Kraft Foods Group Corporate Office

Kraft Foods Group Corporate Office Address: 3 Lakes Dr, Northfield
IL, 60093
Phone: 847-646-2000

Customer Service Contact Info:

Kraft Foods Group is a multinational food and beverage conglomerate based in Northfield, Illinois. It produces a wide array of consumer-packaged food and beverage products which are marketed in over 170 countries worldwide. Some of the company\'s top-selling brands include Cadbury, Kraft, Jacobs, Maxwell House, Nabisco, Oreo, Planters, Philadelphia, Oscar Meyer, Tang, and Trident.

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Patrick January 05 2013
Proofing class last Wednesday evening.a0 Some of the pooths are now up on Betsy's site as she blogs about the experience. Betsy is also on Twitter. It's amazing how good she can make a pole barn (nice training

Diane Balkema January 06 2013
I bought a box of taco bell hard shells and three of them weren't broken. A little disappointed, when we were to have tacos for dinner.

Andrea Kopyt January 10 2013
I live in Allentown pa. Apparently you have an office/plant here that lists its phone number as my home number. How can I contact them to get this corrected??

A.osmund January 19 2013
Stop shrinking your products! I have been using your 8 oz shredded mozzarella cheese for years every Sunday,now I noticed it shrank down to 7 oz,I will no longer use your brand unless its on sale!why do big companies like Kraft think the consumers are morons.beside the fact I fell scammed.good luck,I'm sure this letter means nothing anyway.

A.osmund January 19 2013
Stop shrinking your product! Like the 8 oz shredded mozzarella cheese now 7 oz!

Betty Garrett January 31 2013
please stop shrinking your products,or i too will stop buying Kraft.also i prefer your WIDE MOUTH JARS ON YOUR MAYO> if your consmers likes are any CONCERN TO YOU.

William R. Seedorf February 25 2013
Hello. I have a problem with your commercial for Velveeta.You say eat liquid gold. Liquid gold is a wood cleaner that could be kept under the kitchen sink. If a child were to see this and match it to the cheese commercial there is a chance they would believe it is food and eat or drink it .I think you should reconsider this commercial before some child does this and you have a lawyer contacting you.

J Sterne April 04 2013
Called your consumer products line. A waste of time. I aksed for nothing and wanted to make you aware of my concerns. Talking to a wall would have been better. Your customer service rep. that I spoke to was ill informed and gave me some jargon that made no sence. I was in the grocery business and understand shelf space allotments and payments. I too believe in wide mouth mayo jars and a quart of mayo is NOT 30 ounces. WE ARE NOT A METRIC COUNTRY YET! I acutally prefered the original oblong jar you began with when you introducted Mayo with Olive Oil. I too will be looking for an alternate ALL KRAFT products I use . I have been a Kraft customer for more years than I want to admit. I made 3 doz. deviled eggs for Easter dinner and did not APPRECICATE not being able to use a spatchula spoon in the jar and had to use a long handled tea spoon instead. CAN YOU ENVISION MAYO UP PAST MY WRIST- LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE. From the other comments I am not alone in this.

Cindy Burnett April 11 2013
Please bring back the wide mouth jars of mayo. I really prefer them. Thanks :)

Elizabeth H. Lasner April 27 2013
I think the picture and ad for zesty dressing is offensive especially for children and the message it sends. Not FAMILY FARE.

Sharon Bayes June 10 2013
What the heck happened to the blueberry belVita? It has been out of stock at both WalMarts in my area (16115) and every other store that I have look in for weeks. The blueberry variety runs out all the time. There are always lots of the other flavors left - guess why - nobody likes the other flavors. The store clerks always fill the blueberry spot with the other flavors. But they just sit there or get pushed around and knocked to the floor by people hoping to find a box of the blueberry hidden behind one of the unwanted flavors.

Duane Finn December 27 2013
I recently bought a jar of Kraft Miracle Whip Light. When I open the jar it had a little spot of light brown. I did not think anything of it until my wife was making deviled eggs and it smelled a little off. When it was tasted it did not taste good. The best if used by date is 19 Mar. 2014c13:07. I was wondering what can be done.

michael brooker March 18 2015
I bought a 5 box of kraft mac and cheese 7,25 each box I ate 3 of them and today I find out about the recall for metal shavings in the boxes I have 2 left un opened very concerned and upset thinking what might become of what I already ate will there be any long term affects from this u can reach me at 518-752-5692 very concerned and upsettttt

sharon smorynski May 15 2015
Why did you do away with the 3oz package of Cream Cheese.? All of my recipes call for the 3oz and all I can find is the 8 oz. I end up throwing the rest of it away as it will not keep very long.
What a waste. Please bring back the 3 oz.