Hospira Corporate Office

Hospira Corporate Office Address: 275 N. Field Dr, Lake Forest
IL, 60045
Phone: 224-212-2000

Customer Service Contact Info:

Hospira, Inc. is the largest producer of generic injectable pharmaceuticals in the world today. Aside from pharmaceutical products, Hospira also produces medical devices and IV nutritional solutions. They also provide contract manufacturing services. The company mainly targets hospitals, nursing care facilities, outpatient surgical care facilities, other drug manufacturers, and wholesalers.

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Mary Wilson October 19 2014
Dear Hospira security,

I was on your website today (October 19th) applying for a job. In the string on questions my social security number was requested. I have previously applied for positions using the Hospira website and this question was not asked. I am concerned that your website has been high jacked and someone is using it to obtain SSN from people for identity theft purposes. I think that you should look into this.