Pathmark Corporate Office

Pathmark Corporate Office Address: 2 Paragon Drive , Montvale
NJ , 07645
Phone: 201-573-9700

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 866-443-7374

Pathmark is a supermarket chain that was founded in 1968 by Herb Brody, Alex Aidekman, and Milton Perlmutter. Considered as one of the pioneers of the concept of \"supercenters,\" Pathmark offers a wide range of both traditional grocery and perishable items and non-food items, including small appliances. The company is also the first supermarket chain in the Northeast to conduct operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is one of the first in the Northeast to use scanning registers at their checkout counters.

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Terrine Datts April 03 2013
I am currently on hold waiting to speak to yet another Pathmark customer service representative. I am actually quite frustrated as I spoke with a representative and was assured someone would get back to me. That was almost two weeks ago and no followup on my concerns took place. In an age where customer service is of real value ( its the difference between shopping here or elsewhere)I find it hard to believe that at the very least someone did not call me back...

I have to admit I had not shopped at Pathmark in months. I had begun to use Fresh Grocer. Both are close in proximity to my home.

Because of the nonresponse I chose Fresh Grocer this weekend to fulfill my grocery and household needs.

Please be responsive to your customer base.Its the difference between business and closing.

Thank you . Terrine Datts (215) 275-1960

Willeenie Tecat 973.902.5560 April 24 2013
Please contact regarding a verbal harassment issue at your location on 58 broadway
Thank you

Fanny L July 16 2013
I was harrassed by two of their workers, yelled at and humilliated, I was dong a food demo. I am a senior citizen and I did not deserve this disrespect.

I hate this store. I am writing to the CEOs, or whoever I can get names.

Dee Kelly February 05 2014
East rockaway store manager mike refused to leave the back of store to speak with me. It was regarding a rain check; apparently he was " taking in a truck" although no tractor trailers or trucks outside. Shanty!
This store has terrible management and the produce is below average.
I would like to know as why pathmark has sales but rain checks are not possible
Because item is not in circular nor is it a clearance item.
Charles at front desk no help what so ever & the comments which " Kelsey"
Said about me, which I overheard Was in called for.

Maria Feinman March 24 2014
I had yet another bad experience today in the Shirley store. Not only were there no handicapped accessible registers available when I went to customer service I was asked"What do you want? Me to pull them out of thin air?" There were at least three people in wheelchairs or electric carts. No manager to be found even after being paged twice and a staff that just does not care.All that was available was self checkout or bag your own.
An employee came up to customer service screaming ....and I quote..." This place sucks. There is no toilet paper in the bathroom. I leaned under the other stall and found brown paper towels. I had to wipe MY LADY PARTS with a brown paper towel. It hurt, then when I went to wash my hands there were no towels, because it was all used as toilet paper." MY LADY PARTS HURT. " This was in front of a long line of customers at customer service. This is disgusting.
I called customer service and was on hold over 15 minutes. I hung up. Not only are you in violation of health codes but also discrimination of handicapped.
I left my groceries. Do you even have a store manager?

Tinahyah Vickers September 14 2014
Im writing to complain about the Brooklyn ,NY store on Peensylvania ave. i had the worse experience here and will never shop at pathmark again..
( i was running out to get my son some milk for the morning, i picked up a few other items.. They kept annocing the store was closing.. So i went to get on line ...there was one cashier , she needed a void and there was no supervisor their to override the transaction..There was no one else their that could open up.. They ended up sending everyone home that was online she was not able to help anyone on the line that began to get long... It was ridiculous pathmark sucks thats how they do their bussiness with people not even being able to come shop an pay for their items in a convient manner... Im calling cooperate in the morning to make a complaint ...