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Yes Communities Corporate Office Address: 2401 15th Street #350, Denver
CO, 80202
Phone: 303-483-7300

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dissappointed August 30 2014

Angela Fraseer March 23 2015
Extremely disappointed in yes community and clayton bank and trust. Need some things resolved immediately. Please advise if this is a valid email address for assistance with my mortgage and the park I live in in Wylie Texas

Kennith McGcc April 29 2015
I recently moved into Creekside at Kimberly located in Seagoville Tx on Modene St. 75159 Management and matienece crew alike are totally uncooperative and very unprofessional at responding to reported issues. I really need some help with this because it seems as though I am being ignored. I can be reached at 972-322-8008, thank you for your time.

June 01 2015
Now on our 3rd manager since I moved my house here 18 months ago... she is unprofessional, gossips to tenants about other tenants (in fact found out she was knocking on my neighbors doors last week trying to dig up dirt on me), and she cusses tenants out. My email got no where... please corporate, you need to give us a good address to contact you

sharon ford November 18 2015
489 starratt road lot 276 Jacksonville Florida 32218. I have a no interest RTO that I am trying to cash out. I have lived here over 6 years with no late pays or violations. I have tried to work with my park office for 6 weeks with no success. Please tell me why I cannot give you $3000.00 to cash out and take ownership.904 235 4317

Shannon Wood MHP Moncks Corner January 08 2016
this place is a DUMP! Managment only cares about money made by not working and riding around on golf cart pretending.....what a waste of money!