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Ponderosa Steak House Corporate Office Address: 7582 West Sand Lake Road, Orlando
FL, 32819
Phone: 407-352-9012

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JOE KUHN February 15 2013
It's my understanding that Ponderosa Rest. offer a senior discount, between 11am and 4.00 pm. Everytime that i ask for my senior disc. they tell me, that they dont have any. I have been going to the Ponderosa in Glen Dale WV. On Wheeling Ave. for YRS.. Why are they lying about the senior discount? Maybe we will go elsewhere if they have to lie.
THANKS,, MY NUMBER 740=676=7099

JOE KUHN February 15 2013
THIRD TRY........I am told that Ponderosa offers a discount to seniors between 11.am and 4.00 pm. We have been going to your Ponderosa rest. on Wheeling Ave, in Glen Dale WV. for YRS. Every time that i ask for a senior disc. they tell me there IS no discount for seniors.Why do they lie to me? My phone # 740-676-7099

Daniel Illig March 24 2013
I live in lockport, N. Y. e go to the ponderosa all the time in Niagara Falls n. y. i was wondering if you would look into the Town of Lockport to open up another Rest. in our erea, we had one till it burnt down, And you never reduilt. we are growing in the erea, and we are getgting a Super Wal mart we see a lot of people from here at the Niagara falls location. They would like to see one here as well. hope you will consider putting on here again. Get in touch with the town planning board, Thanks . dannyboy1937@verizon.net

Patti Riotto phone 607-7562619 December 21 2013
Several weeks ago, I registered a complaint after dining in the Cortland, NY. The food was terrible. Today, we thought we would give it another try. When our food arrived, the baked potato was raw.
We sent it back and were told it would be a hour for another, so we substituted French fries. In the mean time, several other meals were served with baked potatoes. They, too, were returned. Baked potatoes are not rocket science. The cook must have realized the potatoes were raw when he/she cut them.

Alice Provencher July 22 2015
I did not get my birthday gift this year