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Ron Millican March 17 2013
Hi I would like to know what kind of catfish you serve in your restaurant? Where does it come from?
Reason, my wife and I ate catfish at the new store in Carthage Texas and the next day my wife was not feeling good. Later that night she had a bad case of diarrhea and vomiting. I am not positive it was the fish, as I ate them also and I was not sick.Of course I have what some people call an iron stomach or my fish was not effected with anything.
This cat fish resembles the Basa Fish from Asia.A type of cat fish now being served here in the USA . Mainly because it is cheaper than good old farm raised catfish from the USA.
I hope that it is not the Basa fish from Asia.
Any comments?
Thanks Ron Millican po box 247 De Berry Texas 75639 Cell 903-738-1079

Eric Wiley April 01 2013
Went to resturant in Mesquite, TX. Charged my debit card then told me they didnt have what I asked for. Manager spoke loud with clerk as if they wanted me to hear. Had my 13yr old son with me. Very unprofessional and embarrassing. I was at drive thru. 3-31-13.. Approximately around 8:15p or so. I have always been a customer of Chicken Ezpress and has never been treated that way.

Jose April 30 2013
Your store location in joshua tx has the worst service they always forget things of my order or they give me old food plus you can not get get in touch with the main supervisors the email is wrong and there rude as hell even managment I spent normally $20-$40 at a time there people act like they dont apreciated my business and I use to go almost every week now there lucky if I go once a month I just wish someone from high enough position care about it cause I will not recondent no one from now on

Allan Harvell December 18 2013
I been a customer a few years in Burleson and Matlock store, but last few months I go to the one on I20 and Forest Hill, order the 9 gizzards meal, they cooked them, put in the box counted 9 then put back out of box under light again, so after 20 minutes I just ask for a refund which they took their time to do and I left, that store seems to have help problems. I like your food and place but they make sure to upset me every time I go to that store.

Allan Harvell December 18 2013
I called the store manager from the parking lot and he acted like he did not care.

carl smith December 30 2013
Hello I was in your sulphur springs texas chicken place and this Spanish girl I think she said her name was alexis she was so nice and very patient with me and helped me with my tray . She was a kind person I was so glad I went there to eat she made my day by helping me and I was having a bad day but when I left I was smiling thank you for having such a great and caring employee.....

Gilda Jackson January 06 2014
Rheann supposedly the Manager of the S Stewart in Azle Tx Chicken Express was rude and could careless about giving out cold or stale food....This has happened on several occasions and I have never said anything before BUT everyone in my office is in agreement with me that I should contact you this time. It is always hit or miss with that location....

Cheyanne January 30 2014
I went to your location in Aubrey tx. The lady taking order who is apparently the manger was very disrespect and rude. I have had many problems with this location in the past. Something needs to be said to this lady.

Cheyanne January 30 2014
I went to your location in Aubrey tx. The lady taking orders who is apparently the manger was very disrespectful and rude. I have had others problems with this location in the past.

Joseph Mikkelson February 26 2014
Lake Worth Tx...Hi my mom loves chicken express foods but i been hearing her complain about the one in Lake Worth texas for awhile about how the chicken being pink and today 2/25/2014 they crossed the line they actually gave her chicken with green on it and said thats how it comes and argued with her this is bull my mom all redy has problems with cancer and now shes having to worry about food poison something has to be done about this place its nasty and not right my email.

Marc April 08 2014
I am curious as to how much 2 pieces of chicken breast cost, if its $3.99 or $4.00. When I order and am told at the drive-up that it is $3.99 and when I get to the drive-thru window I hand them the money, I get a receipt for $3.99 but I never seem to get that penney back. If its $4.00, just say $4.00 and make it even. I know if I was ordering something and I was a penney or two short, I know that I would get no sympathy from the cashier there or anywhere else I go. This has happened far too many times here in Cedar Hill, TX location. Cashiers are not that friendly either. I think I will take my business elsewhere.

wanda bain June 08 2014
I was very disappointed in the service at the Chicken Express in west monroe, LA. I looked up the menu to see what they have and got there and the person said they did not have a chicken tender basket, paid more that I wanted to for what I got. The food was fine and got enough,,,just paid more than it said online and was told they did not have chicken tender basket like ad said online...thanks

