Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon Corporate Office

Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon Corporate Office Address: 5055 W. Park Blvd., Plano
TX, 75093
Phone: 972-295-8600

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Judy Gouty December 26 2013
My husband had an interview with one if your district manager in October. He was told that he would be contacted the following week with an answer. He has yet heard from anyone from your company. I understand if you did not want to hire him, but common courtesy would at least contact him. I think that this is poor business policy. Even though I am his wife, I know from experience that he is a good worker and gives 100% to any job that he is doing . Thank you for looking into your hiring procedures. Judy Gouty

marc milo January 07 2014
Hello , can someone from your office either contact me by phone 302-778-4626 or email mmilo120@comcast.net ,please looking to talk to someone unfortunately about a very bad experience we had at your restaurant (Delaware) try to but your contact info sheet has a big red bar going across it , look we love your restaurant but last time there was a very bad experience ...

Thank You in advance


Phillip Robertson September 11 2015
I have tried repeatedly to report fraudulent activity by your management at Lone Star in Anchorage, AK to no avail. None of my calls are returned. I am also now owed over two weeks of pay and after being terminated unjustly am not receiving it. I am going to call the police. (207)669-0051.