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Arctic Cat Corporate Office Address: 601 Brooks Ave. South, Thief River Falls
MN, 56701
Fax: 218-681-3162
Phone: 218-681-8558

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Larry Adkins March 29 2013
March of 2012 bought new 2011 450 4X4 ATV. After 1 month ATV wouldnt Idle. Returned ATV to Dealer. At this time I was told this was a common problem of this model. Carberator was ajusted & new plug installed. when I called to pick up ATV again I was told this was common for this model. Is there a common fix ATV has 105 MILES ON IT SO AT THIS TIME I FEEL I BOUGHT A LEMON. & MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A HONDA. NEXT CALL WILL CONSUMERS SERVICES OR BETTER BUSINESS. NO ONE CARES AT ARCTIC CAT?

Stacie Fea August 05 2014
I bought a brand new 2006 arctic cat UTV for my husband as a surprise. As soon as the warranty went out it needed a new clutch put in which was $900. It has had multiple problems since then and stayed in the shop. I do feel like it is a lemon. I will never buy another one and will let everyone I know not to. Arctic cat needs to declare lemon law on these UTVs and give people their money back. We have had it in shop for past year and just got it home for it to break again.