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A subsidiary company of Yum! Brands, Inc., Pizza Hut, Inc. is currently the number one pizza restaurant chain in the world, with over 11,000 locations worldwide. Aside from serving a variety of pizza styles which include their flagship product Pan Pizza, Stuffed Crust, Thin n\' Crispy, and Sicilian, Pizza Hut also offers several other items on its menu such as salads, sandwiches, chicken, pasta, and desserts.

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Colonel Hal Lovett December 01 2012
Today, December 1, 2013, my wife, Brother-in-law, and I attempted to dine at our local Pizza Hut in Stuttgart, Arkansas. I called-in our order (at approx 11:45 AM) because I did not want to wait. Once we arrived at the Stuttgart Pizza Hut, I told our waitress I had called in the order, that we would be dining in, and also gave her my name. She served our drinks then went to handle other customers (of which there were only 3). Approximately 15 minutes later she came to me and asked my name. She said she would check on our order. Approximately 15 minutes later, my wife went to the counter and asked about our order. It seems the cook had prepared the pizza sometime earlier, then put it in a "to go" case. Our waitress handed us our pizza, which was not at all hot, and said "sorry"! We left immediately. i offered to pay but a male cook said it wasn't required. Extremely poor customer service! I'll probably eat elsewhere until others tell me the customer service has improved. Thanks for your time. COL Hal Lovett

anonymys December 08 2012
A lot of things have gone on in the last year, ill try to summarize it. Number one the place is completely understaffed and the impossible is expected. So everything gets done halfway and everyone gets yelled at because they are 3 hours late on deliveries and the board is full of orders and customers are all the way out the door waiting on carryouts and complaining.

The manager is yelling at employees in a condecinding antagonistic manner, in front of customers who are strangers, friends, family, your sunday school teacher and your pastor, rude insulting smart aleck remarks. Antagonistic, condescinding, and offensive tone of voice.
I have many examples of which this is just one...

The manager hands me the pizza as it had just came out of the oven and im grabbing packets of cheese and pepper to put in along with it and look at the map on the wall to see where im going, which is outdated and has little info, The manager starts screaming at me that i should already be gone, been out the door and the pizza was just handed to me.

I looked at him like he must be insane. And ran out the door without even being allowed to look at the map to see where i was going. The only way that pizza got delivered was because I called them on my cell phone and they returned my call, but they didnt get it my call and return it right away, so it went from being first on my delivery to second. So it was late because of the manager.

This man is the most smart aleck offensive person i have ever worked for. My pastor and sunday school teacher go there and they hear me being talked down to like a dog.

Breaks, yeah right... more like, can you work and stay over till 1230 and get these dishes done. I rarely approached about a break

maybe 4 times? and that was only a lunch break to save budget. I was cheated out of the majority of my breaks over the course of 15 months. My breaks are the responsibility of the management to guarantee that they are provided and taken. I am NOT the only employee there that this is customary to.

The TEAM MEMBER HANDBOOK FOR PIZZA HUT AND WING STREET RESTARAUNTS MANAGED BY DALAND CORPORATION handbook even only gives you 5 min breaks, KY law is 10, the handbook is out of compliance with the law. A copy of it will be sent to The kentucky Department of Labor.

Theres black mold in the vents, water stands in the dish area because the floor is sloped wrong, lots of water, one of the 2 drains hasnt ever worked, you cant squeegee it there is probably black mold under the tile too, when you walk on the tile its like water is coming up thru it.

The air vent/ air conditioning stytem, by the dishwasher hasnt worked in forever, temps of 105 F in the kitchen for over a week this summer,
and the thing is supposed to be venting the harmful fumes away from the dishwasher, so i have been breathing this every day this vent isnt functiong as it is supposed to! So we are just breathing the toxic fumes instead.

I brought a fan to work and it was in the car, employees told me to get it and bring it in since it was so hot, so i did, when he walked in he threw it out. the other manager had said it was ok.

He replaced the fans with ones he bought that hardly even worked, little tiny desk occilating fans. We endured the heat and the toxic vapors, and still are breathing them, the vent needs replaced or fixed and in operation NOW!

