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Don Pablo's Corporate Office Address: 150 Hancock Street, Madison
GA, 30650
Fax: 706-343-2493
Phone: 706-343-2031

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Kimberly Mckenzie May 17 2013
Dear Madam/Sir,

I am sending you this message so that you will know what a valuable employee you have in Alfredo Perez. My Husband and I attended the “Margarita Wars” competition the Mr. Perez won on May 16th. We have told all of our friends and family what a wonderful experience we had because of Alfredo. Not only was he the best bartender, mixing the best drinks we’ve ever tasted, but he also made the overall experience an evening to remember! I don’t know if you are aware or not, but there were people standing in line and waiting to be served by Alfredo because of all of the buzz going around the room about his awesome cocktails. It was very exciting. We were thrilled the he was the winner, but more than that, we are eagerly awaiting our next evening out so that we can come to your restaurant to see Mr. Perez again and enjoy his company and great drinks too! I certainly hope all of your employees are as personable and courteous as he is, as I am sure they are. We wanted to let you know what a good sales tool he is for your establishment as we are telling all of our friends and family to come with us and enjoy the experience together. Hope to see you, and of course Alfredo soon!


sangita panchal September 07 2013
i went restaurant at orlando international dr.We order our food at menu price.When we got our check it was priced different and they charge me extra price then menu price. I asked server she told me price was changed. I think server should have told me about price change when I ordered my food. I spoke with manager. She said same thing that price was changed. I think that is wrong. They should have charge me menu price not changed price . We been going to this place for last 20 years and never ran in to this kind of problem. And when we ran in to problems
Manager always solved our problem instead just flatly telling us about changes they have made. THis is not a good customer service. I like to hear from you guys. WHat do u think? Is it fare?

T September 28 2013
Just like to say the don pablos store in indiana us 31 needs some major help the employees are never happy the management doesnt seem to care about anyone....... The cooks yell at the employees girls nguys and the managers they tell them what to do some of the servers are very unprofesional and then you ave a few employees who seem to be overworked trying to help everyone... things seem kinda dirty and the plates and silverware always are dirty..there is so much more i want to say but im gonna leave it as corp u need to get down there and help that store

Carol Lee October 24 2013
On October 17th, we went to Don Pablo in Manassas, Virginia. My daughter and I go there all the time. Don Pablo is our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was a very bad night. We ordered the speedy lunch. The order had not even been placed for 45 minutes after we ordered. One bad thing led to an even worse event. A friend and her daughter were with us and it was there first time at Don Pablo. We were all very upset and disappointed. Well, today, October 24, my daughter and I went back to Don Pablo. Stania Marks, manager, took care of us. She made our visit today very pleasurable. It was the Don Pablo that we are used to.

Ann Marie Distefanis March 25 2014
My daughter needs her freaking w2s and is
given nothing but hell over getting them, she worked there in 2013 and 2014. In Maumee Ohio. Her name is Rachel Ann Villalon. This very irresponsible of your company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steve baker 1241 w high st piqua ohio March 15 2015
on march 14 2015 my wife and i ate at don pablos beavercreek ohio. it was the most reprehensible restaurant experience we have ever had. we sat upstairs, receiving our C-O-L-D food, after a 45 minute wait. the waitress jade, was more interested in talking than taking care of her guests. she dropped a bowl of beans on the floor and didnt even clean it up. Guests following us would have thought someone had gotten sick. some of the beans slopped across the back of a bar stool sitting by the railing. the chips in the first bowl, were so busted up, it was hard to find one totally intact. the food was horrible tasting. the upper and lower level floors, were plastered with broken chips and other debris. It was the filthiest atmosphere we have ever been in. if i owned the place, i would have closed it for a couple days, and brought in an outside cleaning crew..... AFTER i had fired the manager and entire staff. needless to say, that is our final appearance at pablos... ANYwhere.

unhappy employee August 24 2015
The us 31 store is completely dirty and the managers do not do their job correctly. Its so under staffed and the workers will come into work under the influence or on drugs. The store in Castleton has a manager with the name Steven Skinner and he sexual harasses some of the girls. You need to send someone to help with these two stores. They are both messy and very poorly run

M eaton September 10 2015
I am dealing with an issue since May!
Could someone please respond?
I am unable to call.
I have already went to the restaurant twice and they told me to email.
Now this is at least my second email and quite a bit of time has passed.
Please respond!