Mercedes Benz Corporate Office

Mercedes Benz Corporate Office Address: One Mercedes Drive, Montvale
NJ, 07645
Phone: 201-573-0600

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March 27 2013
Mercedes-Benz is THE WORST company I have EVER done business with. Their customer care center is completely INCOMPETENT. I have had issues from the onset and 3 months later after speaking with all supervisors in the center they have not resolved one issue. They have committed fraud with payments just as one example and they will not escalate my problems and are rude to customers. THEY TRULY DO NOT VALUE OR CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER. ITS BEYOND ME HOW THEY DO NOT ESCALATE ISSUES ABOVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER EVEN AFTER 3 MONTHS!! THIS IS UNHEARD OF AT ANY COMPANY THAT THE CUSTOMER IS NOT A PRIORITY AND ISSUES ARE NOT RESOLVED AND HANDLED APPROPRIATELY OR TIMELY - OR IN THIS CASE AT ALL!! They have left me no choice now except to take LEGAL action! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH MERCEDES BENZ-I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BMW WHICH HAD ALWAYS BEEN EXCELLENT WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE AND I WILL RETURN TO THEM AS A CUSTOMER FOR THE FUTURE!!