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H&R Block Corporate Office Address: 1 H&R Block Way, Kansas City
MO, 64105
Phone: 816-854-3000

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H&R Block is a company that mainly offers tax preparation services. Founded by brothers Henry and Richard Bloch in 1955, H&R Block now operates around 11,000 retail tax offices in the US and another 1,700 overseas. Aside from tax preparation, the company also offers banking, personal finance, investment advice, and business consulting services.

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Kalvin Dammann December 06 2012
I have been a loyal customer for years. I have had my paycheck direct deposited for about a year now and have been happy with your service. But now you made a mistake and even yout computer said there was a error and you took the money that was my xmas bonus to correct your mistake and have taken away xmas from my kids. I dont understand why u couldnt wait til tax time to get the money back. After all I get about 10 thousand dollars back then. Iam begging u from one parent to another dont ruin my families xmas.

Erin February 10 2013
Very upset! Went to Sparta, Wi office and asked for taxes to be done married filing separate and was told no I HAD to file jointly and just claim injured spouse and the lady couldn't get credits to come out so after an hour I left my w2's and she was suppose to call me back that afternoon. I called the following day to be told she was out of the office and the MANAGER didn't feel comfortable taking over. The following day I called at 1:30 in the afternoon to find they still weren't done as I had requested so I told them I didn't want them done and now they are holding my w2's until I pay them $65 because she worked on them HER way not as I wanted. Very dissatisfied and will never go back once I get my w2's back!

katherine March 04 2013
I should have done my taxes myself or went to Jackson Hewitt! This is not the first time H&R BLOCK SCREWED ME OVER ON TAXES!!! My ex husband never paid for taxes to be done in 09 so I went and filled myself for that year, I was told that I would be getting 4,500.00 minus a few cents, well I got s check for $150.00 from the IRS. So I called they said that the tax preparer messed up on my return, I called H&RBLOCK they said they would amend the taxes for me since they messed up, 4 offices later they still didn't get it right! So I lost out on 4 grand! Stupid me goes back this year because of a different reason only to be screwed out of $319.93 for them to do my taxes. The lady who did them didn't know what she was doing I told her she was spelling my name wrong, that she entered my social wrong, didn't put the right address in! Then when I left she gave me my state return to send out, I did 2 days later only to get a call from her in 4 days telling me to come back to the office to sign my return, I explained to her I already signed and mailed my state return . I received another 4 calls from her and again told her the same thing. While on the phone I asked her what was going on with my federal return, she checked and told me that it was denied due to my daughters name being wrong I asked what name she used and well that wasn't her last name, anyway I asked what wad going to be done and she said that corporate had to fix it then send it off again. I waited 4 days and she called me to come into the office to sign my state return again! I told her again, I asked about my federal again since the IRS didn't have my information yet, she said that it wasn't done because she nor corporate could fix it! I asked then what was going to be done about it, I was told she willl ask her office manager, he fixed it! After 2 weeks of run around! No since in calling to make a complaint, they loose the cases that are to be kept on computer files!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO TO H&R BLOCK FOR TAXES, I'LL CHANCE DOING THEM MYSELF!!!

Ronnie craig March 09 2013
Why do I have to give my ss# in order for my office to give me an appointment?

Shannon LaForme March 13 2013
Filed my taxes at the end of Jan was told I would have my direct deposit by 2/21/13. Feb 21st has come and gone and you guessed it no money when we called the Lockport NY office we were told because we calmed our daughters educational info the IRS didn't except it until 2/14/13 and would take 3 more weeks. Now I find out they messed up my taxes and we are one of the 600,000 plus people waiting for the IRS to fix our returns. You would think for 298.00 I would not have these problems. I think they should refund all the fees due to my inconvenence and just think my husband and I have been loyal customers for over 20 years. It is making rethink having some other place do our taxes next year.

Dayle Dixon March 13 2013
I am so dissapointed in H&R Block. I have been going to them for years to have my taxes prepared and have always been fine with paying the cost. i then relize that each year the price has gone up 10% each year. I am a single mother and every bit counts. I called the office on 2/21/13 and today they decided to get back to me 3/13/13. The lady Keysha that I spoke to was extremely ignorant and told me it was because I had alot of forms that needed to be filed. it took my tax preparer 20 minutes to prepare my taxes and it cost me $344. and some change. Im sorry H&R Block you have just lost a loyal customer. I will be telling my coworkers about this treatment also. You really need to do some public relations interventions or I'm afraid you will be losing alot of customers.

