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Montgomery Ward Corporate Office Address: One Montgomery Ward Plaza, Chicago
IL, 60671
Phone: 312-467-2000

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Debbie faison April 01 2013
My order number for the first order was for a mp3 player that i am and was not interested # 82127432 I sent the order back and recieved a confirmation email that the order was recieved confirmation number
is 82447716 I called and was told by the representative brigette that
I needed to wait for the order to reach the credit department in order
to get the credit to my account. I call today and spoke to sherly, SLW
which is her anitials and I was told that I would recieve a credit for
$45.23+ 13.33 cents toward the the new order which is for# S79764 after the back and forth with your incompetent representatives in customer service and in the credit department they have discouraged my from any future interest I may have or to forward to others about
the unstable people that work thier. also I cancelled the first order
and the second order that falls under this #82297557 and the representatives seems to not pay attention to the notes in order to process a cancelled order and place a present order. this company have shown me noting but frustration and aggravation.
Please, send me my money back to avoid future complaints or litigation regard my return. I have asking for a refund within 72 hours or I am contacting the bbb and the attorney generals office to look into the practice of this company. I have read the reviews and found that customers are not satisfied with the products and I have
decided to not do business with Montgomery Wards.

Valentine Rangel October 01 2013
I was laid off from Montgomery Ward in the year 2001, I need talk too some one in personal. Please call or text me at 817-448-7278. You email me at Please contact me!

Annie Ruth Dunn October 22 2013
I order a Fireplace heater QC889 -120v60HZ- 1500W -HZ2011 from your online store. As the winter progressed I made my payment a burning smell constantly linger in my home we searched every where to no avail.I had it plug into a wall outlet over the course of 45 days into winter. My utility bill double, and the burning smell was still investigated. The card was defective and the metal plug in had melted while it was in use.
I informed your customer service when called about my delinquent account.
Because of the high cost of my utility bill due to malfunction of the defected heater I could not pay anyone but the utility bill.I am arthritis and one must stay warm.I feel that due to no fault of my own this consumer is by any means obligated to pay this bill and should be reimbursed for payment made and shipping and handling cost.

katie66547 December 16 2013
My name is Katie
I fell hard for the we will help u rebuild ur credit with a charge account from us and our affiliates......come to find out these yahoos dont report the good only the bad. I have never missed or been late on a payment yet my credit report says "WARDS WHO" It is sucky becuase the only way i found out is when i pulled my credit for a refi and ward, 7thave and ginnys and swiss colony werent there.....the last two years of thinking im rebuilding my credit was for NOTHING,,,,,, maybe a refence under other creditors at best,,,,,, for the outrageous shipping prices and no positive credit reporting im dropping these accounts like yesterdays cat puke

Bessie Scofield September 15 2015
I was given a small, ancient Montgomery Ward TV. Now Cox has is going all digital and has furnished a Mini Box that can be hooked up to the TV so that it can receive the proper signal. I have installed it and it works beautifully EXCEPT that I cannot use their remote to power the TV on and off. I need a code to enter so that the remote will work properly. Would you furnish that information? I would be very grateful.

Patricia Arttaway October 06 2015
Would you please give me a contact number and address for department responsible for pension accounts for former employees of Montgomery Ward in Chicago, Il. Thank you my email is

karen elsbury January 06 2016
I have sent a 300.00 money order on 12/31/2015. The problem is that the money order is not being posted to the account. This situation has happened before on 3/2015 with the 560.00 money order sent on march 2, 2015 and was not posted until march 13, 2015.
My husband and I would like this matter looked into.
The 300.00 money order was sent in the same day that the money order for 7th was sent and 7th posted their money on 1/4/2016