Curtis Brown June 09 2014
I have been visiting this store for sometime now and i have to say from the store manager down to all the employees they have NO respect for the customers and from my eyes they are building a BAD name for Chicken Express. My first visit i order a catfish dinner and the catfish was cooked in BAD cooking oil. The fish taste like it was fried in some motor oil.when i try calling the store NO answer. So I came back the next day with the fish. I explain why I was returning the food. There was a older Gentlemen there that denied something being wrong with the food because he was the cooker and made me as a customer feel like I was trying to get a free ride or something.My second visit at this location was at 9:23pm on 6/5/2014 I ordered a 7 piece tender combo. before you are able to drive up to the window look to be a sign outside that say stop here.The girl takes my order with NO problem. As she brings my order to the car I look at my food and notice my food looked like something just put together. The chicken was over cooked the fries was so greases and there was some burned okra mixed with my fries.I told the girl I did not want this order because its looked like it was just thrown together.she responds by saying IT JUST OKRA so she snatch the order from me and I had to wait another 9 minutes blocking the driveway from the other customers. One driver had to get out his car and move the sign just to be able to drive past me.The next day on 6/5/2014 at 2:35pm I visit again this time I went inside thinking i was going to get better service which turn out to worst then the day before. Again a manager by the name Angelica took my order.Well I order again a 7 piece tender combo. She looked to be so disengage not listing to my order she didnt even give me my drink that comes with the combo I had to asked another employee for my drink.I didnt check my order there because I figure everything was ok until I got home. She only gave me 5 tenders. At this point I am disgusted with this place and will never go back there.This is not have you treat your customers. I strongly recommend someone with your corporate office to visit this store. 5501 Rowlett 75089 972-463-4646

tam June 10 2014
I see alot of managers in your stores are rude reviewing the cimments. well i am speaking of one Thomas Graham i visit you store in addison tx just about everyday. Well today i had to take Most of my 30 min lunch to get my order right. i went through the drive through 3 times thomas was rude and because he is the gm he is a Ahole. With him in charge this location want last long. i was very a

J Sanders June 20 2014
The worst chicken I have ever eaten in my life. Tasteless, very pale in color and not appealing in the least. I have eaten chicken all my life and it is one of my favorites. It this was the best I could get I would never eat it again. I had the misfortune of eating at the location on Beltline. The manager said since I ate the chicken, he could not refund my money. J Sanders, 13500 Noel Rd., @550. Dallas 75240. They said it was marinated overnight, but in what?

craig michael June 21 2014
grand prairie tx 360 location - orders have never been correct, seems now like it is done on purpose, it is so consistent. Too expensive, and added to taking away the wrong sides, not close to being worth the money. Hello, Golden Chick, I guess. The attitude showed today pushed me over the edge to leave for good. Not worth it anymore, a feeling shared by many.

Terri Loper June 29 2014
Your store in Atlanta Tx is subpar in their service. We have placed several orders to go from there and there is always something missing from our order. We have just gotten an order that my father in law picked up for us and again we are missing an item. We were charged for the item but did not get it. I called and informed them and i was told I co uld come back for it but we live 15 miles away. I was then told that the next time I come thru they would give me a free drink. I already paid for the drink! I will not be going back to your establishment and neither will any of my family. We have a KFC here and they slways get our order right!

Beverly Hohstadt July 04 2014
I have never ate at Chicken Express before. I was there for lunch yesterday. I need to tell you the food was great and the portion. Loved the fish. The service was very pleasant and the place was clean and had NO foul odor. I was impressed. This was at Burkburnett, Tx.

kevin lewis July 13 2014
Visited store in mustang ok 4 times in a row and found they cannot count their chicken. Purchased 7 piece tender meal and only get 5 or 6 pieces and today 7-13-14 ticket 25 ordered the 20 piece and only got 18. I am a local driver in mustang and have witnessed other customers refusing to go back because of same problem in last 6 months. I would hold manager responsible because last time I called in they sent a 10 dollar card and problem is still not fixed.