The garbage disposal hasnt worked in NINE years on the dish sink, when it stops up, which is always, i was instructed to stick my hand into a live garbage disposal to clean it out. I told the assistant manager she was crazy for sticking her hand inside a live garbage disposal and that i would not be doing that!

Now, how can this health code and OSHA
violation be overseen?

Ok there isnt time to rinse the dishes, if we did where would the water go? so they get run thru the machine without being scraped or rinsed. This is still going to take until 12:30 in the morning to get done this way.

So guess what that stuff is on the side of your pizza you thought was burnt cheese. Its crud thats been left on the dirty pan and run thru the dishwasher with sanitizer and dryer soaking into it then thrown between pans on a shelf and used the next day, dried crud.

The pizza cutter and pizza cutter holder is put out in the morning and never is washed or rinsed all day long, 12 hours in use with the crud building up on it accumulating bacteria. This is a health risk to everyone. Both of those items should REGULARLY be cleansed and sanitized and dried.

They cant keep help, everyone quits, wonder why...altho there is a segment of the staff that are enablers who perpetuate and accept all of this. Not all, most employees are afraid of them or afraid to say anything except under their breath. The management and the franchisee as well as the County Health Department should be closely scrutinized and held liable for all of my accusations so that these problems are resolved in a timely manner.

I am fileing complaints with every agency concerned in the state offices of the Department of Labor, the Kentucky State Health Department and OSHA.

When the County Health Departments inspecting, everything is covered up and made to look like its all fine, They had me run the extra sink full of sanitizer because the dishwasher didnt pass and then the assistant manager whispered, just until they leave, when they left, the extra sink was emptied and was not used as instructed by the health department.

How the garbage disposal and the stopped up floor drain as well as the wrong slope of the floor or, standing water, and black mold have passed any kind of health inspection is beyond me. I know employees have slipped on that slick wet floor and fallen to the ground. It is a safety issue as much as it is a health risk!

Not all, but most employees are afraid of management and are afraid to say anything except under their breath.The bad apple manager has infected those closest to him. The last i heard even some of the assistant management has had enough of the managers attitude and sharp tounge.

2 manuals I have from this company go against everything I have told you.

I know this isnt the "pizza hut way"

I know this has been going on for a long time, and enablers have aided that, this is the only way i know to make it change.

I will probably never ever eat there again, nor will my family.

The problems that i see now go beyond management because i am sure the owner of the locations. , he owns 2 of them... ultimately it is his responsibility to make sure his business is run correctly. It is also the responsibility of Pizza hut.

Marvin Mangrum, 3966 Lindwood Dr Macon Ga 31206 December 23 2012
This Hut 025 878 we went to Friday for lunch. It was cold, a front was coming thru, the wind was blowing 30-40 mph, we go here often and its usually very enjoyable, hence this was about trip # 21. But as cold as it was outside, the big black girl taking orders, said nothing when we mentioned how cold it was. Then as she brought us drinks we mentioned again, how cold it was. See above. The Pizza Hut was colder than outside, but at least there was no wind. Then another girl came and checked our drinks, we mentioned to her how cold it was, a guy across the room did also, after having a short meal, it was too cold, my wife went to pay and complained to the white girl about how cold it was. She said to her if they, the staff, did what all the customers wanted they would never get anything done, the cook, chimed in also. But look here we have noticed that this is your trend, so you and your friendly staff enjoy it. Thats what I say, screw a cold customer its hot to me! Ill try to remember to go back, right, when its 110. I assume someone trained them, right! Did a great job! The asshole paying be damned, its hot in here!

Reginald Crowley December 29 2012
I saw the report about your delivery person in Maryland who was demoted for defending himself. I will no longer go to Pizza Hut until I see a public apology and this worker is reinstated

Paulette Peterson January 01 2013
My husband and I stopped into the Burien WA Pizza Hut - I ask for the deals they had as I had seen the advertisemnet on TV for any size pizza with what ever toppings they have and or any specalty pizza for $10. The TV doesn't advertise certain Francises - it says you can order any Pizza with any toppings for $10 plus tax and they charged us $11 plus tax. What this!!!! Paulette and will call the corp office tomorrow.

