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Chris tynes April 08 2013
I want to speak to someone about a remodel job I want to do on your show in Argyle Texas . We are about to remodel our house and would like to see if you guys would want to film the remodel ? I can be reached at 214-773-6401 ask for Chris

Jeaneen V. Jenkins November 20 2013
Hi, I have the perfect home remodel. 10 foot celings, full size basement, and lots of space for creativity. Please contact for more details and photos (856)655-1586... This is truly one you must record for all of the world to see!

denise gerber karlinsky December 10 2013
dear sirs, do you have any dvd copies of the how 2 crew?? MY SON HAS AUTISM and likes the "OLD " PROGRAMS ... AND he really is focused on this program thank you please send answers to

Susan May 09 2014

I was a fan but not anymore. How disappointing to hear that you chose to cancel a show based on the biblical beliefs of the Benham brothers. There is no excuse other than plain discrimination on your part. I applaud them and their attitude that "if our beliefs cost us a TV show, so be it. " Those are the kind of people I want to be watching.

Joanne Caiazzo July 07 2014
I am on a fix budget and did not know your company was going to debit my checking account with a renewal fee. I did not authorize this nor was I prepared to pay this. I am requesting a refund of the overdraft fee your company has caused me. I would appreciate someone contact me by email with a solution. My email address is

mary July 16 2014
As soon as I searched your site for ideas in home design we
received multiple unrelenting calls from contractors. Do you or
your affiliates sell our information/ phone number?

Saundra March 11 2015
I just wanted to tell how WONDERFUL your Fixer Upper show is I laugh so hard with this show and I can really use a little laugh now THANKS

Darrell Rhoden March 31 2015
Why is it that when my wife watches your different shows-yard crashers with Matt or any of the other ones, even the buying international or local homes, that when it comes to picking a couple or person. Always people that are young or middle age. I have never seen anyone that is 60 plus get a new back yard-new bathroom or anything. It is always the young people & middle age. Does HGTV have an issue with older people, if not maybe your designers have an issue with older people. We all are supposed to be equal, right. My wife & I are very young @ 63. When my wife ask me to enter your sweepstakes, there you ask for the birth year, so you really do discriminate against older people. If not why do you ask for anything to do with age. All your winners of the sweepstakes are younger or middle age, nobody 60 plus. I feel that every time I enter your sweepstakes that the reason we are not picked or anyone else that is our age has been sorted out & our entry has been trashed--all due to age... This is wrong...... TOTAL DISCRIMINATION....