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Phone: 813-283-7000

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Anton jones October 31 2013
I need to talk to someone about a general manager that has made sexual remarks about my wife and other employees. I am very upset about this and something has to be done. My numer is 3142438408

courtney carter November 16 2013
I live in pine bluff, arkansas and went to the rallys on 28th street located in pine bluff,arkansas on 11/15/2013 at about 10pm and tryed to make two separate orders and the young lady told me one order per car and got very rude with me and I really Dnt appreciate that at all and I will not spend my money with you all.
Courtney Carter

holly stroup November 28 2013
I just went to the rallys on east washington st Indianapolis indiana. the lady was very rude, told me they no longer sold what I was asking for but was still on the menu. then while paying for my food she told me my card was declined. I gave her a second card just to find out she took money off of both. I t talk to the manager and showed him where it was taken offand he told me it wss impossible. refused to refund my money. the food was cold and nasty and they put cheese on my sandwich when I said not to.

Sharaya Lee December 29 2013
I have been waiting on my food for 25 minutes, then they come out ask again what my order was then sat another 20 minutes.... I ask for a refund or something to make it right and the manager refused.... Will never go back to the Rallys on Wabash in Terre Haute! Oh make things even worse crew members were wearing the gloves they make food with out the store. Wow!

Anonymous January 19 2014
You need to be checking in to the problems at your Mt. Pleasant, MI store. You have store managers stealing time and a district manager letting them off with a warning.

Timothy A Broadhacker February 16 2014
We went to the Rallys at 826 1st Capitol Dr in St Charles Missouri. We ordered a Large Big Buford meal and I asked for an unsweet tea. We also ordered a Big Daddy Burger med fries and coke as well as a kids burger meal. The total was $21.01. When we got to the window we were asked to pull forward and the food would be brought out. After waiting twenty minutes we went to the window for the food. Which was still not ready. We then waited at the window another ten minutes. When we arrived home four miles away all yje food was cold and the order was wrong. We had received sweet tea and a chicken sandwich of some sort.

Woodrow perry February 19 2014
Went to a rallys in norfolk on azalea garden rd. Even though the rally had a double drive thru I was asked to park. While waiting for my food the girl at the Window gave it to the wrong person. When I received my food 20 minutes later it was cold. I will never come here again nor will I recommend this place

Shawnna Spencer March 31 2014
Good Afternoon~

This notice is to advise of your Norfol. Va location and the awful service that has now been received on a third occasion. It is with great displeasure that with every visit on a lunch hour half of it is spent sitting in your drive thru waiting either to place or receive an order. With the last visit my order was incorrect and there was no apology made when brought to your employees attention. It seems to be acceptable also for your exployees to play, joke, and talk amongst themselves while your customers are waiting. With my experience today I will no longer frequent your establishment as a manager was present, there were no apologies for the extensive time frame of delayed services, and the customer service was horrible!!!!!!!!!! It is sad because I do love the food, but nothing is worth compromising the value of my time or money.

glenn gruny April 05 2014
I came through the drive thru at rallys on west broadway during third shift and a lady named jamiesha was very rude. Not only that i asked for no tomato on my burger because i am allergic and well there was a tomato on there. It even says no tomato on the receipt. I proceeded to call rallys and tell them so it could be fixed and the lady hung up on me. I tried calling back numerous times and no answer. I am very upset about this situation.

johnnice April 29 2014
Went to the rallys on 2130 w broadway louisville ky 40211 502 7783446 i ordered one cheeseburger just to put something on my stomach before attending a derby event it took them 30 min for one hamburger but not only that the young lady jamacia was mad because i didnt order more also as i waited i saw another staff member who was preparing customers food was eating while she was fixing the food she didnt wear gloves never washed her hands and. It was just disgusting when my food came it. Was tossed at me through the window is this how the public is treated we are getting a walmart in the neighborhood right down thr street dont you all think its time to clean the store its nastey the people who work there now dont care rallys being the only hamburger place close to the new walmart could mean a lot of business for the company as i am trained in the culinary field what i saw was if a food inspector saw the store would loose points sanitation is a key factor in a successful food business handling money food eating and touching things is not a good combonation something needs to be done thank you johnnice44@yahoo.com

mike May 14 2014
8158 located at hallsferry and chambers needs to b under investigation because from my understanding the current dm and gm r best friends i hear employees saying this is the worst management to date no hours employees dnt feel appreciated guest service iseven worse please help tht store thr mamanagement is a u issue next step will b to the president of company if these corrupt managers are not dealt with

Joyce West May 22 2014
I went to the resturant located in Plainfield In to get lunch for my daughter and myself.I ordered 2 of the chipolta,bacon,cheese burgers.When we started to eat them they looked terrible.The onion was the very tip with the core on it ,there was a few chopped up pieces of bacon ,very little sauce and the cheese was completely melted off. I think this is false advertisement,they looked nothing like the pictures I saw on the fence.

