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Walmart Corporate Office Address: 702 SW 8th Street, Bentonville
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Fax: 479-277-1830
Phone: 800-925-6278

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Walmart or Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is a multinational retailing corporation which owns and operates chains of discount department stores and warehouse stores. Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, it is currently the third largest public corporation and the largest retailing company in the world, with about 8,500 stores worldwide. Walmart\'s operations are grouped into three main divisions and they are: Walmart Stores US, Walmart International, and Sam\'s Club.

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Faith Madon October 19 2012
I can't get a product that is out of stock. Can I order it from the corporate office? The local stores WONT help me.

It's Parents Choice fruit punch flavor electrolyte powder drink mix

thank you
Faith Madon
2120 Villa Haven Way
Knoxville, TN 37912

Jennifer Saunders-Riley October 26 2012
This is a complaint to know why both Jefferson City, Missouri Walmart no longer except any kinds of coupons. I was informed by the head frontend that I neede to contact corprate office for this information. This will cause walmart to loose customers.

larry November 04 2012
i went to your walmart store in lancaster pa for a laptop computer on sale on 11/4/12 and said they didnt have any called 3 other stores and got the same answer is this walmart or is it kmart you should stock your store a little better.

Jerald Burton November 11 2012
I saw this on AOL news so it is true. I pasted it on my Facebook. I have spent a heck of a lot of money in Wal-mart over many years, but after seeing this I can't buy from you anymore:

Jerald Burton

Hey everyone, check out this video posted from Wal-mart employees as they trash ipads. Once you watch this, I doubt that anyone will buy any electronics from Wal-mart. I do thank the Wal-mart employees for posting this. I now know where to shop ANY WHERE OTHER THAN WAL-MART !!!

Walmart Workers Record Themselves Smashing iPads In Store [Video]
"This is why you don't buy an iPad from Walmart," a worker says..

Why is it difficult to find a e-mail address that I can send issues to online. I have searched and keep hitting sites that give me the run around, and no names or e-mail address? Do you not want to receive e-mails??? Guess I'll be doing my Christmas shopping at Sears and K-mart. If anyone in Wal-marts management reviews this, they won't shop there either. This site does not even have a way for Wal-mart to reply to complaints ????

Pat Knight November 23 2012
I went to the Flippin AR Wal-mart last night at 8:00pm only to be told that the Vizio 60 inch smart Tv was sold out early that morning. They only had 14. My question was how could they be sold out when the sale started at 10:00pm. I was told they handed out tickets at 6:00am. Don't you think the tickets should have been handed out at ten when they went on sale? No wonder there was only 14 or so people there. I ask where thi line was I was told no line tere sold out. I was shocked. How unfair Wal-mart is getting. What a big scam this was. I am so dissipointed

Robert Wintersteen November 24 2012
I cannot see, for the life of me, why some of you employees are protesting you. They knew when they accepted the job what it paid and what was expected of them, They should be thankful they have a job!
I am a retired guy and I think I will apply at my Walmart for a part time job. The work wthic in America is deteriorating rapidly.
Keep up your great business. We love Walmart and Sam's Club.

Have a great holiday season.

Ruth Burkhalter November 25 2012
I do belive you employee dishonest people at your stores. Went to a Walmart store waited in line for the 60" Vizo TV. Come to find out they were purchased by employees and their friends. Thay had to nerve to tell me We Didnt get any of those TV's in.. Its a shame that the Manager DID NOTHING!!! I plan on calling my local news station and have them do a story on Just how your employees are dishonest and lie to the customers who have waited in line for Sale items.. Wallmart in DELTONA/OSTEEN FLORIDA employees Dishonest people and the Manager lets them get by with it too!!! WHAT A FLIPPING JOKE!!!!!

November 27 2012
I had a terrible experience at the Walmart store on Wilmington pike in Dayton oh. The security employees were excellent along with the store mgr. thank you all for a happy ending.

