do in town. One of our elementary schools is even having to add on this next school year due to the growth in our area. Lafayette isn't very far away, but that is too far to go to have a hot dinner to take home. We have a total of 1 (one) fast food place in town...McDonalds. It would be absolutely fabulous if you could open either a Taco Bell or perhaps a Taco Bell / KFC dual restaurant in our town as there is not anything like it anywhere around us. The line is usually wrapped around the McDonalds...I can only imagine what it would be like for you! Also, there is plenty of land for sale that would house a wonderful Taco Bell. Please, I implore you, come take a look. I'll even include my email address: mrkrieg@lgmc.com

lamar Mcmillion jr March 27 2013
Hey here is a idea for taco bell I think thay should make a taco salad maid with doritos it would be awsome I have made it for some of my friends and thay loveed it and told me to write taco bell about this but thay do not take out side ideas so I am asking the people of this blog to help me out. And taco bell here is my email tell me what you think jrmcmillion80@gmail.com thank you for your time

Jean Jones April 02 2013
Store in Cross Lanes, WV needs some new management. My order was all wrong. I called and asked to speak to the manager. He took my name and said the next time I come through I will get my 4 HARD shell taco SUPREMES. Which is what I ordered in the 1st place. I got SOFT taco with no sour cream and no tomatoes! With the price of gas so high I could not afford to make another trip to the store. I will never visit this teenage party barn again!!!!!!!!!!!

Betty April 20 2013
Just went through the drive thru and placed an order and only got half of what i ordered then the guy at the drive act like i was lying then ask for my soda and he acted like it really made him mad it seems like he thought i was lying to him i work in the public everyday and the way you get treated at the Sikeston Mo. Taco Bell is awful. I really enjoy Taco Bell but wont be going for a while.

Steve KUgel April 22 2013
My wife & I were watching TV tonight, and one of your commercials came on. We were appalled, your message is that it is O.K. to lie to anyone who would keep you from TB during the hours of 2 to 5. What are you thinking! We have enough problems with govermental authorities. Whatever AD agencies you have a contract with, your attourneys should get you out, then find an honest media provider.
We do go to TB, but I seriously doubt if it will be real soon again.

Lynn May 04 2013
Taco Bell at Bell Rd. and the 303 in Surprise, AZ has to have the rudest employees ever. I can understand having a bad day once in a while, but every time we have gone there they are horrible. Always rolling eyes if you take longer than half a second to order and then move as slowly as possible so you have a nice LONG wait for your order. I will never spend another cent at that Taco Bell until they learn how to treat people nicely.

Brenda Willis May 16 2013
I went to Taco Bell in Morrow Ga. last nite at the drive thru placed my order for a xxlGSB Beef and Nacho Bgrande bf. I since tried to call and got no answer last nite so I tried to call today and someone name Latrease answered and from noise in their background she could not hear me and kept hanging up.
My problem is the Nachos were awful and stale so I wanted to return it, so I guess my next step is to call Corporate to see if I can get some type of satisfaction

Pam Smith January 25 2014
My husband went to taco bell yesterday and while eating a burrito supreme he bit into what we thought was glass shard but turn out to be a large clear plastic shard. Our receipt #218412 at 7520 Broad street Richmond Va.I had had problems before with this TB we asked for 3 packets of Taco sauce and received 29 packets.I do have the pick of it I can send if you need it. This location needs so serious supervision.

Jan Nelsen March 19 2014
Today -- Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - about 4:45 pm -- I went into Taco Bell Store # 024541, at 5557 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34236. Phone # 941-371-0923. I went directly to the bathroom to wash my hands before eating -- The music in the bathroom was so very, very loud -- painfully loud -- that I informed the store manager when I came out. The manager said, "thank you," and went directly to the volume controls to fix it. No complaint there from me. I was grateful for his timely fix of the loud nuisance "music."

