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Phone: 814-946-3611

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Sheetz, Inc. is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores which was founded in 1952 by Bob Sheetz. Sheetz is best known for having exceptionally large stores, which are generally twice as large as the average 7-Eleven store. Aside from selling gas, some of the other merchandise that are offered by Sheetz stores include grocery items, fountain drinks, baked products, sandwiches and salads, and cigarettes. Today, Sheetz operates over 400 stores, which are mainly located in Maryland, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

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Desiree Hinton January 05 2013
hello, I sent an e-mail to one of your websites about the customer service I received on January fourth of this new year. I would like to make note asking that there was action taken to this woman's attitude. I've never had such poor service anywhere that I've been in my life. I did not catch her name, or I would have called the Sheetz store myself and reported her. Butas someone who works in the customer service business I know that a customer should never be talked to or treated the way I or my friend was.
On January fouth 2013 around 9:45 pm I took a trip to the Sheetz store off Firetower Road in Greenville north carolina with a friend of mine. My friend asks for a pack of cigarettes, and i asked to ring in two slushies separately. the woman not only asks for my friend's identification, but also mine. I ask why if im buying slushies that i have to give my identification, and she says because we came in together they had to I.D. us both. I calmly told the older woman that i was buying my slushies separately and that there was no need for my I.D. I had just gotten off of work and didn't have it anyway, nor do i smoke, so i wasn't worried about it. they refused to sell my friend his cigarettes and as we asked the details the older woman about why he couldn't buy them, her voice gradually raised and as i told her i didn't have my I.D. She started yelling at me telling me she would not sell them to my friend, as well as yelling at me about the rules and regulations of the sale. I work in the customer service business and I have never been treated with such disrespect and rude behavior in a place of business. I guarantee you because of her behavior and attitude towards me I, and the other person that was with me will not be returning to this gas station. I will also be warning friends not to go here, so if your business would like to continue to grow I suggest this problem be fixed. Thank you for your patience.

Regular Customer January 26 2013
My husband and I stopped at store #492 in Graham NC and ordered a burger and a veggie wrap. When I received the wrap I opened it up and barely had any veggies. I took this back to the counter and asked what is this he replied it is the required portion size, I told him I wanted my money back as I have ordered veggie wraps plenty of times and they have not ever been like this. The young man went and said "something to another clerk then finally came back and said go to front counter" so I did and the clerk said "are you the one that had a problem with the wrap" and said nothing else. This only had a hand full of veggies on a 12" wrap if I was lucky. Why in the world would anyone want to pay for a veggie wrap and not be able to taste the filling not me thats for sure. Then we went to get a fountain drink and they tasted awful ask the clerk to taste and she said "that does not taste good, to much carbon and walked away" WOW that was very poor customer service. Maybe management needs to check this store out.

dan crytser March 22 2013
i live hear in dubois pa. i stop in your store quite often. at the park avenue sheetz. for the last six months or so. everytime in your store. the bathrooms, are discusting. the floors n the store are dirty. the coffee area was so dirty, no fresh coffee. it used to be one of the nicest stores. i think i will stop going to that store, your other stores are much cleaner. i feel when you got six people working in a store, that it should be clean and taken care of. thank you so much for listening

Jerry Bowen May 02 2013
April 21, 2013

The hot dog is one of the few foods that’s nearly impossible to screw up. You heat it through, tuck it into a bun, squirt on some mustard, and call it lunch. But there’s a big difference between not screwing something up and turning it into a paradigm-shifting, transcendental dining experience. And there are lots of hot dog stands, restaurants, and drive-ins out there that have the power to change your life.

One of these places is SHEETZ GAS STATION, located from Pennsylvania through the Carolinas.

Many times, we have stopped at one of their locations while traveling, just to experience once again the great HOT DOGS they have. Yes, they have really low prices on gas, but their HOT DOGS are the main attraction to our family.

Last week, we were returning from a wedding in Virginia on our way back to South Carolina. Having made this trip many times, we always looked forward to our stops at Sheetz in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, as this is our half-way point. However, on this particular trip, we could not wait any longer for our HOT DOG, so we pulled into Sheets at Martinsville, Virginia which is one-third of the trip.

Sound good so far? We thought so, too.

We all ordered our HOT DOGS, one with chili, two with mustard only, make that two more with chili. Just as happy as pigs in slop.
Pulling out of the Station with HOT DOGS for all five of us, we proceeded to open them up and enjoy.

