On the Border Corporate Office

On the Border Corporate Office Address: 6820 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Dallas
TX , 75240
Phone: 972-499-3000

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 888-682-6882

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina is a chain of casual dining restaurants which mainly serve Tex-Mex dishes. It was founded in 1982 by Farida Elshafeey and currently has locations in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, as well as in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, and South Korea. Some of the dishes that they serve include tacos, fajitas, hand-rolled enchiladas, burritos, and chimichangas.

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Vicki Gaines February 19 2013
Your On the Border Restraunt in Loveland Colorado, had the most kind hearted and warm loving manager I have seen in along time. The waitress asked her to bring out a nutritional facts out to my table and it was seconds later that Jen Blum was there to help me figure out my weight watchers points for my meal. Malorie was a great waitress too! It was a very stressful day and they both made it a very stress-free dinner. Thanks so much for this experience.

Vicki Gaines
Greeley Colorado

Dale Wilson April 15 2013
I love On The Border Salsa. My closest OTB happens to be a test kitchen. Now I cannot go to this OTB any longer. I love your traditional cheese and onion enchiladas with chili sauce. But now that changed. Why would OTB change something that was already the best chili sauce. Also, WHERE are the sugar/sugar substitute packets...they are no longer on the tables and this has consistently become an BIG issue with me. Adding new items is great....changing existing ones is NOT.

Iris Benitez July 28 2014
I was so disappointed with the service from the location on S State Highway 360, Grand Prairie TX. My husband and I decided to get Mexican food but should have never gone here we were forgotten about. We were seated in a booth and we only had contact with a wait staff once to welcome us to the restaurant within 10 minutes of waiting for someone to greet us to order our drinks, we decided to get up and leave the restaurant. The restaurant was not busy and servers were just walking back and forth and talking among each other ignoring us. As we were leaving the manager that happen to be at the front told us Thank you for coming and I told the manager thank you for what we never received service and she simply only said "OH". I have been a loyal customer of your restaurant chain for many years we will NEVER go to that location ever again!