James Conley March 13 2013
I have been a loyal customer of H&R blocks for many years Me and my wife file are taxes on January 26 . it is now march 13 not a phone call not a letter nothing we call last week told us check IRS website still processing call back to H and R then they tell us about education credit problem and are now trying to blame the IRS. I call different numbers for the IRS 40 min on hold they are telling me then don't have ez taxes from me they got sent back to HR block they got reject she tell me to call HR block I pay almost $300 to have my taxes done in a timely matter and done correctly why should I pay for something Not done Right

JESSICA REBETERANO MARCH 14 2013 March 14 2013
I went to the Camden Ave branch in San Jose, CA on January 30th, 2013 to file my taxes was told it would be excepted by IRS on the 31st and would be getting my taxes within 21 days. I called in after the 21 days and IRS said that H&R BLOCK DIDN'T PROCESS MY EDUCATION PAPERWORK THE RIGHT WAY AND LEFT FORMS BLANK. I called HR Block and they are denying that they messed up. IRS said they have to refund me the amount that I paid which is over $500, the manager Jay refuses to get on the phone when I call so I had to contact HR Block Headquarters to put in a claim. I been going to HR Block for years now and this is my LAST TIME I'M LETTING SOMEONE MESS UP MY TAXES. IT'S NOW MARCH 14TH AND WHERE'S MY REFUND.............?

wendy mccallister March 17 2013
I filed my taxes on cleveland ave office 2/14/13 and why did u get a test friday night after midnight saying irs has execepted my return i was asleep that made me mad but im even madder now and will be filing a complaint with the BBB we all need are money and are pinching pennies and all you can do is say im sorry irs.gov site still doesnt have any info i need this money i had no job for awhile and im struggling hr block needs to refund all of are money we paid this year to get taxes done and them some like allowing us to get taxes done for free next year i have been going to hr blcok 15 years minus 1 year i went to jackson hewitt i should have went this year and we would all have are money and not be behind in bills and putting clothes on are backs and food and table and gas in are cars..HR BLCOK OWN UP TO IT AND GIVE US ARE MONEY BACK AND GIVE US FREE COUPON FOR NEXT YEAR TO GET ARE TAXES DONE AT YOUR EXPENSE SEEING YOU GOOFED WE DIDNT WE PAID YOU

wendy mccallister March 17 2013

rhonda March 26 2013
i am so disqusted with hr block refund was just received after two months yesterdayi a demading fees back amounting three hundred dollars.the headquarters phone number is 1-854-816-3000. i have called and have acomplaint documented

rhonda March 26 2013
i am so disqusted with hr block refund was just received after two months yesterdayi a demading fees back amounting three hundred dollars.the headquarters phone number is 1-854-816-3000. i have called and have acomplaint documented

Paul Mosier March 26 2013
I have tried to find an answer to the following: The deduction for state taxes has lived in more than one state or locality. Try entering more than one state with dates as follows: 1/1/2012 -4/30/2012 a state and then 5/1/2012-9/30/2012 another state and then returning to the original staTE 10//2012-12/31/2012 which I have tried and tried with the software not accepting this. Thereby unable to calculate proper state sales tax deduction.

Kathy Werbicki April 10 2013
Been waiting for my return since Jan 30, 2013. Never will I use or pay for H&R Block anything ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are holing up my schooling and with out that I have nothing. You are runing many many peoples lives. I am pushing for a refund of the cost of the program and I am join the Class Action Law Suite.

Verne Mines May 09 2013
Iworked for Tax services many years ago and now I want to sell my paper stock certs, i am cAlling for information. I am holding for over five minutes and still holding. I just want to know how and where to send??

katherine mitchell May 10 2013
i filled my taxes on januray 17,2013 and i just recived my money the 7 of may i have just about lost every thing and i am still losing they tryed to charge me twice for a 700 dollar loan that i got from the green emerlad card and i had to call the card oeople and get it straight so that got straigthed out but now i have still not got all my money my tax person had me sign up for the gold credit card and she didnt tell me that they were going to put 3,000 on it i had gotten a loan for 1000 to pay bills and buy food for my grand children so as it stands now as of may 10 2013 that gold card says i have 1,900 on the card and i cant even get a dime of it my grand children and me are fixing to not have any lights i am 4,500 behind on rent i need some one to contact me about this law suit i have been a loyal coustmor to hr block for at least 15 years could some one please contact me at katherinemitchell45@yahoo.com please i need some help for my grand children

stanley hasty February 25 2014
Where is my card