Wait a minute, the very person, our 10 year-old Grandson, who is a connoisseur of HOT DOGS, and advocated the quick stop, found something wrong with his.

“Go back, DAD--turn around, I have a problem”.
“What’s wrong“, we all said in unison.
“My HOT DOG is stone cold, it seems to be frozen.”

Of course the other four of us were happy as larks, wolfing down our delicious HOT DOGS, and could not fathom a frozen HOT DOG coming from Sheetz.

“DAD, turn this car around right now, we have to go back. I paid for this HOT DOG with my money and I will not be ripped off like this. Besides, I was really looking forward to my HOT DOG, and everyone else is enjoying theirs, and here I sit in the back of this SUV with an old cold HOT DOG. DAD, turn around.”

DAD says, in his fatherly manner, between bites of a good, hot, HOT DOG,
“Well, we only have 60 miles to go to the our regular Sheetz in Winston-Salem. We will tell them what happened and I am sure they will correct the problem and give you another hot, HOT DOG.”

“DAD, it will not be the same. I have not had lunch, you all have eaten, and I am back here by myself, and my stomach is growling. I don’t want anymore HOT DOGS from Sheetz. Never Again. I am not going in to another Sheetz Station in my lifetime, if I live to be 100 years old. They are not going to do this to me anymore. They should be ashamed of selling a little boy a cold HOT DOG”.

Well, as you might guess, the next 60 miles were not pleasant miles. And of course, we did not have a very happy Camper in the back of our SUV.

Finally, we arrived at the Sheetz Station in Winston-Salem.
Our 10-year old crawled out of the SUV, with his cold HOT DOG, marched right in to the station ahead of all of us, told the lady what happened and demanded a new HOT, HOT DOG. She acted as if she didn’t believe him, but finally relented, gave him a HOT, HOT DOG, and we continued on our final leg of our journey.

The moral of this story:

Who would ever think that a simple act of not heating a HOT DOG for a customer would cause so much strife and upset and bad feelings which probably will last for years among our whole family. And especially for our Grandson, who stated that he will have a bad feeling for the next 90 years.

Warren Toland May 06 2013
There is ground for sale in Dover Ohio state route 39 west and state route 516 west Wayne Hayes auto is for sale would make good place for a gas station and store we need one there.

Jeff Bolen May 15 2013
I ordered food at Sheetz today,on May 15.,of this year. My Husband always enjoys your food...This is the first time that he has a complaint...He got a steak sub at the Sheetz in Murrysville., Pa. store, as we always go there, its by our house...Our food bill was almost twenty dollars...My husbands steak was so little meat on it and the bun was all burnt.... aLSO I got a cold turkey sandwich and they put hot cheese sticks and french fries in the same bag with the sandwiches. The heat and moisture got the sandwiches all wet. We were so disgusted with the whole order that cost us almost $20.00...My Husband wouldnt even eat his...Like I said we always enjoy Sheetz and never had a bad food order until now...Thankyou...Vicky Bolen

Cindy June 03 2013
Stopped @ the Sheetz Rt 219 and 322 Blinker Parkway DuBois it was 5:40 am June 3,2013 there was no coffee made this is not the first time this has happened.Seems to be a frequent problem.I have also purchased hot dogs there and they are just barely warm. Please fix this problem!!