A female employee, who was working in a food prep position about midway between the front counter and the drive-through window, heard me when I told the manager. She said loudly – directly to me – “We don’t CARE about THAT right now – we’re busy!” It was rude, but not something that would lead me to submit this complaint about her.

What she did next, though, I found jaw dropping. A customer who had come in shortly before I had, and who had already taken his food to his table, came back up to the counter and discretely asked if he could get a replacement food item because he had found a hair imbedded in the melted cheese on the one he’d been served.

Her response – loud enough for even me to hear as I arrived at my table – was: “Well, just be glad it wasn’t a PUBIC hair!” I don’t know whether the customer did or did not get a replacement item.

The employee’s behavior was rude, crude, and damaging to the image of Taco Bell.

If these two loud examples of the woman’s inappropriate behavior took place in the span of less than ten minutes, I can only imagine how many customers she may be offending on a daily or weekly basis.

This woman’s behavior reminds me of a joke I heard years ago – the subject of which was an employee in the service industry, whose attitude was, “I could get LOTS of work done if it weren’t for these damned customers!”

Thank you for your time.

Jan Nelsen
Sarasota, Florida

Rhonda June 25 2014
my husband visited the taco bell in Beloit Wisconsin and the manager tried to accuse him of giving him counterfeit $10 bills. He had just gotten them out of an ATM machine. I am not sure if he wanted him to give him more money or not but he followed him to the parking lot and everything. When my husband got back to our hometown he took the rest of the $10 bills to the local bank and they told him that they were NOT counterfeit. I am not sure what type of scam they are running at that taco bell but I can guarantee that we will never visit another one again.

Karen Moser July 06 2014
I have a major complain about the Taco Bell we visited today. It was in Clarion PA. We went in at 2:20PM on July 6th. Yes they were fairly busy but the length of wait for our food was way to long. We waited over 33 minutes to receive our food . The tables were dirty and the trash was over flowing. The womens restroom was fility . When I said something the manager said sorry they were busy. To me waiting over 30 minutes for fast food is unacceptable.

Ken July 20 2014
The worst experience ever it took 4 times to get my order right but after 30 min it sal was not right I was so pissed I spent 28.00$ and the employees could not get things right even the manager they took my receipt with my bag I told them what was wrong and could not comprehend at the 4th time I was fet up and they told me everything was ok I got home and it was all so wrong

Lisa Biggs July 21 2014
To whom it may concern,
Today I went to your Elk Grove location store #002751 on 7/15/14 @ approx. 4:18 pm. My order was order # 393203 and the cashier by the name of Jamie P. took my order. I ordered 2 nacho bell grandes, 1 chulupa supreme, 1 Baja chulupa, 1 taco supreme, 1 potato griller, 2 chicken chipotle grillers and a bean and cheese burrito. My bill total was $18.73. With that said my experience today at your restaurant has by far been the worse I have ever had. At the window the boy repeated by order and it was correct. When I got come I noticed that my daughter’s taco supreme was not in the bag. I called and spoke to a Brittney, advising her that my order was wrong. She was very unprofessional and stated I could come in another day to get a new one. I told her that I was coming back now because my daughter needed to eat and she then just hung up. When I got back to taco bell I asked for a manager and to my surprise it was the same Brittney that had just hung up on me. I do not see how you have her as a manager. Again I advised her that my taco supreme was missing and now my food is cold. She stated that she could not remake my food and that she will give me a taco. She tossed the taco to me in a bag to where it opened up in the bag. The man at the register could tell I was very upset at this point. The taco was a regular taco and I paid and ordered for a supreme. So again I had to wait to get it right for the third time. All and all let me remind you all my other food is getting colder. The 2 chulupa shells were hard as a rock. I also have a picture of one of the chulupa’s in the bag was hanging out of the paper all wet and food on the box. It is beyond me how your company would treat someone so poorly. I would like to know what is going to be done in regards to this situation.