mike zoski July 17 2014
i would like to see about you guys to put in a chicken express in BARTLESVILLE OK. WE ARE THE ONCE THE HEAD QUATERS PHILLIPS PETRO. WE HAVE ABOUT 40,000 PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN TOWN.

monty summers July 21 2014
ex long time customer, went through the weatherford tx location ordered my usual 2 chicken breast and roll got home it was dried out, called manager she argued and said no way, it could be, basically calling me a liar. your weatherford location is in disarray. 8174586209

HR August 01 2014
The Chicken Express on Sycamore School Rd. and I-35W in Fort Worth has the rudest workers ever.

DM August 11 2014
Manager at Wichita was outside in a car came in preparing food never washed his hands I told him he lied and went and hid.Other customers also saw him and they left the store.What is really sad called corporate they never called me back.Never eat there again. SORRY NASTY CHICHEN EXPRESS

Kathleen johonnett August 31 2014
I need to just find away to get a hold of corporate or owner of the chicken express owner in north Richland Hills texas 76180 .my husband works there and we have a very big problem with the general manager on a couple of issues please need help contacting someone.

Kathleen johonnett August 31 2014
Please need to talk to someone about a private matter.

Stephanie Gonzales September 16 2014
I went to the store on 121 in Haltom City Texas. The tenders you could tell had been cut in two, the rolls were crunchy and the okra was way over salted. I asked for 6 chicken livers but did not even get those with my order. The young boy who took my order was in such a hurry he was not even paying attention to my order as he took it. I spent 35.00 and it was a total waste of money. I called the store and the manager was to busy to talk to me. Very poor service and food quality. I would like a refund. I am going to call the store back tomorrow. If I do not get a response I will call the corporate office. I work for a chicken franchise and do know that sometimes poor managers cut the chicken tenders in two to save on food costs. Very poor excuse for taking customers money to save dollars in your MGMT pocket.

Shawna Cox October 07 2014
They are horrible! The mashed potatoes were like water and they refused to give us our money back & refused to give us the number to the corporate office. We will never eat there again!

Pam Gober October 08 2014
Order was incorrect; only got 5 instead of 7 tenders, got roll instead of biscuit; called and spoke to Brandon and he said he would correct with 4 tenders next time u visit CE. But, the biggest problem was the chicken was SO salty, that I was only able to eat one piece! Not happy after spending $10 on lunch! It was not the breaking, but the chicken itself that tasted like a salt brine, yuk!

Susie October 23 2014
The service at most places I have been to has been fine, however the food is always hit and miss. The sides taste different depending on which location you buy at. Sometimes the chicken is crispy and others it is soggy.

The opening of the big warehouse in Burleson TX was front page news as to how many jobs it would bring to the area. People eagerly anticipating the opening and potential to have a good job. Dealing with the construction and street closure with the promise of work to come.
And guess what - day one when it opens - automatic sign up "NOT HIRING" - brought their own employees and not 1 person hired from the community that boasted of the new jobs to come. SHAMEFUL!!

Loal Harwell. October 24 2014
I just picked up a order and the containers were laying on there sides. Needless to say gravy was all of over the place. When I called the store and told them they told me this is what they do, give me a break. My last time to go there.

Danny Carmichael October 27 2014
Sunday the 26th of October, we went to get chicken to go to a church function that night .. we got there at 5:30 and we were told there would be a 15 minute wait on chicken .. so we pulled to window and paid .. they handed out a sack and it was wrong order we were told to pull up so we did .. at 5:55 we still did not have our meal and there had been 5 cars get there food and pass us .. so my husband went in and waited in line to talk to someone .. just as he got up the guy told him they were taking it to our car .. sure enough here it came as he walked out the door .. but they still were missing a tea .. they said they would go get it .. but we were late for church and so we had to leave without it .. this is the 4th time in the past 3 months we have had bad service .. we quit going for a time but decided to give it another chance .. we will not give it another chance again and I think you need to be aware of what is going on with this store .. the lady taking our order like to have never got it right but finally after 4 trys said she had it right .. please we love you chicken but need good service

S. Tarkowski 12/14/2014 December 15 2014
Have eaten @ the Chicken Express on Garth Rd Baytown Texas many times, Mgr Amy is wonderful, her crew was wonderful but on this day there was a mgr Carl who would not come out of the office, would not speak to me about the quality of our food. No re-placements were offered.