Savvy Smith January 04 2013
Please bring back the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Tammi Fisher January 04 2013
We miss the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, press bring it back, if only for the winter

Wanda Nalley January 19 2013
I just wanted to say that I was Wrongly fired tonight by Chris Roque our RGM of Toccoa Ga Pizza Hut I was a good server and everybody loved me and he fired me for something that was unethical.

cant say February 14 2013
ive worked at pizza hut almost 6 years. the mgr dont enforce any rules they get by from stealing food, money, being late all time being over staffed to cover the ones that clock in and never work. they can speak to the asst. mgr. or leaders anyway they want refuse to do what asked nothing ever done. district mgr has been informed. one employee even had sexual harrasement through labor was excused of pulling waitress pants down and touching them nothing was ever done. us that work there no nthis is true same person steals food an money makes improper suggesting to young waitress mgr no let complaints nothing ever done

General Screven Pizza Hut in hinesville February 28 2013
I have visited this pizza hut numerous times and everytime i go there has been nothing but foul language coming out of one of the female managers and degrading employees and such. She has fired and rehired many within the same day. One of the morning gentlemen whom I found out from a friend that works there is always licking his fingers while he makes the pizzas which is unsanitary.

Bryan GADDY March 15 2013
Almost every time they mess up my order I order a specialty pizza with Alfredo sauce and they put marinara sauce instead they always mess up my order when I order it this way pizza hut Matthews NC off of independence Blvd and the customer service sucks

benjamen smith March 16 2013
I work at pizzahut on medowbrook street in fortworth tx. I have been there for ten years .I have a conplant on my manager shaundra breedlove she called me a winney crybaby because I have a back disabled .I don't like the way she addresses me as a employee .can somebody please talk to her on how to respect her employees.thanks Ben!

Dan Wilt March 23 2013
I am writing to inform you of a situation that happened to me at your Erhlich Rd store #004666 in Tampa FL. I ordered two pizzas on March 6, 2013 for carryout. When I picked up the pizzas I used my Visa card to pay and signed the receipt. Since it was carryout I did not leave a tip. I marked a line through the tip section and put the total at the bottom. When I got my bank statement today instead of the original amount of $21.40 which is what is on my receipt, my bank statement showed a purchase of $26.40.

I went to the store today to ask the manager for his copy of my receipt. When I first walked in a girl named Alexis was at the front. I asked to speak to a manager and at first she was not going to get one. It was only after I insisted that she finally went to get the manager. I explained to the manager, Shane, the discrepancy in my receipt and my bank statement. He pulled my signed copy and another copy and the other copy someone had added a $5.00 tip.

He did reimburse me the $5.00 and put a $10.00 credit on my account, but I am very upset by this whole situation. This is considered theft and I could turn the whole thing over to the authorities. I wanted your company to be aware of what happened to me and make sure this is investigated to make sure this does not happen again. I am requesting a response back as to the outcome of this situation.


Dan Wilt

tracey March 28 2013
Your unwillingness to address gluten/casein free is corporate suicide. Even if you could address it by meeting needs with a 24hr. call or pre-order.

Jake Brake April 03 2013
Clarendon tx pizza hut has really poor customer service, rude staff, and a filthy restaurant. Everytime That an inspector appears they do things correctly but after he or she leaves then Its back to ghetto attitude and piss poor service.

Joan smith April 06 2013
I have learned first hand that the Pizza Hut on Jerusalem avenue in wantagh New York has been running without hot water for a minimum of 2 weeks. This is obviously unsanitary and if it is not addressed immediately I will pickit outside.

Elizabeth April 06 2013
Please try calling the north bergen Pizza Hut and see how log you are on hold. It is ridiculous... I tried to place an order online but it did not ask to be delivered or my credit card information. So I tried calling the restaurant which took 5 tries and as I am writing this complaint I am still on hold 15 mins on the phone. So I am hanging up and now my $55 order will be waiting there. Horrible customer service!

mike roberts April 15 2013
Wife,friends and I just finished dinner at Pizza Hut in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Food and service was A+ This franchisee is good an excellent job.

