Green Dot Corporate Office

Green Dot Corporate Office Address: 605 East Huntington Dr, Monrovia
CA, 91016
Phone: 626-775-3400

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Green Dot Corporation is a financial services company that issues prepaid MasterCard cards and prepaid Visa cards. Their cards are available at almost 50,000 retail stores, which include Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Radio Shack, as well as at Wal-Mart and Meijer, often with discounted offerings. Aside from issuing prepaid cards, Green Dot also transfers direct deposit funds of individuals from the US government into their personal bank accounts.

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susan December 03 2012
you sell greem dots cards but you all ways locking them up and you have to go through to much to unlock your personall card why sell them and take people through so much.

Judy Clough February 26 2013
Hi I have been requesting a refund for $300 since Jan 7th I have been told my check would be here in 9 to 12 days Every time I call back they say it wasn,t processed, Like I said this has been going on since JAN 7 Now after being on the phone for 21/2 hours they tell me they have to wait for a response from the corporate office to see what to do about this refund,, That seems to never get processed , I have sent faxes of everything they wanted , Why can,t this be resolved I am a single mother with 3 kids I need my money back now,, Like I said This has been going on a long time I am being screwed around and I will be contacting whoever I need to to get this resolved, I.m beginning to think Green Dot is a fraudulant company; Please respond to me ASAP thank You Oh why is the call center in the philipines,, you can,t understand those people>>

Danny and Elizabeth Hobock March 05 2013
My husband and I purchased out of good faith to pay a bill that had to be paid the same day but when we tried to register the card it automatically said they would have to send us full amount which didn't help us that needing to pay our very important bill that day. So I called greendot which I was literally on hold for like 3 hours. I talked to several supervisors of the corporate office. They all informed me that once the refund was submitted they couldn't over-ride it. Well then read their terms of service where I read that if they submitted for an issue for refund they could also go ahead and activate long enough for you to use the money that was loaded onto it! So all I got to say about greendot is that they are liars and don't care about there customers issues and something needs to be done about greendot. Put them out of buisness! Thanks for nothing non-caring greendot company!!!

March 09 2013
Leslie (or so she said her name was) Id # 6191. She has been very very rude and within the last 1 hr 54 min and 54 seconds (call time) she continues to just randomly put me on hold while i'm talking and sets her phone down and is unresponsive...she has been telling me the whole time that the dispute person I need isn't there...come to find out...they left 30 minutes ago which means while we were going back and forth for over an hour THEY WERE THERE!!!!! I am owed $194.00 and they told me if I got my dispute form faxed in within 10 business days their policy is to provide a provisional credit. My forms were faxed and received to their office by noon on the 10th day. They did not pull my information and forms off their fax machine until 7pm---yes 7pm that night!!!!! Now she is saying it is our fault because we didn't get our paperwork in on time!!!!! WHAT!?!?!?!? She is now yelling at my husband, literally yelling. WOW! What horrible horrible business ethic and customer service. Maybe the benefit of lower overhead by outsourcing your call centers to the Phillipines wasn't the smartest business decision as it seems by all the complaints all over the internet that you are losing more business than you are saving!


James May 06 2013
Tried THREE 3-way conference calls between Greendot and a merchant to have a $411.00 Authorization Hold removed. Even with Merchant on the phone, they would not release the hold. Informed me I would have to wait TWO WEEKS!!??? FOR WHAT?!?!?!?!?! So you can hold MY MONEY??? Horrible customer service. I will never use Green Dot ever again....

jason miniard May 24 2013
my money was taken and im been told i have wait too but it looks like green dot is the thives not the merchent so i believe if all thegreen dot holders would get in contact with the justis dept and turn over all of doctments and let the federal goverment put them out of banking the these debit cards they lose so much money ha ha ha

scott payne July 26 2013
I got a card in the beginning of june and had problems with it so i closed it and i have not recieved my check. After waiting two weeks i called in and was told there was a sercrutity concern. They told me there was weird activity on my card, but i knew there wasnt. Again they said they would mail the refund. After another 2 weeks i called in and they told me noone processed it. One of the customer service agents told me they dont care and if i kept on about it then they wouldnt process it over. They person was very rude. Im very upset with the problems with this card. Its totally not worth it. I wil lbe writing coperate and i will be contact steven streit to further my efforts