Spent $36.00 food was horrible, cold, re-fried on the catfish and hushpuppies were undercooked. mash potatoes were cold as well as the mac n cheese. Carl lost this customer. What kind of a manager will not come out of his office?

Roudy McLuvin December 15 2014
All I can say is the Chicken Express on Gilmer Road in Longview needs attention from the district level. The problem lies in that the district manager is doing a poor job of getting this store to the level of service offered at the Judson Road store. The current store manager is not the problem since I find him to be dedicated and sincere. The quality of employees is lacking and it is hard to get good help nowadays anyway. I would not have this store managers job since it appears he does not have the backing at the corporate level.

Lindsi gilbert December 19 2014
I had a terrible experience at the Sherman tx location... When I was in the drive thru the lady taking my order was COMPLETELY rude... I was asking for well done on what I ordered and she cut me off an sd 10.18$ and never said thank u or yes we can do tht or read my order back to me... She was very snappy... When I pulled up to the window she basically threw my food out to me.. Slamming the window and did nt seem like she was enjoying her job. I eat at this location a few times a week and this is very unacceptable! I will def by be eating there again!!!

lil smith March 15 2015
Some one from this office meeds to call me for i have nevervbeen. Curest out by a manager before. And it was there fraught that they dod not fill my order correct.
My number. Is 5806060499 looking. Forward to here. From you

J. L. Fuller March 19 2015
I would like to know the owner of your Edmond, OK Chicken Express so I can let him know how bad and unprofessional his employee treated me as a customer. If you will not give me his information then give him my phone number and ask him to call me. Thank you J. L. Fuller 405-615-2475

David March 22 2015
I have had three horrible experiences at your location in Tyler on the loop.twice I did not receive my entire order and today I asked for some extra ketchup and she rolled her eyes at me and slammed the window shut..their customer service sucks will never eat there again

krystal March 25 2015
Went to the store in Foret Hill Tx and i usually have a pretty goood experience with them but today was not one of those days. I ordered hot wings and only when i went to eat them i realized they were not done on the inside. Only reason I didnt go back was because i was on my way to work. For as long as I had to wait there is no reason for the wings to not have been done.

Went to Chicken Express on loop 323 in Tyler, TX. I waited over 30 minutes for some fresh fish which was over cooked. I tried pushing the button 3 different times to see what was taking so long no one would answer. Then I called in the store on the phone no one would answer. I had to flag down a worker that was bringing someone food in the drive thru just to get app me body to check on my order. Now what kind of service is that.

Tammey Posey April 08 2015
I visit your Magnolia, Texas Chicken Express and i can honestly say they do a great job... The food is always hot, fresh, and made to order.... My husband loves their catfish dinner and I always order the chicken tender dinner... Great Job Magnolia Chicken Express!

Jesse April 28 2015

Like to have one in vidor tx.

Susan Richison Something needs to be done about the service in your Commerce, Texas store. We have been in this restaurant over 5Times and going thru the drive thru my wait time is over 30 minutes each time. I love your food. But this restaurant is ridicu June 02 2015

cassidy June 03 2015
I am an employee and some of our coworkers happend to catch me with my back turned and put something in my drink. Our privileges is to eat and drink as much as we want. If they did this to me who else would they do this to. We are on the Judson road lactation in Longview Texas. Thank you and apolgize for the inconvenience.

Stacy Wright June 04 2015
I was recently at the CE location noted below. Service was O.K., but the chicken was not. It was tough as shoe leather. Not sure why, but it was not that appetizing. Actually, we brought our leftovers home to the dogs. Please let the manager know at this location so they can rectify this situation.