JAN J ELLER November 27 2012

sharon council November 27 2012
Ihost a project,call project santa every year,so i buy bikes(100,200) perseason from ur store in southern pines,n.c.for the pss two years managent has been very rude.this season i spoke to manager mat,and he said to me,ask for me when u are ready to buy.well i call store,stayed on phone for 30 min,to have a rep.say to me she said he don't want to be bothered with that lady.that is really poor service.we buy bikes to give to children at xmas.a big party xmas day.i juess u feel so what,but i don't feel that way children depend on us.the associates some of them are not pleasent.u ask for a item,they look at u and say over there.this store need help.i'm dissapointed in they action.

Robin Barr November 28 2012
Today I have learned that at Walmart, there's no level of management at the store or corporate level where you will not get the runaround or be told "I have no way of knowing that". I'm a business owner and I don't allow an employee to respond with that I'm-too-lazy-and-don't-care-about-you answer. If you don't know, you find out. Period. At Walmart, I eventually asked for the President's office but told "I have no way of connecting you there, their number is not even on my switchboard, you need to speak to the Premier customer service line". I had already spoken to the "premier line" twice with the premier answer "I have no way of knowing that". This is not a high-calibre run organization. If you can't find the answer yourself at a local store, forgetta about it. Go elsewhere.

David Ruiz November 30 2012
I shop at the Walmart in Chula Vista, Ca. However I am very unsatifised because they have the most unprofessional rude management and I have complaint numerous of times with no good feedback and to find that the same management is still there and still rude and disrespectful to customers. I am to the point where I feel that I do not want to even shop at walmart again. That management team makes walmart look very unprofessional and bad.

Pat December 02 2012
The Indianapolis store on Lafayette Rd, close to Georgetown road has not had serviceable handicap carts since I moved her a year ago. There are a few carts near the door, one has the seat back broken off, one has stripped gears and the others don't work. I have driven out of the lot the last six months and have been forced to shop at Meijers though my first choice is Walmart. Can you please address this issue.
I know a lot of very heavy people use the carts, and because of that I've not found much sympathy for my dilema. I'm 5'6 and 145 pounds and have a neuromuscular disease. I look quite fit, but a walk in the store puts me down for two weeks. Please address this issue.

tera acor December 06 2012
i went on a shopping trip with my family n friends to your store on saterday to buy my daughter the new ice cream sandwitch tablet u had online and they were in stock online then got to the store in montoursville pa and ask the guy at the electronics to help me he tilts his head and say aawwwwww na we dont got none so i said do you think you can check in the back he said look lady check over there if we have them they will be there n he just pointed instead of showing me then as i was walking away he told a women that worked with him that i was getting on his nerves and so i went over to were he pointed and ask the older lady that worked there and she said if so there right there at this point i was frusterated i know u have it in stock i wetn online before comming here i said so i said do you have an inventory sheet he rolled his eyes again i said weres the manager at this point im in tears and my hisband very angry even the manager made me feel as if i were in the wrong this store has gone mad i used to come to walmart every weekend with my family and your staff would treat me very well this was ubsurd i have exiety issues already and for a customer to walk out of the store crying is not right now i emailed you ppl and still no reply maybe now i will get some answers

tera acor
814 cherry st
williamsport pa17701

Blanche Lyons December 09 2012
My brother, while visiting me from New Orleans during Thanksgiving, decided to shop at the Clayton, NC store. During that time you had a sale on IPAD2s ($399 plus $75 gift certificate once completed on-line). Two IPAD2s were purchased in the store. He was told to go on-line to register the purchase so delivery could be made to New Orleans and Gift card would follow. Not so! He had to go online to have the delivery made for NC with me as a pick up person. Some how NO one at Walmart could process this request. It was suggested that he wait until Dec 21 so product could cancel and he could get a refund. These items were purchased in good faith, but is Walmart doing likewise. I have spend approximately 6 or more hours talking to different people to complete this purchase as well has my brother. We've numerous attempts to get this resolve and are placed on hold seemingly for hours. We need this matter resolve. Please help to get the already paid for IPAD2s to the rightful owners.

