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Value City Furniture Corporate Office Address: 4300 E. 5th Ave., Columbus
OH, 43219
Phone: 614-221-9200

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Marilyn Fioravanti February 17 2013
I would NEVER ever enter one of your stores, because I am sick and tired of being assaulted by your TV ads. The music is abrasive, tinny, and obnoxious. Your ridiculous people dressed up like Lincoln and Washington dance like they are having seizures.
How would anyone ever think this would be a good ad to draw people in?
Every time I see it, I have a negative reaction and want to smash the TV.
PLEASE hire someone to run an ad that has some appeal. This ad is torture!!

D. Davison March 18 2013
I have had the best experience at VCF. Yes there commercial are lame, but the service and prices were good.

Art santangelo April 02 2013
There service flat out sucks, the workers in Amherst ny store are rude (tom) delivered me broken furniture ha to wait two extra weeks because they sold my set that was unstock to someone else then I got ripped and broken sofa and love seat DO NOT GO HERE

Donna Sayre April 07 2013
I will never buy from the Lexington, KY AGAIN

Dave R April 11 2013
VALUE CITY FURNITURE IF YOU ORDER SOMETHING MAKE SURE IT IS IN STOCK OR YOU WILL PROBABLY GET BACKORDERED TO DEATH. STILL WAITING 5 years later for a cup holder for my couch that I received damaged. also ordered a couch that was backordered 4 times went and cancelled my order quit playing games with people.....4 11 2013

V. Seawood May 17 2013
I bought furniture from Value City Furniture in Indianapolis, In. 3 wks after I bought it the middle fell in and all HELL broke loose...all the way to the ground and they would not replace it! They came out to fix it six or more times! And the darn thing is still broke..Value City customer service and anything associated with it, has gone to Hell in a waste basket! Do not buy nothing from there, the quality is POOR!!! NEEEEEVER AGAIN!

Lisa L Palmer May 07 2014
First off your phone # DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!
2ND, I spent a total of 650.00 at your west Mifflin, pa store on 4/17/2014!!! I picked up my own furniture because your prices for delivery are outrageous!!!! I got a console/buffet, off white in color for $249 and had to pay someone to help me put it together, after putting it all together it seems there are some nicks in it that were obviously there because they were painted over and all around the top you can see where there is paint missing and can see the bare brown underneath it. also the 2 doors on the front appear to be a darker color than the rest of the furniture, I called on 5/1, and was told someone had to come out to my house to inspect in and the only day they come to my area is on Wednesdays and then was told someone would call me back, in which no one ever did. so I made arrangements at work to have a Wed. off, so I call today, 5/7/14 and now I am told that is NOT true I have to bring the furniture back myself!!!!! are you serious???? it ways 128lbs, I had to pay someone to pick it up for me and put it together, I am not capable of lifting that weight by myself, nor do I have the time or money to pay someone to bring a 128lb item back that I received in bad condition. I ask to speak to a mgr. and of course they play "he is in a meeting" game. I am not happy with this service or your product at all!!!!!!!!!!! I would love the chance to speak to someone regarding this problem and can be reached at 724-243-3387 (home) or my cell phone @ 724-317-2757.

Nancy Minick October 02 2014
I find your TV ad showing the husband and wife gagging repeatedly over their current furniture very offensive. Why would you think this would be an incentive for anyone to shop at your store?

J wragg May 01 2015
Your chaise ad is so irratating I turn the sound off.

P. Driscoll August 17 2015
I have cancelled an order I placed earlier this month at your Manahawkin, N.J. store. The items I ordered were out of stock, but I was still required to pay in full even though I was not given a delivery date. Is this practice legal? Seems fraudulent.

Deborah A. Lee November 11 2015
I am filing a complaint against the located in Burbank Illinois. I am writing a formal letter to corporate and attaching pictures of a sofa delivered to me yesterday. Worst experience ever with no resolution as of yet.

D. November 13 2015
This letter is to complain about the unsatisfactory customer service that Value City Furniture has provided my family and me. Let me start by saying our sales associate Anita, at the 8301 Annapolis Road, New Carollton, MD (301.731.5090), location was great but that is where the great service ended. We purchased a sectional from Value City Furniture at the beginning of September, 2015 and was told we would receive the “free” ottoman, no later than November 3, 2015. My husband called customer service at the New Carollton, MD store and asked them what was going on; unfortunately, they were unable to provide him with an answer. Store Manager informed us, he couldn’t get our ottoman on the date promised at time of purchase. No apologies given, no credit to the bill given. It saddens me to see how VCF cares for its customers. I would hope someone from the Corporate office will call or email me back and provide better customer service than I have received. The store in New Carollton, MD is the worst customer service. Every time we deal with them they are rude and act like they don’t want to be bothered. Absolutely the worst and most nasty people I’ve ever dealt with. I called the store for a manager and was told I will get a call back shortly. Days goes by -- no return phone call. I explained that at this point we are so frustrated over the poor service they need to schedule a pick-up of the entire set and close our account‼ We spent a long time looking for the right set and now we have to do that again. We were willing to spend money with your company the least we expected was good customer service. Instead what we got was us calling your store to confirm delivery, us calling on a number of occasions because we were promised a call back on a number of occasion that never came. No empathy or concern about the customer, our time or our purchase. A manager that absolutely will not return your call and a supervisor who we had to call and received zero empathy in return. Anyone who showed such poor service to a customer should be fired because without customers there would be no Value City Furniture. I took some time to go online and read reviews for your stores, every store had a low rating and dozens of complaints from customer that were a mirror image of mine. Shame on me for not taking time to do some research. Someone from your senior management team should spend some time reading these reviews and come up with a better customer service plan. At this point, it would not be in our best interest making another purchase from your stores or recommending them to anyone we know.

I understand that you are probably swamped with calls, but there is absolutely no excuse for being treated so unprofessionally. Customer service should be your top priority, for without satisfied customers, VCF will lose very valuable customers.
In closing, after our bill has been paid in full, we will go with a more reliable, reputable, professional company. Furthermore, I will not have any future dealings with VCF and will also tell all my friends and family about VCF’s totally unsatisfactory customer service.