CE Graham, TX
1901 Hwy 16 South
GRAHAM, Texas 76450
(940) 549-2200

Larry Canright June 10 2015
I first just want to say that I and my coworkers love your store. We visit quite often, usually for take out, but nonetheless, we love it. We are wondering if you would consider making your catfish dinners available at the Mansfield, Tx location. We all love it and would really like to be able to enjoy it while at work.
Thank you for any consideration in this. Keep up the great work.

Larry Canright June 10 2015
How can we get the awesome catfish to the Mansfield Texas location? Me and my coworkers would love to be ale to have this while at work.

Gary Lemaster June 26 2015
We have a Chicken Express here in Ardmore Ok. I have never had a problem with the food or the personnel there. I do wish there was more than 4 pieces on the jalepeno bites. There is an add on facebook for Chicken express that says:
Independence Day Special
July 4, 2015
Free no. 1 combo with a
concealed handgun license.
Dine in only, 1 meal per license.
Is this true, please let me know, if it is, you just became my favorite
place to eat.
580-222-6064 or

James Brown June 28 2015
You have very good food but I do believe all off your employees should wear hairnets and gloves. It s just a health matter. I went to the one in Burleson Tx. Way to many there working with there hair flying around Thank you Hope you will look into this. .

James Brown June 28 2015
Went to the one in Burleson Tx . Your employees are not wearing hair nets, or protective gloves for the handling of raw meat. Please address this. Thank you.

Hannah Burks June 28 2015
Today my family visited the Chicken Express in Amarillo Texas on I-40 and Grand. We are regular customers and constantly recommend this location to others. However, there was an issue today with all the employess, except one woman who knows us well. We ordered rolls, which is common for us, but they were hard so we asked for fresh ones. This caused chaos and in summary we were treated poorly, mocked, embarrassed in front of other customers, and left empty-handed. The manager/cook was rude and so were all the employees working, except for one lady. Thank you and have a good day.
Feel free to contact me.

Benye Lee June 29 2015
Went to grapevine hwy store in Hurst TX June 26,2015. Asked for a no. 1 with 2 tenders and 2 wings. The manager, Sam, told me 1 wing equaled 3 tenders, Really? 3 meaty tenders equal 1bony wing? Makes no sense. So I said to give me a regular no. 1, and I got 2tenders, the sides but no roll. I called from my house and talked to Sam, who never apologized and seemed upset that I called! She is not management material and needs training to learn how to deal with the public that pays her salary. But 3 tenders equal 1 wing! Really?

Mariam July 01 2015
Is this story true?

Vince July 03 2015
Sitting in the drive thru for 15 mins, only 2 cars ahead of me at the Frisco tx location on Main Street, such crappy arrive, unreal. You should be ashamed

Mark Spence July 12 2015
I came to visit the duncan oklahoma chicken express like usual. And there is a short fat manager there on her phone in the lobby taking her break and I was sitting with my two sons and not trying to but we overheard her conversation with whom im guessing was her husband. She was cursing and being very nasty. Saying things about her employees. Somebody like that should not be incharge over others. This isnt the first time ive heard her say nasty things either. I will never take my kids or my family there ever again. And as I work for a plant I will make sure my friends and coworkers will avoid that restraunt until something is done with her.

Curtis Campbell July 14 2015
I placed a large order with your store in Lake Worth Tx.
In stead of using two bags, your store tried to pack everything in one, and dumped part of my order on me thru the drive thru window. They did replace ehat was dimped, but never got an apology.
Is this your idea of professionalism?

NDLOVU July 21 2015

Mary July 22 2015
Nacogdoches Texas store is not doing a very job of the cleanliness and sanitation.Was very untidy ,wet places on the floor at door, rug was wet and stained tea was soured that I got.Ice machine was very dirty and opened all the time.I just hate to see this establishment in such disarray.

Tammy Britt 8/4/15 August 04 2015
My order was not right and when I called up there I get Gabriel. She tells me that the manager is cooking canít come to the phone. I told her what was wrong good customer service would have been. (Name) is having to cook tonight I am sorry can I get your name and number have them call you backÖ..

I ordered a 15 tender meal 2 family sides w/ rolls.

I also ordered Monday special to go with it comes w/2 rolls.

