Six Flags Entertainment Corporate Office

Six Flags Entertainment Corporate Office Address: 924 Avenue J East, Grand Prairie
TX, 75050
Phone: 972-595-5000

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Six Flags Entertainment Corporation is currently the second largest amusement park operator in the world, after Walt Disney, attracting around 25 million visitors to its parks in North America. Its theme parks feature an array of rides, attractions, and other entertainment facilities for the family, as well as food stalls and souvenir shops.

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Michele Kuehl March 13 2013
To whom it concerns, 3-13-2013
I am writing this formal complaint about the service I received with your represenitive at this place of business. I purchased Gold passes last year in either September or October and WAS INFORMED VIA PHONE REPRESENITIVE THERE WASN’T ANY EXPIRATION DATE FOR ME TO RECEIVE MY PASSES. I ask three times are you sure they won’t expire, she informed me not to worry I could get my passes at any time. The only thing that would expire is the parking pass to enter the park for the first which is Jan 27 2013 that I needed to print out. I have purchased passes before and never have I had this happen. I would appreciate if I could receive what I paid for and was told I would receive which is the combo package with PARKING (Gold Pass). Please call me. 951-816-2821
Thank you
Mrs. M Kuehl
Submitted Wednesday 13-2013 1:04 pm