Camala Cotton January 29 2014
I have been trying to contact someone in corporate office for 3 weeks. Green dot is hold 427.00 of my money and they will not release it.

steve burcham February 24 2014

Ms. Carolyn Small March 21 2014
Account #1412-159, the name on the account is Ronald Small. We had a lot of problems with Green Dot and I at one point I got to speak to a young lady (Karen Gellizeau} and she is the reason we are giving Green Dot another chance. You need more people like her. Hopefully things will get better.

Kim Briggs March 27 2014
I have had my green dot card for years and I just find out totally by accident that my card has been canceled no warning nothing due to fraudulent charges..the only place I use my green dot card is gas station, ebay, grocery stores, pay bills, order games for my son. I have recommended this card to everyone and even started a few folks on them. I can not get hold of a live person..there is no email that will come up for answers and both the live chat and the phone service are over in the Philipeens. (spelling) I was promised a phone call from corporate over a week ago which has never come. I just want a chance to argue or dispute the Fraud charges! Its not like you can over draw the card.

Dusty g March 30 2014
Green dot mailed me a letter after this massive security info breach at target dec 2013... claiming to protect me... with a new that easing all my hesitation at using the card...i began to have all my pay onto that card via pack reloads...and friday march 21 2014 ....somebody was shopping spree with MY card..they got all my info in that massive security breach....and green dot failed to protect me as a client

Linda Trail May 21 2014
I have been trying to get a new card since the beginning of May. I had to change my address in doing so they canceled the one they were sending me and issued me another one. I called the day after they were to issue me a new one to have it sent Fed-Ex because I needed to pay my rent and other bills. Well they sent it alright but it was the one they had already canceled due to address change. So this one is no good now. So I called back and they said I was getting a new one on May 16th. It never arrived . So I called back and they guaranteed me it would be here today May 21st and it is still not here .I am getting evicted at the end of the day today because of this mess I need my money ASAP

hester england June 08 2014
I have been trying to get a refund for over three weeks, what do I have to do to get my money back?

Christina Porter June 16 2014
I am in desperation of speaking to corporate or CEO! I received a replacement card today after 2 weeks to be told that their automated service cancelled the replacement card and new one with different card number sent! Asked for tracking number they give me the flip pen tracking number of one I received today!! Like they could get me off the phone!!!! Nothing but lies! I too am getting evicted & this is government money, a survivors benefit from my dead 31yr old husband who left me widowed with a 4yr old!! Please anyone with info on a lawyer to file a suit and contact info of corporate for greendot? Please call or text me 518-742-6911.

Angela Nails July 17 2014
I used a Green dot card Visa for direct deposit for 1 direct deposit and the Green dot Visa card was no longer open. I can not talk to a person in the customer service department because the number on the back of my Green dot Visa card has only automative service not live Custmer Service rep answers. I want to know what happen to my account was close and I can not open another account with Green dot. My contact number is (913) 240-2571 is a cellular telephone. The account number for the account is 4250313009366440.

Angela Nails

bruce eaton August 14 2014
u suck i cant get u on a phone line

Amy Robinson August 21 2014
Hello I am a long time consumer and I have made several attempts to contact your establishment in regards to a purchase that was made of $500.00 and no one had contacted me concerning this matter could you please review your records for email: zzionsdaughter@yahoo I would suggest that you enhance your consumer quality to provide a more pleasurable experience for your customer during complaints and disputes. May I have a number of contact or adequate respond concerning this misfortune of my $500.00 not appearing on my commercial visa provided through pay pal. Thank you