Marie Acquavita December 12 2012
I tried to purchased three t-shirts at the Walmart in Hamden CT. All three were fruit of the loom and seemed to be identical, all three were size 4XL. There was no price either on the items or at the display. One rung up at $5.47, one at $5.72 and the third did not have a sticker with the bar code. The cashier called over a floor mgr(?) who said the price was $7.72, $2 more because it was a larger size. I tried to explain they were all the same size but she wouldn't even listen and walked away. I didn't take the t-shirt. The last few times I have been to Walmart the sales people have been less than pleasant. I won't go to Walmart again even if you were giving merchandise away! Staff is close to nasty and no one knows anything! I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with Walmart

Sunday Pruett December 13 2012
Most of the time ok service,at times great service by same people. all good. Need to operate your Sylva,N.C. 24/7 store like a 24/7 store. After 10pm it is like a self serve place only! All dept.heads go home by 4 or 5pm. Also they lock one side after 10pm. People need work hire more than enough to watch/be at both ends. Convient for customers and helpful for customers.(customers are your money) I have been treated rude,mostly by your cashiers. I have worked with the public and been a cashier in most of my jobs. I am nice to them the not know how to be nice back. I think you need a people please class for them. Try to instill this. Thank You.

Gary Knight December 14 2012
I tryed to purches a rifle at the Hoenell,NY walmart.I did not have my drivers lisence but I did have my military disabled card.I know that is good as I was a lisenced gun dealer at one time.I tryed to tell the assistance mgr Pete he would not give me his last name that He could use this but he was very rude and told me that just a dirver lisence would work.This pete does not know his job.over the years I have spent thousands of dollars at walmart now I will net go into any walmart store because of this pete.I feel that they should dismiss him but I know that they will not.I now also let all my friends know how I feel about walmart.I tryed to purches a rifle at the Hoenell,NY walmart.I did not have my drivers lisence but I did have my military disabled card.I know that is good as I was a lisenced gun dealer at one time.I tryed to tell the assistance mgr Pete he would not give me his last name that He could use this but he was very rude and told me that just a dirver lisence would work.This pete does not know his job.over the years I have spent thousands of dollars at walmart now I will net go into any walmart store because of this pete.I feel that they should dismiss him but I know that they will not.I now also let all my friends know how I feel about walmart.I tryed to purches a rifle at the Hoenell,NY walmart.I did not have my drivers lisence but I did have my military disabled card.I know that is good as I was a lisenced gun dealer at one time.I tryed to tell the assistance mgr Pete he would not give me his last name that He could use this but he was very rude and told me that just a dirver lisence would work.This pete does not know his job.over the years I have spent thousands of dollars at walmart now I will net go into any walmart store because of this pete.I feel that they should dismiss him but I know that they will not.I now also let all my friends know how I feel about walmart.

Kimberly December 14 2012
Why is Walmart is open with their racism towards Black (African American) customers? It is becoming a bit much! Too frequent. So many apologies, yet same racist actions from your company?!

Judy Frish December 18 2012
Why in the world are you still selling assault weapons in your stores? Although I know it is still legal to sell them (hopefully not for long), I think that Walmart has a moral duty to pull them from your shelves. It would be a fitting tribute to the dead children at Sandy Hook, and it would bolster your image as a corporation who cares.

lil December 19 2012
You claim that you sell your products cheaper,well what about the assult weapons.are you selling these cheaper than a gun store, get these guns off the shelf, do what is right, get rid of your greed mentalitiy,shame pon you

dale anderson December 28 2012
if wal-mart would have had sales this year or stkll they would have made much more money!! everyone i talk to says the same thing.. so i hope you go broke. you cant get a person to ansqer the phone!oa! if sam walton was alive he would fire the whole lot of ua!!! you stink!!!! you will never get anymore of my money and several others because you wont answer your phones at the main office!! good luck on maken moneywithout. customers!!!

Vickie Gonzalez December 29 2012
Ordered a gift for my 8 yr old niece & was suppose to arrive by the 26th & have yet to receive it. Now what do you tell a 8 yr old girl that asks you has iit came yet.. Im Very disappointed in my order..UNSATISFIED:/

Clinton Barter January 04 2013
Very disappointed with Walmart Pharmacy in Heber City, Utah. I took my Prescriptions in 3 days ahead of time so there was plenty of time to have them filled. When I went to pick-up my prescriptions, the pharmacist told me they were written out wrong and he could not fill them, so He had been trying to get ahold of the Doctors office and they had not called him back. Bottom line is that the Pharmacist did not carry that Drug and wanted the Doctor to change my prescriptions to fit what they carried. This put 8 people out that were waiting for us and put us at least 1 day behind. We still do not have all the meds we need and are changing from Walmart to fill our prescriptions to another Pharmacy that can be honest and not put us through the run around. I gave Walmart in Heber City, Utah 3 days to get my prescrptions ready and they failed me!!!!!!!!! I am still without part of the Meds I need to go on my vacation.

