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Eat'n Park Corporate Office Address: 285 Waterfront Drive E, Homestead
PA, 15120
Phone: 412-461-2000

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Susan Smyder April 30 2014
I am disappointed with your Eat N Park coffee pods. When I use them I only get a half a cup of coffee. I have tried shaking them up and still only get a half a cup. I do not have this problem with the other brands of coffee pods I buy. There is nothing wrong with the coffee pot either. Coffee pods are not cheap so until I can get a full cup of coffee I will not be buying your pods even thought I do like your coffee.
Susan Snyder

Lora Romano June 05 2014
My mother was in your Edgewood #53 location on 06/05/14 at approx 12:35. I am a
Difficult time with the fact that the woman in a black Eat N Park shirt 30ish dark hair pulled back with an ethnic persona for what ever reason felt she had the right to chastise my mother for no good reason. Two seperate parties with each party having an elderly person with a walker standing patiently waiting to be seated. Your hostess for whatever reason she was justified to tell my mother the she had a bad attitude, not only did she say it once but continued to chastise my mother for several minutes. Not sure if I am plain old angry or just disappointed in the associates the Eat N Park had the poor judgement to employee. Whatever the case you can be sure I will never allow her to step foot into another Eat N Park ever again. If you would like to speak with me my number is 412-512-8178.

Kathleen Taciuch August 16 2014
Today, Saturday August 15th 2014 I arrived at your restaurant at Clearview Mall Butler. I ordered a Breakfast Smile. I waited about 40 minutes and still NO meal. The waitress came over and said my me would be there in a minute. I waited a few more minutes and STILL no meal. I left and I will never return. Thanks for nothing!!!