When I get home I have 2-12 count boxes 1 mashed potatoes and 3 gravy w/2 rolls.

I am missing some chicken, mashed potatoes and rolls.

I understand mistakes happen was SO HOT after fighting traffic I did not want to get back out to come up there.

Also I believe Gabriel handled that wrong and needs some trainings.

Thank you

Tried to send to store bounces back

Ruby Rice August 08 2015
Hi I have been a customer here in Snyder, Texas for a long time still love your food. So after my dad passed away from cancer in Nov.2014 thought I would try working for your company it was a need for change took care of him in my home for 3years and so I decided to work for you it was a good change then it just got to be to much some of the kids working there was on drugs or selling out the back door and then it became a lets get the straight people out and here we go sure enough people were getting fired people who worked hard and was glad to have a job Then came the shock of my life they fired a very good manager she was always working never hardly ever seen her sit down unless she was doing paper work for the company she had gone above and beyond the duty she was given so at that point I have left your company as of yesterday 8/7/2015 and sad for I loved my job very much but I do not want to be around drugs and people who lie and cause other peoples job, for doing what is right and working hard I would like to say Thank you very much for the opportunity to work for you Ruby Lynn Rice

Geneva Stephens August 15 2015
On July 26 on my way to take part of my family home from Baylor Carrollton..i stopped at the chicken express on hebron and ordered food for the family i was taking home and the family at three i ordered 2 15 piece special for 12.99 each, 4 family mashed potatoes a family popper family corn nugget and 2 six piece rolls extra. When i arrived home i found we were misding 2 potatoes and 2 orders of rolls...i ask my daughter to call for me since i was getting overnight items together for my daughter, as we were staying over night the icu because her husband was dying...Lauren my daughter who called said the manager apologized and said come back by and pick up the potatoes and they would also give 20percent off our next order. So tonight i go in tonight place an order and tell the manager on duty (Skylar) about the ve seceniro, he goes check the books to validate my story and returns to tell me that they have no record of our conversation...i i guess i am not surprised...people pull in everyday and make up stories to get a discount. My family and i have patronized chicken express every since it came to our neighborhood and never had Any issues...then at a time When my family is in a crisis and we turn chicken express to meet our needs and they mess not just once but twice.
So i have yet to decide if i will continue to patronize chicken express, but i know i will think twice before i so willing stop and spend my 30 tho 60 dollars at your location again.
Geneva Stephens

J Swearengin September 01 2015
We have ate at the CE in Ennis, Texas for the past 10 years and it has always been very good. Well our experience this last Saturday was horrible and we will not be returning EVER!!!! They forgot to give us part of our order so I called to tell them, the manager was rude, never said she was sorry & rudely said I had one week to come back to get it! Then we sat down to eat & the food was tough & cold. Called back the next day & the manager told me that the store was getting numerous bogus complaints, so she basically called me a liar!! My bet is those calls were not bogus at ALL, everyone is having BAD FOOD too!!!

Tina Johnson September 02 2015
Sep 1,2015
Went to chicken express in Forney, Tx today. I go a coup,e times a week at least
Went thru drive thru. Took forever! Ordered chicken livers and they gave us some gizzards mixed in with the livers. When I opened the one of the gizzards to see if it was a liver or gizzard it was a lime green color!! Took pictures and called the manager so they will not serve any more of those. Need to contact corporate with pics

Syndi Chadrick September 17 2015
I just left Chicken Express in Chickasha, OK. 73018. Not a happy customer @ all, waited in lobby for 6 minutes & got totally ignored, apparently the cashier was on break! So decided to go through drive-thru only to get put on hold! There were 3 vehicles in front of me & no other customers! I sat there for 5 minutes, got ticked & left. This is NO way to do business! This was before the 5pm crew came to work. 405-249-6773

Doyle Grubaugh October 01 2015
Do you have senior discounts and do you have anything for a diabetic.

Patsy October 05 2015
I go to your Sulphur Springs, Tx store and anyone that goes thru the drive thru and gets sweet tea always gets tea that is left out on the table behind the cashier. It is watered down and most of the time is soured. This is so wrong on many levels. I am going to contact the health and food administration if this continues.