Yvette January 07 2013
Walmart needs to train their so called supervisors/managers how to deal with unsatisfied customers !!!!!!

Thomas T. Toles January 14 2013
I am opposed to Walmart's decision to not sell ammunition pending a decision on gun control by the morons in Washington, DC, not that what one individual does makes any difference to you.
Thomas Toles, Jefferson, GA 305489

Thomas T. Toles January 14 2013
So you are not taking comments on your ammo decision?

Linda Y. January 15 2013
My household likes the Jimmy Dean Snack Size Sausage Biscuits. I bought a box of 20 during the last week of October, 2012, and three days later, noticed bluish MOLD on the sausage patties! I checked the "sell by" date, and it was September 7, 2012! Disgusting! I had to throw out an $8.98 box of food. I thought it was a one-time screw up, so I decided to buy another box during my January 14, 2013 shopping trip. Fortunately, I checked the "sell by" date first. It was January 7, a week ago!!! What gives, people??!!! Both incidents occurred at Store #3809 in Upper Sandusky, OH. I mentioned this to a stock boy in the meat department, and he didn't even know where the Jimmy Dean Sausage Biscuits were.....I had to show him. He certainly didn't seem concerned, and I left in disgust. I've also noticed on multiple occasions that the bags of fresh produce (salads, etc.) often have expired "sell by" dates. Now I check the expiration dates on EVERYTHING I buy there. With my family's health on the line, I find this unconscionable!

Brit January 16 2013
The Walmart in Beaumont Ca has a mousey morning supervisor who looks goth! She is so rude not only to the customers but to employees too. She has that !i could care less attitude. Walmart needs to hire mature employees not these snot nosed kids who don't know a thing about customer service! She needs to go big time!

Paul Roberts January 17 2013
I can't seem to get a straight answer from you regarding the sale of rifles and ammunition. The rumor is that under Obuma administration pressure, you will no longer sell semi-automatic rifles or ammunition. This is not the American way. It is NOT about children being safe, for if it was, we wouldn't have murdered over 55 million of them since Roe vs Wade. Read the Bill of Rights. There are no options there.

Pat Payne January 21 2013
Was treated badly and very rude to by cashier and pharmacist at local Wal-Mart store #3298 Kemah, Tx. Waiting to get medicine they were waiting on person in front of me. FYI the close from 1:30 to 2:00pm for lunch. It was not 1:30 yet, no one was behind me. The cashier said I have to wait till 2:00 I ask why she said I just have to wait and the pharmacist closed the gate. Spoke with customer service. Returned at 2:00 to get meds, they did not show up until 2:04? no one offered and apology until I told them they were wrong and treated my unfair. Seems at this point I don't need their apology or prefer to use their pharmacy. Guess this is they way they treat everyone. :(

wanda parrish 423-413-6764 January 26 2013
I bought a tv 48 inch from walmart 2-3 yrs. ago it is now in shop it quit working the tv tech ask who had been working on it no onbe i bought this new from walmart someone had been working on it i think possibly some one bought this brought it back & by mistake or what ever it was sold to me as a new tv allthough i have had it 2-3 yrs istill think that was so wrong for me to have been sold this tv as a new one so far it is costing me225.00 to get it fixed u need to know what s going on in u r stores

Delphine Laviolette January 26,2013 January 26 2013
I had a very frustrating experience at the Novi MI store. There were at least 8 popular food items that were not on the shelves. I tried to buy a 1/2 gallon of milk, but could not reach it, because nobody bothered to pull the stock forward. I saw at least 12 employees standing around socializing rather than working. I asked to speak to the manager (Alex)for who I waited 8 minutes for. I expressed my complaints. His only comment was "if this happens again ask for me personally." That won't happen, because I will never step foot in that store again.