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Old Country Buffet Corporate Office Address: 1020 Discovery Road Suite 100, Eagan
MN, 55121
Fax: 651-365-2356
Phone: 651-994-8608

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Eva Cloud April 29 2014
Your Battle Creek, MI restaurant is/was extremely dirty when I ate there this past Friday afternoon - April 25, 2014 at 1PM. Very disappointing as it used to be very, very nice. It was embarrassing for the person who took 11 of us there to eat for a special occasion!

Fred Andrews July 14 2014
WOW! ABSOULTY PITIFUL! This Anthony Wedo has lost his flea picking Caroline mind. My wife and I Had been regular customers for 15 years. Still go in once in a full moon. Just because the owner is a really decent family guy. We do not however take anyone we know at all anymore. The prices are outrages. The quantity is almost zilch. The quality of the food is horrific. Breakfast on Thursday nights for dinner prices. Really? At around 16.00$ per person. We never see the regulars that used to come in everyday. We have seen them down the street at your competitors. Golden Corral. Believe me there is nothing Anthony can do. to make things right. Except pull his head out of his ass. Bring back the good old days and the good old ways. Or your going to continue losing loyal customers left and right. Thank God I do not own a franchise with you. Or I would be taking Anthony grease hole out back. For a serious conversation. Very, very, very, very, disappointed!

Joanne bowling January 18 2016
We were given $40 in gift certificates sold at the Bradley Ill area #T056038 to #T0560311 for $40 total. They have no expiration date. I called the Tinley Park Resturant and they said the cannot process them. I am asking you to let us use them or issue to us something we can use. My address is Joanne Bowling, 2000 West Calista St. Kankakee, Ill. 60901. Phone # 815 9393599. E-mail royjobowling@msn.com. We hope you honor our request.