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AmeriGas Partners, L.P. Corporate Office Address: 460 N. Gulph Rd., King Of Prussia
PA, 19406
Phone: 610-337-7000

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John Ficquette December 21 2012
I am the owner of Ficquette Management Inc. I have had a problem with your company at the Orlando office. They have billed me for a tank rental. I wrote to the accounts receivables in Orlando on October 8,2012 stating that I have never had a tank rental with anyone and haven't done any business with your company for aleast a year or more. They keep sending me a Past Due Bill and I and have written and called both Texas and the Orlando office. I am getting very tired of trying to get this worked out. I can a sure you will not have to worry about me doing anymore business with Amerigas in the future. Also, I will do my best to direct others to take their business somewhere else.

paula johnson January 03 2013
I live in Carlin Nevada we are having sub zero weather I have already paid for propane $315.40. I called the office they said i would be at 10% by the time i would be filled i also talked to them today I am now out of propane was told I would get propane tonight and asked not to call back today Well I. Have been calling to find phone busy. I don't need busted pipes as I'm having surgery on the 7th of this month I need propane now it's already paid for last week. My phone is 775-385-9661 kR

John M Howard Jr March 30 2013
I am the trustee of the Nina A Howard Trust A in which we hold 1400 shares. I would like to sell them and they are held direct without a broker. Can you be of assistance? I just received the K-1 and do not hold the original certificate. Pleased to hear.

John M. Howard, Jr. Trustee
Address: 952 Ashland Street
Houston, Texas 77008
Cell: 713 412-2825

Chris Hadley May 08 2013
Called Orlando area office 3x now and still no tank refill ?!?!!?

Chris Hadley (part 2) May 22 2013
I was given a guaranteed fill up date of May 20 - they did not show up. I will have tank removed from my property if not filled very soon.

anna gaines August 29 2013
Man i have never had such complete poor service in my life. I have called oir office close to aromas, ca 12 times everyday for 15 days straight. I am going to post a full page ad tomorrow in the san jose mecury news regarding the complete disregard for my service. I want someone to call me asap.. Or tomorrow i will make my my voice load for all amerigas customers to remoce their service.. 408 520 1620

TPNBS, LLC December 05 2013
I would like to talk with someone from your corporate office. I have had an issue with your office in Tulsa Ok for months.

LORI POWELL January 03 2014
i live in middleton, idaho i am writting to you about the customer service in your Caldwell Idaho office,i had been with v 1 before your company took over for three years and Never had a problem . Now that you have taken over all i have is problems with the company
They dont answer the phones but maybe 1/4 of the time and when they do they r rude as hell
Im ready to have them come get the tank and tell them to kiss off.
something needs to be done with the secretary staff they shouldnt be in the office.
this is only some of the stuff that is happening at that office it really needs to be looked into

Michelle Wimett January 15 2014
I just phoned Amerigas customer service to have someone come out and make sure your equipment is working properly as a odor was smelled in the area. Also the amount used was more then normal amount.
I was told I had to pay for the service. This is your equipment, your responsibility and I have to pay?
I am very upset, I will go to another company and definately tell everyone that you do not service your valuable customers.
Michelle Wimett

Vickie Crenshaw/Mrytie Richardson account name February 06 2014
We live in Villa Rica GA. We are having a problem receiving gas. Our first call was made on Thursday January 30th 2014 and left a message at which time our tank was at 20%. We called on Friday and left a message, We called on Monday and left a message and we stayed on hold for 30 minutes on Tuesday before EVER speaking to anyone! We were told they would get gas to us. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND WE HAVE PRE-PAID FOR 3 TANKS TO BE KEPT ON A "KEEP FULL BASIS" FOR THE ENTIRE WINTER! We expect to be kept full each month. Here it is Thursday February 6th 2014 we are down to 9% in one tank and none of the tanks have been filled. I want someone from your corporate office to fix this problem. I have already called the Better Business Bureau of Douglas County GA and I will be in touch with my attorney. If I have to, I will call all news agencies in the Atlanta area! We have paid in advance for this gas and we expect it to be delivered. You can call me directly at 770-920-1400 and leave a message, I will call you back. Or you can call Mrs. Richardson at 770-942-4619.THIS IS NOT GOOD BUSINESS!