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Hot Topic Corporate Office Address: 18305 E. San Jose Ave., City Of Industry
CA, 91748
Phone: 626-839-4681

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Hot Topic is a chain of retail stores which sell clothes and accessories which are inspired by pop culture and rock bands or other musical acts. Established by Orv Madden in 1988, the company now has over 620 stores in malls in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Approximately 30 percent of the company\'s revenue comes from the sales of their licensed band shirts.

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Antonio Sanchez November 04 2012
2 weeks ago on wednesday Oct 24th I went into Hot topic in middletown NY to buy suspenders with the batman logo on them (They were not a haloween item) The supervisor on duty assisted me in putting them on. She took them out of the packaging and specifically told me if they don't fit or not work out for any reason I can return them for a full refund before 30 days. The day I tried to wear them they wouldn't clip onto my pants so I decided to return them. On saturday Nov 3 I went back to the same store and tried to return them. Jennifer, the manager on duty was extremely rude. She told me that she could not return them even if her employee opened it for me and when I told her about the 30 days she claimed I had 2 weeks and I should've returned them sooner. First of all that is not a way to handle customer service. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and she stated "I am the store manager and you can't go any higher then me." This is when I decided to get corporate involved. There is nothing wrong with the suspenders. They have never been worn. I spent over $80 at your store and I don't see the problem with returning these.

Monica Campbell May 08 2013
I have been a customer with my children for YEARS at the Bridgewater NJ store. I found out recently that you let one of your employees go. Her name is Celina Page. What a terrible SHAME on your part!!! She was one of the only employees who brought sunshine to that store!! I think that was a terrible mistake on your part and we will no longer be shopping at your store. I am not the only customer who feels this way. I think that you ought to re-think your decision and do whatever it takes to get her back. What a terrible shame! Shame on you!!!

May 25 2013
I had the worst customer service of my life. I went into the hot topic store in grand forks north dakota, spent 80 $ and had to return one shirt. The store manager who was VERY rude wouldnt let me return in. I even tried exchanging a different size for him and it still didnt work for me. There was a small tear where the sensor had been taken off and he said that I had done it from ripping off the tags. FALSE AND BULLSHIT. I than told him I just want the money put back on my card you took back the shirt either way and still wouldnt do it for me and I had tp recieve in store credit. I cant even explain to you how small the tear was which is why im furious and will never be shopping in a hot topic again. That is the second time I have recieved horrible customer service from them. Never again!!!!

Amie Ehlers September 12 2013
I made a purchase of $89.20 in your Grand Island, Nebraska store. When I took my receipt in with my items to return the items and get my refund I was told by the Store manager and her Manager that I would have to receive a store credit because I did not have the Visa debit card any longer as I lost it and my bank was sending me a new one. WHAT??? I work hard for my money and since it came out of my bank account what is the problem with receiving my refund?? Josh was very rude to me and I think people in his position should excel in Customer Service. I would NEVER shop in that store again and I will spread this around.
This store has so many problems within the store and it is obviously fueled by unprofessional leaders.

Amie Ehlers September 12 2013
I also wanted to add should a return take 35 minutes?
YEP at your Grand Island Nebraska store it does.

Scott Fort November 28 2013
I have been shoping at hot topic for years, I cant begin to count how many hundreds of dollars I have spent in the store, I have a son who is now age 21,we started shopping at hot topic when he was 12.. I now have a girl 13 and we have been shopping there since she was 10, this October I spent over five hundred dollars on her 13th birthday,got home to wrap gifts, only to find the store hadent, taken off the security tag, the head phones I purchased did not work, so back to the store I went, thelittle girl behind the counter looked at me and my husband like we were steeling and very rude and loudly stated she couldent take the tag off the shirt her name is super stephie salesperson#56338, we had to take a taxie to the store because our car was in the shop, she laughed and said there was nothing she could do for us she even told my husband to be inventive and try to take the tag off himself??? a 25 min taxie drive to hot topic @0678 metropolis, for a smart ass kid to smile and laugh and do nothing! is this what I paid for? NOT me,I want someone held accountable, We want a apology until then I will not waste my time&money. do we have to get the media involved? WAKE UP!

Viviane Nuvolone December 01 2013
This is in regard to my online order that i had replaced Thursday Nov 28 i had ordered six t-shirt for my daughter and payed with my debit card its a Christmas gift it was my first time ordering through your website i love your store . I got the email confirmation and the order number . I had got in email stating i need to call and confirm the order called the 1800 number they had stated they cannot find my order its lost and my card is being charged they do not know what happen.

Ellen Lazu 12/12/13 December 12 2013
A week and a half ago and today I went to the Westfield Paramus Garden State Plaza which I truly detest and both times the most pleasant experience of both days was the employees of the Hot Topics store - each person was more willing to help me with what I needed each person was personable, helpful and made my trip to the Garden State Plaza amazingly pleasant that store and the employees in it deserve corporate recognition.
Thank you

Mary S. Smith January 21 2014
On December 16, 2013 I went into the Torrid Shop at Town Center, Kennesaw GA and found a top that I really liked but there was not one in my size. I was told that one could be ordered for me and shipped to any address I wanted. I told them I would be out of town in less than a week so I wanted it shipped to my work address just in case I was not in town. It was shipped to my work address on 12/21 and since this was a Saturday was left outside the door. I did not leave until 12/23 but the package was obviously picked up by someone with sticky fingers for the package has disappeared. FedEx was used to make the delivery and they make it a policy to not ask for signatures if they do not have to. This is one wacky policy because the city of Atlanta is rife with robbers and thieves. I should have been given the option to have my signature requested. After reading all of the letters posted here I am concerned that this will be just another letter shoved aside or thrown away. It will surprised me if this gets addressed at all. If you are going to have a customer service area then by all means give good customer service to the shoppers. I the shop Torrid and would like to continue shopping there but if I continue to lose merchandise just because it has to be shipped by a company that cannot be bothered to get someone to sign for an item, then my money would be better spent elsewhere.

bob strohm November 22 2014
my orders been sitting in your tn warehouse since nov 19,why cant you ship it?i have called twice about it and cant get a real answer,WHAT THE HELL?

Elizabeth Alford September 20 2015
First of all, I have never had any problem with Hot Topic til I,sent my 14 year old daughter to return An item at the Block of Orange in Orange County. A week ago we made a CASH purchase for an item and needed to return it. the sale person told my daughter she needed ID to make a cash return. I never heard of anything so stupid and on top of that they made her purchase something else in order to make an exchange.