Dean Elliott October 06 2015
Your Mineral Wells, TX place made me very sick. I called the Manager and he was rude and tried to say I must have been sick from somewhere else. Sorry, but The food was bad. The Okra was very greasy like it had been re heated and the Chicken was small pieces that were dripping with grease that had a bad taste. I tried to tell him I was not trying to get anyone fired I just was just letting them know what happened and he kept interrupting me. What a guy. I had told him over and over that I like the place and stop there every week and it was not a problem, but he just would not listen and got rude. Now it is a problem. I guess I will find a different franchise to go to now, but I will post in every meda complaint forum I can find until something is done.

Alex Salazar October 10 2015
We have the same problem at the Chicken Express Restaurant in Euless, TX. This afternoon we pulled into one of the stalls and ordered a gallon of sweet tea ans also a 32Oz sweet tea. We sat and wathced the other vehicles pull through and receive their orders. After abot 15 minutes I pressed the "call" button. The employee greeted me and asked me if he could help me. Again, I repeated my order and told him i had been waiting 15 minutes. He apologized and gave me the total of my order. About 5 mintues passed by and still no TEA!! We finally left and went to Hooters! ealioer this evening my wife called the store manager and told her that we had only waited 12 minutes and that it wasd lunch time so that is why they forgot our order. It was around 1:17 in the afternoon when we arrived at the restuarant. This type of incident has happened twice this year and it onl;y involved a tea order.

rolly sorrels October 11 2015
The ardmore ok store sold us raw chicken tenders we called and was told that we are not getting cooked chicken we kept the ticket on it calling bbb about it very rude nasty place to take family to take

ktexas October 16 2015
I would like to report the Chicken Express store in Greenville, TX. I do not know if bad customer service from the employees and orders incorrect or short or missing things is the way the Chicken Express operates, but that is the same complaint I have as so many of the comments I read before typing this.
09/04/2015 - I ordered from one of the stalls. 16 pc Family Meal mixed w/2 sides, NO thighs. 6 pc livers with a biscuit and regular okra. 2 large sweet teas. My total was $30.96
I live 15 miles from greenville, so assuming (which I know is not a good thing) I did not check my order until I got home.
What I received was:
13 pc chicken 6 thighs (which I asked for NO thighs), 5 wings and 2 legs. There was no biscuit with the livers.
I called and spoke to the manager, Ali and she was not apologetic and was somewhat rude. She told me she would give me a replacement order of 8pc mixed, no thighs with one side and an order of 6 livers.
I have not gone back yet for this replacement because I do not feel that this is quite justified. I am hoping someone from the corporate office will take the time and reply and to please check on your franchises and their business practices because it is going to drive customers away.
2142026324 -

Charlotte Green October 30 2015
I went to the Chicken express store in the drive through in lake worth texas at 6:36 on Thursday 10/29/15 store number CE6765 this evening and i wanted to throw up I in fact threw away the food i got when i got home. Not only was a girl with a blonde poney tail eating at the serving line then licking her fingers then reaching to the food to fill orders. I then look over at the at the boy that was working the fryer he was a tall teenager with very hip haircut blonde/white he was tall and thin, as he was flouring the food he dropped a handful of the floured food on the floor and he bent over to pick it up and then stuck it right back in the flour mound and re-floured it then put it in the fryer. I have never seen such behavior and am appalled at the fact that all this went on and i saw it from the drive through it just makes me wonder what goes on otherwise.
Thank you
po box 133
Azle Texas 76098

Betty dillinger November 07 2015
Our dinner tonight was not good. The chicken was greasy and undercooked. The dinner was bought in Keller texas.we spent over 30.00. And was very unhappy with our food.

juan mares November 07 2015
Bad manage

Casey Learner December 12 2015
Food cold tonight in drive thru & car hop complaining about working a double & got mad about a two dollar tip :/ we are at The Bedford location on Industrial & Bedford road ! We will not be back !