Lisa Biggs

Don Smith August 04 2014
Looking for some one to build a Taco Bell in my city. My city is about 3500 people we are on HWY 20 Van,Tx . If interest my number 903-497-4749

mark fitch September 24 2014
I just want to say thanks for keeping America working good job !!!!

craig donnelly October 22 2014
they bettter stop cutting worker hour pay creap i work there 8 year and im cleaning captain in chicopee mass taco bell they need meet each week to solve plm thank not crew fault and that mangerment fault

Sally cooper October 30 2014
Loved the new app but NOT the hair we got with the food we ordered. I spent over $25.00 for our meal and it went in the trash when we saw the hair in the food. It would be very helpful if your employees were to wear hair nets and also beard nets. My husbands hair color is grey and mine is red and the hair was about 3 inches long and is black. I do have a picture of it that was on the food. That was nasty. I ordered and picked up our food at the Red oak texas location.

R.H. November 25 2014
I think the commercial with the old couple where the lady lifts up her shirt in very poor taste in advertising. This seems to be beneath the standards that I have always perceived Taco Bell to uphold. Thank you R.H.

heather mclennan March 07 2015
Hi I went to the taco bell in bowling green Ohio on march 6 th @around 5 pm I had a 32.00 order everything was either wrong or the wrapper was wet for some reason I called and the manager Jenna said I could get the order replaced and het a desert or something well today march 7 th I went to replace it and as I was telling them they said hold on well through the speaker the man yelled what!!! And was talking about how I was saying it was all wrong well when they finally gave me my order well some of it it was wrong again I go to this taco bell alot and everyone something is wrong but never this bad I do not think I will be returning also they forgot the pops u can call me at 419-601-2445 oremail

Ashley March 09 2015
Fish tacos!! Please come out with FISH TACOS!

Joe Novellino March 21 2015
A Spicy Chicken Double Decker Volcano Taco

Coty Russ March 30 2015
Yesterday morning I went to Taco Bell off the Covington/Independence KY exit to get breakfast for my family of five. For part of my order they did not have the correct meat, I was ok with that & proceeded to order anyway. Unfortunately, went I got home in OH I discovered that our order was not correct, needless to say I called to complain. This morning I went to pick up my credit. When I was there the female drive thru attendant was extremely RUDE. Not to mention the terrible customer service but I also discovered a fairly large piece of plastic in my food that I momentarily choked on!!! This experience was almost deadly.

Patty April 01 2015
Not a complaint, etc. I just would like to know what the "point" is of the most recent Taco Bell commercial. Elderly couple sitting in car, woman turns to man and raises her blouse/shirt. I think what it may or may not "imply" is sexual and I would hate the young girls of today to think that this type of behavior, not matter the age, is completely inappropriate. Am I perhaps the one missing the point??

Vickie April 25 2015
I just say a commercial about Taco Bell it was disgusting it was about a older couple sitting in their car with Taco Bell meal older lady pulled up her blouse!
Why on earth does lifting her blouse have to do with the food at Taco Bell
I no long will go to any Taco Bell ! And I will inform all my friends and family.
I know they will no long go there!
Is this what our children and grand children have to see !

Scott cochran May 23 2015
Store 003532
Date 5/21/15
Time in 3:23
Order time 3:48
Food arrival time. 4:10

To whom it may concern
Taco Bell has become the worst fast food location in the country as for customer service. I am to the point that I will not visit another Taco Bell. On this visit I have now waited for over 30 minutes for my food. No manager in the location and the place is filthy.

Gayle Tustison July 02 2015
I almost forgot, the order # was 324974. I do not know the employees name or the Manager.....no surprise there!

July 2, 2015

paul starck August 02 2015
Check this out...Taco Bell in Newton, KS...Wrote PIG on the tacos purchased by a police officer on his dinner break. This type of disrespect needs to go virtual and they think they need to make $15.00 an hour.. i am a retired state police officer - this is acceptable - next they will be spitting in our food. i usually eat at TB once a week - not anymore - TB does not have a email address so that complaints can be sent to CEO