Tesoro Corporate Office

Tesoro Corporate Office Address: 19100 Ridgewood Pkwy., San Antonio
TX, 78259
Phone: 210-626-6000

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5230 rosecrans location..... California my name is dona 3104240690 January 26 2013
I bought gas then wanted to buy lotto....the snotty kid at the counter sad he did not have change for a hundred..and..so I can't buy this...i said well you cangp getget some change and come backck.so I gave it back....Frank said this isn't a bank. I told him he rude and ask for a number to callcall, they had no number...told me tosoro and to call the manisager...what is the 800 number.??????? if there is an emergency....no numbackber.....thwn some old lady who was behind the counter chimed in rudely ad said again it isn't a bank.....told them I would never be back So someone says we have no more than 100....on hand....that I can understand, but the rudeness is inexcusable...Hate the workers at this location I will NEVER be back...Arco would be my forat choicw.....no more! You can thank your snotty employee...FRANK and the Old Mexican lady for their ruxe manner and rude woeds...all very inappropriate...Now I hate Arco....was Frank worth $1000's....? I think not!!!!!!!

Redding Cypress location April 30 2013
Rude women as well here. Just as the 5230 poster said about her town. Always snarky to their customers and employees. The manager/assistant manager are the worst. Coming in with attitudes and taking it out on everyone around them. I wish more people saw it and it would get fixed. The employees should not be rude, and neither should the customers.