Eric July 13 2013
My name is Eric. There is a Sheetz store two blocks from my house at 3611 4th Ave Beaver Falls, PA 15010 (724) 846-3883.
The reason for this email is to file a formal complaint with your corporate offices. I have endured far too much for far too long at this one single location. First let me say that there are about four or five good employees at this location however I cannot follow the schedules of just these employees in order to get decent courteous and quick service. Today July 13th at 4:15 PM will be the last day I shop at this Sheetz location. I cannot endure the absolute ignorance of the employees and mismanagement ever again. Let me explain as best I can while still feeling the anger over my latest and last experience. I’m the only person in line, I get waited on, I then ask the young girl if I could play the lottery, I step over to the lottery machine and wait, I wait for more than four minutes while this girl plays at the cash register. I ask again if I can please play the lottery, all the while I am hiding my frustrations and I wait for her answer. That answer comes when she begins to wait on another customer and completely ignores me. Not only does she ignore me but the manager is standing on the opposite side of the counter and looks right at me not saying a word he then looks at this employee who has not so much as acknowledges me in anyway even though I’ve spoken out loud my request to play the lottery two times. At this point two other employees behind the counter walk past this young girl and they make direct eye contact with me but not one single one of them dare to cross the floor to accept my patronage. They continue on their way to the back area of the counter where there is an office. Once this girl begins to wait on this customer my frustration peaks and I tell her that I “Appreciate” her waiting on me, she says “Oh I’m sorry sir” but never comes over to wait on me. So I tell her that I will make sure that I write a special letter to corporate about this store to explain that I am so sick of the service in this store.
Now it is not just the lottery machine service that is frustrating, I cannot attempt to count the times during the morning rush hour that I and multiple other working class stiffs stop at this sheetz store and wait in line with about 15 (no real exaggerations as I have counted) all the while one single employee is trying their best to wait on the 16 people so that we can get to work on time. However there are multiple as many as five employees standing around behind the counter never once opening up a second or even a third cash register. One employee will be making breakfast items while the other four must be on break or planning their next break or perhaps they are in observation mode. Instead we wait and wait and push that window to get to work on time to the very extreme because we all choose to wait in line at this Beaver Falls Sheetz store. While in this long line multiple times people open the front door take a look around and observe this line of patrons only to spin around and leave in disgust and they start cussing about what a joke this store is.
I personally feel the Sheetz franchise is a good service to the people, you have the products that we need, and I have to say the many other locations I’ve been too while traveling to Oil City, PA. Or Sharon / Hermitage PA. Or various other Sheetz locations have all been absolutely wonderful! I’ve remarked too many of these other locations about the extremely poor service at the Beaver Falls, PA location and believe it or not several of the staff at many of the locations I’ve stopped at told me that they too have heard about the poor service at “That Beaver Falls, PA Sheetz”.
I understand that losing my patronage will not break the bank for this location nor for the Sheetz franchise. Nor do I wish to blight the good name of the Sheetz franchise, but with myself and the multitude of others who have refused to stop and shop at this particular Sheetz, well it sure doesn’t help the profit margins when you lose customers. So for now, I will visit one of the other convenience store gas stations such as “A-Plus or Get-Go”. I no doubt will see the others who once shopped at the Beaver Falls Sheetz. It is up to corporate headquarters to resolve this poor service and absolute ignorance that drives so many away from this Sheetz store. The management is to blame, the employees are to blame, just please don’t let it be corporate to bear the blame on this as well. It would be simple to install a couple of live feed cameras in this store and then you can observe this for yourself this way you will know for sure that it is not just the ranting’s of a single disgusted patron who may just be having a bad day. I assure you that if you ever pick this location to be a part of the TV show undercover boos, you will not be paying anyone’s rent nor will you be paying for anyone’s continued education and you certainly will not pay for a single vacation to some far and distant paradise. Instead I am quite sure you will be using some sort of mass transit bus for a large group of employees to come and rescue this store while you immediately fire dozens of the most ignorant, careless, callus, LAZY, pompous and immature employees and management staff that would make for the best episode of Undercover Boss to ever filmed as you fire so many and show that Sheetz Corporate Heads stand up for their store and the well-earned good name and service that “Sheetz” is!.
I do have friends that work at this Sheetz location. Over the past few years I’ve warned them of my intent to write this letter. Now I have spent my time on a Saturday to speak my mind. To write and proof read this letter. Now it is up to you.
Good luck with this mess!!
Thank you for your time.


James Moore December 13 2013
A little slow on switchung to winter blend diesel or are you saving a few pennys?

charles koch June 08 2015
To whom it may concern I am a loyal sheetz customer and I find it disturbing that so many customers use your handicap parking without being handicapped with no one from your stores asking them to move when they witness this behavior many other co inploy tow co to watch there there parking lots and remove said offenders I for one would like to see this your 17 th street store is one of the many I see this happening on a daily basis thank you

charles koch June 08 2015
Something needs to be done with none handicap people using handicap parking at your 17 th St store thank you

john sharpe December 14 2015
the sheetz store on rt316 and 81 is dirty in side and out. sheetz need to have some one check the stores,

Bryan lane December 26 2015
So my trip to sheetz was horrible and hour for chicken fingers people where actually cheering when food was called you have to do better and oh the store number was 258 worst place I have ever been to fire the whole staff and start over.