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Dickey's Barbecue Pit Corporate Office Address: 4514 Cole Avenue, Dallas
TX, 75205
Phone: 972-248-9899

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concerned friend and customer March 20 2013
It has come to my knowledge that no one at the Georgetown store other than the GMhas a food handlers licences. This I believe is cause for concern. Also I recently learned that the owner suspended the entire staff other 2 people with out pay because of a theft that he waited 5 hours before even calling law enforcement. Also he has employees that are on salary that he works 60 plus hours a week.

Laura coonrod April 26 2014
My husband and I went to the Clifton park, my, franchise. We enjoy going there and like the food. Usually we go during the week, but am here in a Saturday. The 2 girls that were working did a TERRIFIC job waiting on their rush if customers. They were both patient and courteous. It became evident though that they really needed more employees working as they were running out if items (they clearly had no time to prepare anything). Do all you can to keep them. You have 2 very hard and dependable workers.

D hatfield May 26 2014
We need dickey franchise in Sanger,Tx. Please put one in.

Joge June 10 2014
Great food and disappointed to find the davenport Iowa location closed. No info on the doors or in paper. Their website does not have a customer service choice toccontact. Very disappointing on both accounts!

Sherry June 22 2014
Dickey wake forest NC.1 of 6 paying customers which did not include the. 2 young men lounging on the 2nd table as one walks into establishment.could not order easily as there was no direction from staff. Brisket < 2 oz & very thick cut( it was literally 3 spoonfuls of it) .pork sandwich had pickles on it when onions requested. The manager did correct it yet placed top of bun into BBQ sauce which had been poured on to it so the sandwich top was smeared with sauce. Before wake county health inspector is called,someone needs to check potato salad temperature which was too warm.not inviting atmosphere.i am from Texas so I am still trying to figure out how one can make brisket so dry! Will not return. Thanks

Peggy and Kathy (Balch Springs store) July 29 2014
I love dickeys bbq but if I am going to pay that much I expect good service, we were at the one in Balch Springs and this young man working, could not stay out of the chicken place in order to wait on us. He did not make sandwiches as we ordered, we had to go back several times to ask for things, yet he would be in chicken area so we had to wait or hunt him down, the meat was not warm, etc. We called and talked to a lady two days ago and was told she would look at camera and call back. we have not received a call, we call back today and she said she is still reviewing it,I am 60 yrs old and it takes a lot for me to complain but this was the worst experience and the least responsive place I have ever eaten.214-458-4489

Debbie August 11 2014
August 11, 2014

We found the following items to be disturbing.
When we arrived at the dinner hour we found out they were out of: beef brisket, pulled pork, polish sausage, spicy cheddar sausage and a few other items. We also found the menu to be very confusing. When we went to get drinks, the ice machine was empty, and we got the last two forks. The ribs were room temperature and ‘WERE NOT FALL OF THE BONE” AS ADVERTISED. The potato salad was awful, but the beans and coleslaw were good. The eating area floors were dirty. The trash receptacles were over flowing and I had to ask to have them dumped. The restroom needed cleaning and supplies needed replacing. We also observed the cashier handling food without gloves. We believe this to be a health code violation.
We are sorry to say we will not be patronizing your business again. We wish you well and hope these issues will be resolved.

Bill, Port Orchard, WA August 13 2014
This was my first time to Dickey’s and I’m sorry to say my last. They were out of the pulled pork, polish sausage, and beef brisket, now am I supposed to order a 3 meat plate. The menu was confusing to me and I made a mistake by asking for the half rack of ribs when I really wanted was a Rib plate with sides. Instead I was charged for each side which added $5.00 more to the cost of my meal. I found the Ribs to be barely warm and tough. The potato salad was also rather warm and not what I thought potato salad should taste like. I must say that my overall experience was not what I expected from an established BBQ Franchise.

Rae Ann September 09 2014
Worst experience ever. Go to a rib place. No ribs. Done in 20 minutes.