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LEE ELLA GIVENS December 15 2012

LEE ELLA GIVENS December 15 2012

L. Sue Brown December 17 2012
I have a storage facility in Union NJ. I have been with you since 2010. This is 2012 and you have gone up on your price twice this year. Do you not care that people are struggling to survive. I will be paying a thousand dollars a year for storage. Why the constant price increase? I have rat droppings in my unit. I can understand if you were using the money to cut down on rodents, but you're not. Why two price increases in one year.

Pamela Bey January 13 2013
To Whom It May Concern,

I'm complaining about rate increase. Why is Extra Space Storage nickel and dime their loyal customers??? In this rough economical times. The so call medium class/working poor are getting hit once again. Thanks to the corporate worlds BS. And now it's Extra Space Storage time to charge their loyal customers more. We are in a recession. And I don't know what part Extra Space Storage doesn't understand or doesn't care about. "But it's called being GREEDY"!!! Just because you can... Now you guys at Extra Space Storage are making it hard on the people to pay, by increasing the rates every time we turn around. I don't have the extra monies. Something has to give. Iím asking you guys at Extra Space Storage to keep the same rate. My bill is current and on time and I haven't been late, because I can't afford any late fees. I can't afford anything extra. Not even one penny is too much. If you guys don't want me, my friends or family members to remain as loyal customers, just tell us. If you want us to move out of Extra Space Storage, please let us know. Instead of you guys at Extra Space Storage going up and up on the rates. As I said before something has to give.
Pamela B.

Pamela B. January 14 2013
L. Sue Brown writes this on 17 Dec 12. Once again I can relate. I have a storage unit in Washington, DC. I have been there since 12 Nov 2011. Increased rates in April 12 and now Jan 13. I will paying over a thousands dollars a year for storage. I also have RAT droppings in my unit. They don't care about US the customers. Only the MONEY

Laura M January 28 2013
I am concerned about the number of times my rent is increased. Every six months I receive another increase yet signed an agreement that states no whaere that these increases will be continuous and on-going. What can I do to insure that this will not continue as the rent is much higher now than any other storage faciities in my small town.

Unhappy Customer 2/9/2013 February 10 2013
Terrible facility and NO customer service! Were told the Fontana site had on-site managers, which was a lie, and which we found out when we were locked in for being 3 minutes late to leave. Made many calls to the toll free line and kept getting the runaround. After 2 1/2 hours called 911, and a policeman came immediately and let us out. Rates have gone up and no consideration is given for being lied to about the on=site managers. Asked 3 times to be called by the owner, and never received a call. Was also told I would receive a reminder notice when the bill is due, but have not received one e-mail or voicemail from this company. Rats are in the unit, and the premises are not safe. I could go on and on, but obviously no one cares.

Michael February 22 2013
No interior lighting, door broke a week after moving in, online website for payments never works. My rate went up due to "exceptional service". That must be a mistake, I haven't received even decent service!

Extra Space February 28 2013
Quit whining you losers, there is a reason the ExtraSpace CEO flies around in a personal jet and you losers have to rent storage for your crap!!!

Maria H. March 02 2013
I came to this site to lodge a complaint and after reading others complaints which are much like my own, and are obviously falling on dead ears, I feel that these complaints need to go higher. This seems to be a dumping ground for complaints. I want action. Sergio Camanero stated he was the Manager of the site, was unduly rude and unprofessional. He stated he didn't care about my circumstances just pay what I owe. I wish him well when he finds himself unemployed and needs someone to listen to his circumstances.

Pamela B. March 06 2013
Tired & Unhappy
Here in Washington DC at the Blair Street NW location. Iím Pamela Bey, and
I asked Amanda put in the request to the office on the 6th February 2013. She told me no and thatís all I heard. Iím grieving so I didnít need to hear anymore. I went online to make payment on the 5th February 2013. Thatís when I found out about the increased amount. I only have the $156.00 in the account for the storage, not a penny more, and thatís it. Now here we go again, again and again with this same old mess. Iím tired and fed up with this company every 6 to 9 months fighting to keep the rent at an affordable rate that I can afford. This isnít a good experience that I am having with Extra Space Storage LLC at all.

