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WI, 53578
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Jim Cope April 12 2013
I live in Brighton Co., and the closest Culvers to me is about 20 miles away in Thorton Co. I have talked to the managemrnt there many times and have suggested that you bring a store into Brighton. This is my home town and I live here again,but I was in the twin cities area for about 12 yrs before moving back home 3 yrs ago. Now I love your burgers and fries and also your walleye when you have it and there is not a doubt in my mind that putting one of your stores here would be a very lucrative move on your part. Brighton is growing and has a population of about 40k and is still growing. Not far from me ,at 50th and hwy 7, which is also Bride street, they are going to build a new King Soopers market complex.If you would look into putting a location in this town, you would make a killing. Please check into this and let me know what you think. I am a very well known General Contractor here and would be glad to help. But, I,m not sending this to you under the prrmise of getting work.. I,m truly sending this to you in hopes that you would bring a store here, not only because I wouldnt have to drive 20 miles to your othet location here,but also because I loveyour products and I know that you would nevet regret it. Please look into this and let me know. If you folks came into this town, it would be an awesome thing for you and this community, as well as myself included. My name is Jim Cope, my numbet is 303-385-3262and if you would consider it, i would be glad to help you look into this as far as finding a location or whatever I could do to help.. Please get this to Mr Culver and see what he thinks. Please call me if you have any questions. I love your food and I know that a store here would do great. Let me know. Thanks for your time. Jim

Dolores Morris 5-20 -13 May 20 2013
I just visited your restaurant in West DES Moines,Iowa to use a free scoop coupon we received on an earlier visit. I also purchased a two scoop bowl. Your employee tried to charge me about a dollar more than it cost, and then tried to give me one scoop instead of two. When brought to your managers attention, Regina, she seemed very bothered to correct the problem. I, feel I was treated very rudely and short, especially by a manager.Seems the employees at this location are far less than customer orientd.Perhaps they are not aware how they get paid. We normally are treated well when we are spending 20 or 30 dollars. it should not matter! I expect to be treated with respect no matter the dollar value.These people need to be taught to treat customers with appreciation.

mike liebig October 15 2013
Hi recently visited my local Culvers #436 in Tucson Arizona .I must say that the food was great.However I did have a problem with my order I used one of your coupons for Buy one get one free for the hamburgers.The person who took the order messed it up by not putting on the correct extras I asked for raw onions mushrooms and tomatoes and what I got were 2 double cheese burgers .It seemed to me that she was overwhelmed with the amount of customers that were in the place .besides her there was only one other person working the counter,I tried calling the local store back and i was told that it was to late to do anything. I love your food but you need to fix the service.Also why is it that I come in for lunch and want fried chicken it take 45 get it.And why have you stopped serving the onion buns ? Please feel free to contact me at
mike liebig
479 s camino seco
tucson arizona 85710

kim carpenter March 22 2014
The service was horrible. Took order at 6:31 did not receive our dinner until after 7:00 pm.I had to ask for a manager.l think the manager should of brought our food out to make all was ok. I had the worst onion rings ever. I know the were busy. Still unexceptable. I did not know that the employees were aloud to take tips for running food to cars while they wait for there food. Theyget paid hourly.

Brandy Jonea March 22 2014
Hello. I went to your restaurant (Louisville, KY Hurtsbourne Ln location) at 8:30pm today, March 21st, 2014 and am VERY dissatisfied with the service I received. The young lady that took my order in the drive thru was a little rude and did not even ask me how I wanted either burger I ordered dressed, which resulted in me getting home to see both burgers were plain with NO DRESSINGS! I go to your restaurant several times a week but will not continue to do so until you make this right and until I am satisfied. My number is 310-961-7593 and I expect to be called tomorrow morning, March 22nd, 2014.

Paulette White June 27 2014
Visited Belleville Mi location, ordered 2 doubles scoup waffle cones vanilla and chocolate in each paid $8.00, only recieved singles one cone all vanilla other all chocolate. Talked to manager was told person that took order misunderstood request said she would send coupons for free cones been 2 weeks still waiting

Amanda Arterburn July 27 2014
I visited the Webb City MO location 7/26/14 @6:16pm drive thru. When I got home, I noticed I did not get some of my order. I called immediately and asked to speak to the store manager. I was told to call back in 10-15 min they were busy. I am sorry but this is horrible customer service. I realize I called during weekend dinner rush. They were probably busy but the correct action should have been to ask my problem and take my information to call me back. I am a regular customer there & support local business. I am very disappointed with this store.

Kim November 28 2014
Today i visited the morton store around 3:15pm. My daughter and i both had snack packs and my deluxe burger was raw not just a little but alot!! When i approched the counter i asked for a manager I was told she was the shift leader. She asks to make me a new sandwhich which i didnt want due to just biting into raw meat i lost my appetite! So i said i just wanted my money back she gives me $6.20 back and says well that all u paid for for the sandwhich!!! However I would have expected both meals to be fully returned since i didnt allow my daughter to eat her chiken tenders cause i couldnt trust that they were cooked either. This is absolutely wrong that im out money for food we couldnt eat!!!! First and last time i ever eat at ur restraunt maybe they should have a real manger working and not just a shift leader! Im in the food business myself and im fully aware a shift leaderis not as experienced or trained as a manager !!!!!
Obviously no timers or thermometers are even being used to check your food good thing I wasnt the health department!

James Brennan March 12 2015
Hello Folks, I live in Phx Arizona. The Culvers here is un Savory. The store and employees are filthy. Several times I hears foul language from employees. On top of that, one of the employees smelled strongly of marijuana. This store is privately owned and obviously not monitored at all. If this is how Culvers chooses to to allow its name used, go back to Wisconsin.