Peggy Mahan December 18 2015
We went to the Chicken Express outside of Comfort, Tx by IH 10 and Hwy 87. It took over 15 minutes for us to get our meal. A young female came out and asked if we wanted to wait 6 minutes for the roll or just get a biscuit. We were anxious to get home, so we said we would just take the biscuit. Well, by the time we got our food, the rolls were done. No apology for the wait. The guys working in the back were laughing about the 15 minute wait, but said at least they served fresh food.
Peggy Mahan (210) 215-0070

Anonymous December 23 2015
Why in the world, is it being allowed in Abilene Texas to be open all day 1030-1000pm on Christmas Eve preventing employees from being with their family?? This is non sense. I bet the owner and manager are with their families.

Meghan Curtis December 30 2015
We had ordered from your establishment tonight and our chicken was undercooked and bloody. This was my first experience and very disappointed. I wish I could load the pictures to show you. Please have your restaurants be more careful as they could have ended up with food poisoning.

Thank you

Jamie hood January 03 2016
I had a bad experience in the drive thru window. I have tried numerous times to talk to the owner and he will not call me back. My cell phone got ruined by a leaky cup and I had to buy a new one and would like to be reimbursed. Please someone help. Thank you

selena stone - ponder, tx. January 06 2016
my brother purchased a chicken express gift card $30.00 on 12/17/2015. tried to purchase near our home at the Justin, Tx. Location.they were very rude to him, acted like they had no idea what he was talking about when he asked to purchase a Gift Card. finally they told him their machine did not work. So he drove completely out of his way to Highland VIllage, Tx. Store and purchased. I have now tried to use my Christmas Gift card 2 times at the only location of Chicken Express any where near me. My faimily had been waiting twice now for me to bring dinner home. 12/29/2015 tried to use..sorry machine down. and last night ordered my food $31.00 worh chicken meal and i do very ofter...I am a frequent customer and spend at least once a week $30 to $35 at this location...Not any more...again they told me their machine was down. I asked them...look i have my $30.00 gift card and my receipt of purchase..told them when their machine came back up - they could run it...they would not do that . I asked for a Refund of the gift card. they said could not do. ...i asked to speak to a manager...hes not here....they closed window in my face and rolled their eyes at me..I dont know how any reputable business could sell someone a Gift Card and then refuse it. I still have the card and receipt and need a Refund. Please if someone could anser me and help with this issue...If Chicken Express does not make this right with me, I will not longer do business with this establishment and tell Everyone I know why!!! If you can help please contact me. Selena Stone cell# 972-839-8829 or Wk # 214-596-4320.

Elizabeth Jones January 31 2016
The store in Mesquite, TX on Town East Blvd is the worst place to go I went there 20 min before they closed and sat in the drive thru for 10 of those min and no one responded and as I went to the window I sat for 2 more min and then honked my horn the lady came to the window and said can I help you I said yes I want to order she said well we close in 10 min and would not take my order. I feel this is the worst customer service experience I have ever had and will not be returning to this place.

u suck February 20 2016
Redneck chicken recipe Is too Damon salty. U will never top Popeyes. Chicken farm waist.

Randy March 25 2016
I will no longer be patronizing your restaurants in Abilene, Texas. The new owner is firing all the current employees that have served me and my family well for a long time. Their genuine desire to serve the customer great food with a smile made going there seem like visiting family. The new owner has told everyone they will no longer have a job on Monday, but has threatened them with a bad referral if they leave before then.. He has no idea what any of them offer as employees, so he has no basis for a referral. I know it is sometimes expected that a new owner will bring in their own management team, but to clean house completely, when such action is not warranted, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. My business with any company is based on the product and the people. The way this new owner is treating these good people has ensured I will no longer be a Chicken E customer and will tell everyone who will listen to me about this takeover. The product is not enough to keep my business when the store is run by someone who is destroying lives by terminating everyone in a weak economy. The smart move would have been to observe the day to day operations of the business and decide who was a keeper and who was not. Now he has to close the store and hire & train a whole new crew of people, who will not be up to speed very quickly. The customers will suffer and the message I will be telling is that it is all because of the new ownership. Welcome to small town politics. A few voices will eventually become a majority.