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Shoney's Corporate Office Address: 4324 Barringer Drive Ste. 101, Charlotte
NC, 28217
Phone: 704-527-7996

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Bobby Harter March 17 2013
I have been a regular customer at Shoneys in Florence, SC, Myrtle Beach, SC, and sometime at Conway, SC, Columbia, SC and Lugoff, SC. for many years. I will no longer be a customer at Shoneys. For the last 3 Sundays at Shoneys I have asked about Cranberry Sauce for the Turkey and Dressing. They go together. The people at Shoneys in Florence, SC are not interested in pleasing their customers. If you are not going to serve what your customers want you are not going to survive. That is probably why so many Shoneys have closed. My email is I will tell others about the Shoneys lack of interest for their customers.

Paul Knecht June 13 2013
My wife and I visited the Rockingham, NC Shoneys last night, as we have done many, many, times on Wednesday night Breasfast bar. We were charged full price for our meal (which by the way was terrible).
Shoneys did not announce that they no longer have Wednesday night reduced price breakfast bar. This is just another practice that Shoneys uses to scalp the customers. I personally will not return to Shoneys, and I will advise others of my actions.

Natasha December 26 2013
I recently visit the Memphis location when I tell you the Christmas dinner was absolutely horrible...refund please

The Exums August 30 2014
Terrible treatment and food was not that great!