I am grieving the loss of a love one. And I donít feel up to fighting with your greedy company anymore. You guys have increased the rent from $146.00 to $156.00 and now the new amount $168.00 and without any notice once again. I donít have any extra monies for anything. Remember we are in a recession. Thatís the reason I have a storage unit, because I downsized my living space to a much smaller place. And Iím living on a very tight budget. I need the rent for the storage to stay at $156.00, because my pay is still the same, and it has not increased at all. Everything is going up, up and up, but my salary is still the sameÖ I donít have the extra money to pay. Thatís like trying to get blood from a rock. You guys just donít get it or you just donít care to get it.

Iím tired
Pamela B.

March 06 2013
This is to the Extra Space comment on February 28, 2013.
You are the loser, because your are mining other persons business and not your own. Since this doesn't have anything to do with you. Why are you making comments??? About things that don't concern you... Mine your business and leave other peoples business alone.

"Thank you very much"!!!

Debra Erens December 30 2013
I just got a storage unit in dec between the dates 4,5 . I got a phone call stating that i remove my things from unit. Saying was cockroaches in my unit so i removed my things found no such bugs in my unit. I am demanding a full refund of all i paid. At the scott blvd facility. I was in #729. A full refund for wrongfull eviction. Since we found no evidence of the bugs she was talking about in our unit. We had to again rent a uhaul and find a new storage facility and fork out more money for what. They did not have all the facts i found no evidence of the bugs. So i will like a refund of all I paid. Thank You Debra Erens # 729 at scott faclity. 408-608-9937

Robin Redgate April 01 2014
Extra Space Storage sold my items from my storage unit without my knowledge. It was a mistake on their part and they are doing nothing to help me.

Terry Collins July 20 2014
just rented a unit in Belleville MI, Debbie and Carol are two of the nicest funny yet professional people that I have run into in a long time. Hats off to the two young ladies at this location. I will be recommending Extra Space to everyone that I know that is looking for that extra space.

tj williams August 25 2014
I rented a unit for less then 24 hours try to get my money back 57.00 dollars and was told that I could get my money back the same day. then when I got there Nashville tn. I was told it will be 4 weeks.

Felicia McEachin August 26 2014
This past weekend I rented a space for a friend going through a very tough time. It was a quick decision that needed to be made and I found your company online. I called - a representative named Rodney helped me get the initial reservation set. After that Tiffany called from the actual storage facility. The facility I rented from is on Hwy 41 in Cobb County, Georgia. She is a wonderful, kind, organized, considerate, calm, assuring person and got everything set without any problems!!!! Thank you!!!!

John Moriartry-Alternative Power and Light Corp July 21 2015
I am an Electrical contractor on Long Island and last year we installed a 200,000+ watt solar system on the Extra Space Storage in Ridge N Y and we have not been paid for our services
we have Liens on this site and we just renewed these liens
so over a year of no payment --our job is 100% done (we have town inspections showing that) and there are 5 sites not paid in full-- us 180k-a second site 126k and a third 94k
WE ASK ALL CONTRACTORS NOT TO USE THERE STORAGE SITES --they do not pay there subs so why support them

Matthew Godfrey September 29 2015
My name is Matthew Godfrey. My brother William Godfrey Address is 200 Aldaba Circle NE Rio Rancho New Mexico. William died and was buried last week. He was renting
A storage unit in Albuquerque on airport rd. Due to Williams
Being in the hospital he had no income. He owes a outstanding
Balance. Our family has spent all of our savings on his burial

sheila jones December 01 2015
I need to speak to Mr. Kirk Spencer in regard to an auction scheduled for 12/2/15 based on two postal money orders that were mailed in Dec./2014 and not posted to my account. I had to inquire for the status of my account in August, 2015 thru the corporate office to learn that the two payments were not posted. Now threatened with an auction by the person who never stated that the payments were not received. Did someone spend the $200.00??? and now I am the victim??? I was told Oct. payment of $100 would not stop the auction but $500.00??? 6462728412 Laburnum Va unit