Frontier Communications Corporate Office

Frontier Communications Corporate Office Address: 3 High Ridge Park, Stamford
CT, 06905
Phone: 203-614-5600

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Jeannine Korman March 26 2013
I do not have a Frontier telephone service but I am having problem with your company in Rochester NY -- I will try to call tomorrow in the am to speak to explain my problem which have lasted now since The last week of March 2012 --

Thank you for reading my problem and I do hope that we can solve this problem.

Jeannine Korman Rochester NY 14610,

Wayne Chafin October 29 2013
I have an issue with your billing practices and the way you can take payments, but Frontiers unwillingness to give refunds for incorrect payment amounts, and over riding the the payment amount, when it is changed from one amount to another.

Roberta Conley May 01 2015
I have been having trouble with my internet service since the 4th of March, almost 2 months and no one seems to be able to FIX the problem.