Robert Crittendon April 23 2013
I wast pizza looked like the ones on tv I live in painesville oh and ordered that new cheese in the pocket crust nothing like I thought

sally April 25 2013
I went to pizza hut in Eunice. had a great waitress name jasmine, but she does not hve her bar card. (:

Pat Williams April 27 2013
the one in springfield ohio on deer road is nothing but a joke anymore. when you order breadstix before the pizza one would think that you would get the appitizers before the meal but they do not think so. so either you can have warm pizza and cold breadstix or vice versa. i wish this was there only problem but i do not feel the need to point them all out from the other comments i see here the company is no longer worth my time or my money which is a shame since i had enjoyed them for many years but no longer.

jen April 29 2013
Bring back deep dish pizza

steve murphy May 07 2013
On 4/30/13 my family and i order 3large pan pizzas fromthe munhall stoe in pa. We love the pan pizza because of the crispy ,buttery pan bottom .this was not the case it was dry browned crust that looked and tasted right out of the freezer wht s going on tickrt number 00035 does that mean that i was customer 35 at 4pm? If so i now understand why.

Kathy Brantley May 22 2014
Broken Bow, Ok
Our Pizza Hut has continually gotten worse for some time
now. Today at 1:00 for lunch we tried to eat there once
again. No pizza on buffett when we walked in, took 30 mins
to bring ANY pizza. Finally ordered drinks No tea & none to
be made, water w/, but 20 mins later waiter
says manager has to cut them & they do bring us
some to go w our water & salad.Got some pasta!!
During all this they are yelling & fighting in the back.
Yes I understand short staffed, can no one be called to
come in? Finally between the 6 of us we got A
I mean 1 pizza. Same thing with other 4 ppl i spoke with.The waiter sseemed to be only one
working. Oh & to top it all off there was no toilet
tissue!!! Not Happy NOT GOING BACK

brenda balces August 03 2014
I called to place an order for the new cheese bite crust pizza being promoted every commercial break. It is only 1:00 pm and can you believe they ran out???? what kind of food place is this???

Hazel August 11 2014
The Pizza Hut Franchise located at 4985 Flat Shoals Pkwy, Decatur, Georgia 30034 looks like a waste field in the back of the building. There is so much garbage and now people have started dumping behind the build.
I spoke to one of the manager at this Pizza Hut and she seems to think it is not Pizza Hut responsibilty to keep the property grounds up. Why would someone want to buy pizza from this location if the grounds are kept up so poorly. PLEASE HELP.

bill teer August 19 2014

108 COUNTY RD 4612

Nikki Largey August 23 2014
I had a very frustrating time ordering. I placed an order nonlinear and realized I made an error. When I tried calling I was placed on hold and waited 10-15 minutes to change myorder and was hung up on. This continued for a half hour. I then went through the call center and they tried twice to put it through and even stayed on the line until someone picked up and they even hung up on her. I found this whole experience very frustrating. I started the process at 6:45 and wound up getting a new order completed at 8:00.

Frances Jackson August 23 2014
I went to Pizza Hut in Greenville, MS to pick up my order at 11:00 a.m. central time, when I arrived at the store my food was not ready. I was told to pick up my food up at 11:00. When my food was finally ready, it was cold and I had to wait at least another 45 minutes before it was actually given to me. I was so disappointed and I am reluctant to shop at Pizza Hut again. I feel I should have been given a refund or fresh food. The workers acted as though nothing was wrong. So sad for the team members. and the establishment.

Susan Barnes September 06 2014
I ordered a pizza on aug, 22 called the order in and when I got there , had to wait extra time because the pizza was not ready.I ordered a thin and crispy.they showed the pizza and I refused it ,the crust was all messed up hardly no toppings almost burnt. paid 14.98 would not give me a refund because no manager was on duty, told me the next time I order pizza my credit would show up.well I order pizza on 9-6=14 and they did not give me my credit.who do I need to contact? that is a bad way to do business.

