Econo Lodge Corporate Office

Econo Lodge Corporate Office Address: 10750 Columbia Pike, Silver Spring
MD , 20901
Phone: 301-592-5000

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 800-547-0007

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Josh sellers April 01 2013
I stayed with your Kissimmee FL econo lodge there was backed up plumbing and they made me clean up other persons shit I am upset no manager has called back my # 19064409214

Mrs. Fearon June 25 2013
I wanted to make you aware of a terrible experience I had at one of your Hotels in Atlantic City (NJ052). Ok. My sister and I got two rooms for $149.99 plus tax each on 6/22/13. When we first arrived we noticed the rooms had a horrible smell. We werenít planning on staying in the rooms all day so we didnít complain. After enjoying our beautiful day on the beach we came back for bed and were woken up 3AM by staff who stated they had the wrong room! Later that morning (5am) I noticed little bugs in my bed and bites on my arms and legs. I went and told the front desk lady, showed her the bites and she told me I probably left my window open in the bathroom! I went back to our rooms to check the children and one of them had bites ALL OVER! We were ready to go at this point. So, I went to check out both rooms and they stated they didnít have anyone booked in one of my rooms and couldnít give us a checkout receipt. We paid for 2 and have the paid conformations! Two other women came in to complain and stated they had there room under my sister name and thatís why they couldnít give us a check out receipt. By the way this family was moved 3 times for bed bugs and this is why they knocked on our door 3AM! By then the police were called by the other family. Anyway, the police took all of our statements and gave us case #13-0xxxxx. The manger came and gave the other family half the money back I guess because they were the ones who called the police and told me we couldnít get ours back until further investigation. We came in with all the bug bites and I told the young lady first thing in the morning when I noticed them. I believe the reason they didnít have my sister room in the system because they knew that it had bed bugs! This place needs to be reported to BBB for further investigations & the health department! (