Straight Talk Wireless Corporate Office

Straight Talk Wireless Corporate Office Address: 9700 NW 112th Avenue, Miami
FL, 33178
Phone: 877-430-2355

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Steve raney March 29 2013
Your manger told me that since i bought 3 phone and been a good customer that he would send me a replacement phone with a enovolpe to mail my phone that dont work i have 3witness that heard him tell me that on speaker he flat out lied to me i cant get on wifi after i got app for wifi i shut down everything like im supposed to i fallow all rules but wifi wont connect so i used data to muchand you shut slowed me down im bein punished for work wifi not working im asking to get my replacement phone or fix my data please

Cindy Sanchez September 29 2013
I purchased a 2 year warranty when I purchased my phone in January. I filed out everything online and still have not got anything from straight talk to receive my replacement. Why is that?