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Wienerschnitzel Corporate Office Address: 7700 Irvine Center Drive #550, Irvine
CA, 92618
Phone: 877-709-3647

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Brita Harris September 07 2013
Went to your store in Palmdale on Ave S, and tried to get my "mystery" deal and the store had no idea what I was talking about, and they had no way of reading it off of my IPhone! What is your policy of communicating your promotions with you stores! It was a little embarrassing and I was in the Drive thru waiting for quite a long time while they tried to figure out what I was talking about! I even handed the employee my IPhone so they could see what I was referring to! After about 15 mins the manager gave me 10% off my order!

karen dotor October 07 2013
went to your Route 66 Glendora Ca. store for dinner with my husband. We placed our order and payed .O. ne corn dog was not on order, so I paid for it seperately. The order was given to us,and we sat down to eat. The lady night manager came over to our table and reach on our tray and took my husbands corndog saying we didnt pay for it. I then produced my receipt and she put the food back down with no apology. I have never been treated so badly in my life. We both realy like your food and were so disappointed. We returned to the same place last week and were treated with attitude once again. I think this night manager needs to be dealt with and I,m not sure we will return. Sincerely Karen Doktor
406 n Vista Bonita Glendora Ca 91741

Joy Hunsicker November 30 2013
I went to your location on Central ave. In riverside CA, and I have been sick eversince. I can`t hold down any food. I will never eat there again.

Violet secrest April 26 2014
Very very disappointed at the american fork utah location. Went thru the drive thru at 10:10 last night. Hours state they are open till 11 at drive thru. Six cars in line. At 10:15, they turned off lights within dining area and drive thru order menu. We continued to wait 20 min (blocked in by other cars) and then all the cars realized they were not going to help us and left. I went up to the window and honked my horn. The employee saw us and just ignored us and continued chatting. We left and i saw him peer at our car. They should have came out and told all of us they were closed if that was their intentions of not helping us waiting to order. They need to hire workers with customer service skills.

Yolanda Avila, May 27, 2014 May 27 2014
My son had purchased some regular chili dogs from your franchise in the city of Covina, California on Monday, May 26, 2014, Memorial Day. Franchise located at 1212 North Azusa Avenue, Covina 91722. Later that evening he had suffered serious food poison symptoms. He vomited out the chili dogs and suffered fever, chills, cramps and headache. This morning barely feeling better. Today, May 27, I called the Covina franchise to bring to the attention on what happened. I spoke with the manager, Melanie. She apologized and said would check the supply of chili and weiners. We will never purchase hot dogs from your franchises nor will we recommend Wienerschnitzel to our friends and family and acquaintances.