Arctic Cat Corporate Office

Arctic Cat Corporate Office Address: 601 Brooks Ave. South, Thief River Falls
MN, 56701
Fax: 218-681-3162
Phone: 218-681-8558

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Larry Adkins March 29 2013
March of 2012 bought new 2011 450 4X4 ATV. After 1 month ATV wouldnt Idle. Returned ATV to Dealer. At this time I was told this was a common problem of this model. Carberator was ajusted & new plug installed. when I called to pick up ATV again I was told this was common for this model. Is there a common fix ATV has 105 MILES ON IT SO AT THIS TIME I FEEL I BOUGHT A LEMON. & MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A HONDA. NEXT CALL WILL CONSUMERS SERVICES OR BETTER BUSINESS. NO ONE CARES AT ARCTIC CAT?