Gloria Taylor September 19 2014
I wrote last night about my outrageous service at the Pizza Hut on Clinton Hwy Knoxville,Tn. Later in the evening I was still so upset I drove 12 miles each way back to Pizza Hut to talk to the manager that refused to speak with my husband in person & who did not come to the phone for almost an hour. Let me just say I was even more upset when I left there. The manager has absolutely no customer service skills whatsoever. She did happen to tell me that the general manager would be there the next day & I could speak with her. I am happy to say that Ashley was opposite of this supposed manager she was all about customer service. After speaking with her I will give Pizza Hut another try maybe even the 1 on Clinton Hwy. I just wanted to update that Ashley, the general manager actually knew what she was doing. In closing I hope no one else gets such horrible horrible treatment.

A. Graham-Flemingsbur, KY March 26 2015
Our youth group to chose to eat at the Mt.Sterling, Kentucky Pizza Hut on Sunday, March 22, 2015. I went ahead to give the employees a heads up we were coming. Upon arrival I was greeted by how many oh, you are the 2:00 and we were not. Can you be done by 2:00? Watching a waitress drop silverware on the floor and then return to serve individuals. We were not served at all. Church members cleaned the tables. I emailed on Monday of this week and was told they would call within three days. I have yet to hear anything. Some customer service you have. My plans will longer visit any pizza hut franchises. I plan to use the service as example in my classes.

Nora aparicio April 09 2015
Had the worst experience for 3times

Cynthia Davis April 21 2015
I am sitting at the Woodward Oklahoma Pizza Hut this evening along with 7 other customers. We were not seated by any of the 6 employees working here this evening and when we seated ourselves the 6 employees proceeded to give us dirty looks and pretty much refuse to serve us. After several other customers were waited on and we asked for service 3 times we finally had a waitress come to our table. One of the employees (I believe the manager this evening) told us the reason we were not being waited on is because we seated ourselves. I have never had such terrible service and I hope this is not the type of customer service your company promotes. I am pretty certain without customers none of your employees would have a paycheck so I think that maybe some re-training in customer service should be given to your Woodward employees and/or some type of discipline. I am a director of a large department in a hospital and I would not tolerate this behavior from any if my employees, let alone encourage it as the manager this evening did. With social media and all of the other options of eating establishments in this town that customers would be treated better. I would like to note that Arrin our waitress was very polite and apologetic so she does understand customer service. Thank you very much for your concern and hopefully some resolution to this issue.

Jessica goedecke August 04 2015
I called in my order and when i got had cockroaches crawling all over my pizza and cheesy bread I will not recommend or go back to this establishment it is located in Shawnee Oklahoma 74801 I would like my money returned thank you sincerely concerned customer!!!!

Christopher Fattoruso October 05 2015
Yesterday on 10/4 me and my fiancÚ ordered onlinePizza Hut Woodrow street in ormolu South Carolina We ordered a stuffed crust half pepperoni half cheese.and paid a ridiculous 18 bucks and change . After about an hour and a half wait we decided to call and yo our surprise no answer. We then drove which was s hassle do to rain and we lost power We pull into Pizza Hut and see it was closed. No notice online of closing or on phone but of course took my payment This was the worst food expierence we have ever had. We lost electricity and water and all we wanted was a pizza. I would like s phone call do I can be reimbursed my money for my pizza that was never recieved. My name is Christopher Fattoruso and I can be reached at. 803 622 1269. Our confirmation number was 3151004115942001181013674

Laura DeLorme November 24 2015
I placed an order online to the West Henrietta Ny location for a delivery. Store # 011612.
My order was delivered over a half hour later than time quoted, when I called the store I spoke with "Lori" who was extremely rude. When my order arrived the cheese sticks were cold & they had no seasoning on them. I ordered a large cheese lover, practically NO cheese on it. It was absolutely awful!! I want my money back! Disgusting food & service!!
34 Riverside Dr
Rochester, NY 14623