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Jackson Hewitt Corporate Office Address: 3 Sylvan Way Suite 301 , Parsippany
NJ , 07054
Phone: 800-234-1040

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V MacNeill February 13 2013
I went to the location of Centre st Malden, Ma, I have been going there for many years, when I walked in I was approached by a woman asking me for my I'd then all of my forms, I fumbled though my bag as I was not offered a chair to try and collect my things, I later learn her name is Diane and she is the office anger. Her tone and approach was very onfrontational and rude. As I sat there I contemplated walking out as her attitude was very abrasive and unprofessional. The other worker sat at her desk and ate her FISH dinner!!! SO VERY OFFENSIVE the smell was unbearabl. I WILL NEVER GO BACKTO HIS COMPANY AGAIN,,, the service I received was horrible,,,,,,