Scott Berner July 28 2014
arrived at drive thru at 8 p.m.. Girl just looked at me for a full minute and I half talking to someone else. Finally asked me what I needed. I asked her how much Shake was.she said hold on. Came back 20 seconds later ask me again what I needed. I asked her how much orange shake was. She rudely came back with what size you want. I drove off. The attitude was unbelievable. The store 10545 Pendleton Pike Indianapolis.

Kytharp@aol.com August 09 2014
1105 north Illinois Belleville il. Today at 5:30 I tried to order so ice cream from this location for the third time. Again I was told the machine was broken. I only get to town about five or six times a month and it is usually during the week. I am begin moo to think the employees are avoiding using the machine. This is a poor way to run a store in July and August

Mark Houk September 06 2014
My sandwich was made very sloppy an there was a haired in my chocolate shake. I will not be returning to this rallys or any other rally. This rally was located in Springfield Ohio. 45503 on east main street.

annonymous October 22 2014
The rallys in bay city on wilder road needs to be investigated for harassment towards employees from a male shift leader. He yells at female employees. He was removed once from this location due to complaints of his work ethics and now he is back and causing more trouble! Why keep an employee like this, get rid of him fast!

November 05 2014
Rallys on dixie (18th) & hill closes an hour before closing & does not tell you their closed

Linda roebuck November 12 2014
To whom it concerns: on 11/11/14
The wings I ordered made me sick and the drive thru-employee was rude because I informed him about their drive thru speaker was messed up!

Brad Gann December 01 2014
My name Bradford gann and Tabitha gann who is a manager has been steelng cash from the store every night she will void some things off and she has done this for seven years. To the tune of 12775 a year and for seven years its 86000 $ I am aware of this be cause were married and I would be more than willing to help you If you need any help

Sue May 26 2015
you need to change your commercial
I find it offensive and it is not good for children
Why do all commercials lean toward sexual things

Lynnemarie Mann of Elyria Ohio 440 653 0381 June 04 2015
The Rallys here usually serve good food but for the past few time we have went we have encounter machines not working friends/family of employees walking out with free food and going into the building with toren clothing and /or underwear. From talking to other mangers in surrounding areas , this is by far your worst store. And they hate working there. Not only that but the parking lot is like the surface of the moon....hole city. We love Rallys , but this one is a stain on your chain. So my question to you is "What are you going to do about it without closing it completly down?"

Tim Minkanic June 12 2015
Who would of known that airing an INSANELY ANNOYING commercial a DOZEN times an hour of a talking bag on at least a half dozen television channels would cause your market share to actually go DOWN ???
I know that I will not go there for the foreseeable future solely because of this ignorant advertisement.

John cantrell June 30 2015
I was just at your store in Warsaw stood for 10 minutes waiting on service nobody ever helps us see people back there talking standing with your hands in your pockets no service I think you need to do something about stood for 10 minutes waiting on service nobody ever helps us see people back there talking standing with your hands in your pockets no service I think you need to that !!!! My phone number is 574-265-3794 address is 809 e Clark at Warsaw in 46580

July 31 2015
1554 parsons ave. in Columbus Ohio is the nastiest an slowest Rallys I have seen, the workers play around your food, literally pushing one another. Simply horse playing. I waited exactly 11 minutes before deciding to leave, no one had the sense to in acknowledge I was there or the other 4 customers in that small tight space. This place needs new management employees as well a new building. Not to mention parking is train wreck

Kim September 25 2015
Chocked on a bone in the rallys chicken sanswich..

Annonymous October 22 2015
I just want to say that you are going to be losing an outstanding employee from your store 8137, because of your district manager Tamika. She has chased off more managers and is not willing to help any of her managers out and Ali is not even willing to do anything about this. I feel like this manager was held onto for cheap since they have been telling her that she is a GM in training and only be paid $11/hr for it. She was so shorthanded she had to close one and then come back in to open because Tamika did not want to help out and get her somebody to come in. Tamika told this manager it was too early for her to be smart with her, when she told her that she had nobody to open and that she never answered her text or phone call. I will never recommend anybody works for this company, it is very poorly ran.

Anthony Cameron October 27 2015
In the gadsden al store im trying to see if i can get rehired

Ivan Gentry November 25 2015
I recently visited Rallys on E Broad St in Columbus Oh. My Diet Coke had bugs in it and was disgusting. I also ordered a burger but that was fine. When I dumped out the pop it was full of little bugs. Quite nasty!! Thank you, Ivan Gentry

Holly Schrier December 04 2015
Live in Lizton Indiana and went to the west Washington street location in Indianapolis Indiana waited in line for 20 minutes while other side got waited on finally gave up and went and got inline at the outside window waited there another 15 minutes. Finally when it looked like the manager came to the window I was giving him a piece of my mine and he had a grin going on the whole time like it was funny! Gave up and left with no dinner! Worse service i have ever encountered!!!

Jessie Crego January 16 2016
Was visiting your Marion, Ohio store and the older gentleman that is the manager there was extremely rude and short with us and the kid at the window was apologizing to us for his managers behavior. That is horrible customer service