Portrait Innovations Corporate Office

Portrait Innovations Corporate Office Address: 2016 Ayrsley Town Boulevard, Charlotte
NC, 28273
Phone: 704-499-9300

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Incorporated in 2002, Portrait Innovations, Inc. is a company that operates over 200 professional photography studios in the US. Its studios offer a wide array of photography packages and imaging services to all kinds of clients from couples to families to businesses. Today, the company is most known for providing a unique and studio experience through producing beautiful portraits that are delivered within minutes.

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DaWayna Walker March 02 2013
I paid for 2 photo books and only got 1.

Regina Perkins November 16 2013
Hello, I just returned from having my 3 daughters photos done at South Windsor, ct store and thinking back now I am very unhappy with there service. First of all the printer was broken and I was not told until I was cashed out that I have to make another trip to pick them up, second, I felt very uncomfortable because a employee was angry because our photographer was not suppose to use a certain room, me and my girls felt very uneasy having to hear there conversation and lastly the pictures were not very good, but felt obligated to buy. I feel this will be my last visit to this corporation, I feel that Target or Sears does a better job and appreciates my business, thanks.

Sarah Mulick June 12 2015
You should hold the pictures for or up too 7 days. Not everyone can pay for them right away and I am furious that they are deleted. I called today and seen if there was anyway to get them back. Makes me very sad that I cant. I just found out that my mom would of paid for them. I understand that you do so many pictures in a day but then you should expand your data base of storage or give away cds that can only can be printed at your studio. There has to be something you can do for me. You guys do a great job and you are in a great price range but there should be a couple day window to come back and purchase more. I bet you would make more money. Please let me know if something can be done.

Sarah Mulick
1421 200th Ave
Union Grove, WI

Phone: 850-454-9553
Email: sarahmulick69@gmail.com

Liz Skaff December 17 2015
We have been patrons of Portrait Innovations for YEARS, with no intention to go elsewhere, until our session last night. I purchased the "Holiday Package Deal" and was stunned to find out the ornament as well as an additional picture (ALL EXTRA MONEY) had to be purchased (around $10). Its not about the money, for me I am very disappointed in the way you have chosen to get customers in the door (advertising a $19.99 package) only to literally charge them what they saved with these two items. On top of that, I did pay the $5 for the ornament last year and NEVER received it, which is another reason why I did not want to buy one this year. There are too many competitors available for customers and ways to print and order online that your company will run itself down the drain if they start the sneaky marketing schemes. Again, I have always been a fan of Portrait Innovations and really hope some serious consideration is made regarding customer service/marketing.